Тетрадь смерти Mello или Deidara?

HinoriAkasun posted on Aug 13, 2010 at 09:33PM
I keep on wondering who would win. Mello with a death note or Deidara with his jutsus (if you dont know Deidara, thats ok)

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Больше года Lawli-gagger said…
Idk The cheerleader boy
Mello is awesome ...i never gave him credit before but now I am.
Больше года Animeanimal said…
Mello because, lets face it, he could write Deidara's name in the daeth note faster than he could preform his hand signs!
mangaman222 commented…
theres still the 40 seconds. that makes it a tie. Больше года
Больше года warrior3 said…
Deidara rules.
Больше года brooki1197 said…
Mellooooooo :) deathnotes totally outdo jutsus :P
Больше года Lhearts said…
big smile
Mello, coz I don't know the other guy
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Больше года jewel_tweny5 said…
I think Deidara from Naruto will win..
because, jutsus work fastand
Mello has to find what is Deidara's full name before writing it to the Death Note.