Episode 4-7 ''You Can't Judge a Book By Its Cover" November 11

Written by Chuck Ranberg and Anne Flett-Giordano; directed by David Warren

Lynette's sisters Lydia (Sarah Paulson) and Lucy (Carrie Preston) arrive. They're unhappy for having had to take care of their mother for the past 9 years. Lynette's mom has a gentleman friend her age, and they end up having a night together in the Scavo home. Lynette's not happy to meet him. Look for Lynette's mom's man to stick around for another episode. Lynette and her sisters discuss what to do with their mother; while the sisters want to put her in an old folks home, Lynette doesn't care for that idea.

A disagreement arrives over the circumcision of Bree's/Danielle's baby. When a doctor refuses to perform it, based on a letter supposedly from the baby's father, a new plan must be made. A mohel agrees to perform the circumcision if Bree raises the baby Jewish.

A young girl (age 3-5) is snatched from her постель, кровати in the middle of the night. Our best bet is that this is a flashback, and the girl is Dylan, but nothing has been confirmed.

Susan learns from Bree that Mike has a drug problem, but will she believe her friend?

Victor confronts Gabrielle over her affair with Carlos. Gabrielle pushes Victor off his boat, then tells Carlos what she's done.

Neighbor Ida Greenberg makes an appearance.