Тетрадь смерти Tauro Matsuda

Lucy64 posted on Dec 15, 2010 at 07:14PM
Do you like him or was he annoying?

i really liked matsuda:)

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Больше года Lawli-gagger said…
I liked him alot. He was funny.
Stupid but funny.
Больше года dollhousegirl24 said…
I love Matsuda! But his first name was Touta, not Tauro. You are perhaps confusing it with his alias, Taro Matsui.
Больше года Sammisaurus said…
I loved Matsuda! I was angry at him for killing Light.... but all up until them he was one of my favorite characters :3
Больше года MaelChan said…
I like him! ^_^
He really bringed one of the brighest moment in the Death Note seriess. his stupidness just made him so funny and cute <3
Больше года Lani27 said…
Больше года ScaryCatfish said…
Yes, I love Matsuda!