Episode 4-5 "Art Isn't Easy" October 28

Written by Jason Ganzel; directed by David Grossman

Bob and Lee's large contemporary water sculpture draws unwanted attention.Susan, Gabrielle, Bree, Katherine, and Mrs. McCluskey talk to the men about their sculpture. Katherine doesn’t like either Lynette’s kids’ ugly оранжевый дерево house или the new gay couple’s sculpture, leading her to run for president of the Homeowners Association. Her opponent will be Lynette. The gay couple fights back against Katherine by noting they're aware of her own secret. Elderly Wisteria resident Ida Greenberg makes an appearance.

Gabrielle Вопросы Brett, a 12 год old mowing her lawn. She asks him about the фургон, ван parked across the street. Gabrielle believes it’s a friend of her irrationally jealous husband. Jesse Metcalfe returns as John, as does the actress who played his fiancee--who's now his pregnant wife! John tells Gabrielle he wants her back. Edie learns about Carlos' affair with Gabrielle.

Danielle's with her grandmother, Phyllis (Shirley Knight). Paramedics arrive at the townhouse, as Phyllis has pressed her medical alert button. Though Bree and Orson claim she went for a walk, Phyllis calls from the Далее room that she's being kidnapped!