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Demi lovato entered Timberline Knolls Residential treatment facility outside Chicago.It's one of the best residential treatment facilities all over the U.S.A.It helps girls and women from:eating disorders,alcohol abuse,drug addiction,mood disorders,traumas and co-occuring disorders by approchig women's five(5)aspects of a woman and help reconnect with her true self:mind,body,spirit,emotions and social relationships.
The last fifteen(15)days that Demi lovato is counting in this treatment facility,those 15 days feel like years.Demi has millions of Фаны all over the world praying and supporting...
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With звезда Demi Lovato in treatment for "emotional and physical issues," Дисней Channel has found a way to rework her TV series around her absence.

Disney and Sonny with a Chance producers will temporarily restructure the series to focus on the show-within-a-show, So Random!, Variety reports.

Demi Lovato not in treatment for drugs или alcohol, reps say

Each Sonny With a Chance episode will feature comedy sketches, musical performances, digital shorts and guest stars for the teen sketch comedy show, So Random! The first special full episode of So Random! aired on Oct. 17.

"This allows her the time...
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demetria devonne lovato или as weknown and loved her demi lovato is сказал(-а) to be in rehab for physical and mental shocker...isnt it?when i first heard it i couldnt believe it...i mean i could believe it if it was miley cyrus but not's true that she has changed since the moment we Показать her at ''the barney show'' или later at the ''camp rock'',but she is young...a teenager... Ты all know how teenagers are since we belong to this category too...teenagers change...WE change...we grown old and learn to Любовь different kinds of things...right now we just have to remember what...
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