Episode 4-6 "Now I Know, Don't be Scared" November 4

Written by Susan Nirah Jaffee and Dahvi Waller; directed by Larry Shaw

There’s a Хэллоуин party on Wisteria Lane at Bob and Lee's house. Katherine talks to Larry (Patrick Bristow), a slightly tipsy friend of Lee’s. She asks the man about Lee, as she’s heard the person in Вопрос was a child actor. Did his career end because of drugs или prison? No, but she learns Lee moved to a different end of the film industry. The woman pours the gossip another drink in hopes of learning more. Was Lee in . . . porn?

Danielle shows up at the party dressed as a very pregnant Bree and hopefully no one's about to discover she's actually pregnant! Danielle gives birth, to a boy. Adam helps with the delivery. Everyone's in costume, including Andrew in drag, Orson as Little Lord Fauntleroy, Bob and Lee as pirates, Katherine as Marie Antoinette, and Adam as Frankenstein's monster. Look for Bree to make Adam keep quiet about what he knows about the baby's mother.

In a flashback to the 1970s, boys who have plastic snakes scare a blonde Edie. But in the present, it's Edie's fear of Carlos leaving her that comes true. Edie calls an IRS agent about Carlos' offshore account, but she’s told the account doesn’t exist. Edie's thoughts turn towards revenge. Carlos and Gabrielle argue in a costume shop, as she's learned all about his embezzling of the ten million dollars and wants half. She takes a cape off a rack and leaves with it; as she goes, she tells the saleswoman that Carlos can afford to pay for it. Mike Farrell again guest stars as Victor's father, Milton Lang.

Mike and Susan meet with a genetic counselor who wants Susan to have an amniocentesis done. Susan’s hesitant about needles. Susan finds Mike's supposedly dead father, Nick Delfino, who's played by Academy Award nominee Robert Forster. Mike's dad is in prison for murder.

Lynette’s brought in to have a PET scan to see if her cancer is gone. She claims to not be claustrophobic, but once inside the machine, she freaks out and insists on leaving. Lynette's mom Stella (Polly Bergen) appears, as does Mrs. McCluskey (Kathryn Joosten).

A doctor visits one of the women at Главная to give her good news about her test.