Episode 4-9 ''Something's Coming" December 2

Written by Joey Murphy and John Pardee; directed by David Grossman

A tornado’s on the way! ABC describes the episode as the most elaborate episode DH has ever produced. The people of Wisteria Lane are forced into basements, безопасно, сейф rooms, and cellars. This is the first of a two-parter, but thanks to the strike, it's unclear when the Далее episode will air. Multiple people are killed in the episode, and by episode's end, lives may still hang in the balance.

Sylvia (Big Love's Melora Walters) makes a секунда appearance. Katherine spits in her face. Katherine learns the truth about Adam and Sylvia and it's much worse than she believed.

A boy named Chad tries to take advantage of the tornado coming by selling Edie bottled water. She learns Carlos and Gabrielle are packing to move, and not because of the tornado. Victor and Carlos fight. Edie gets her hands on the file concerning Carlos' embezzled money, but Gabrielle breaks into Edie's Главная and faces off against her nemesis. The file gets blown away by the wind, and Gabrielle and Edie may be the Далее to be blown away, as the tornado arrives!

Mrs. McCluskey appears, as does Ida Greenberg. Lynette spends some time in the episode with Mrs. McCluskey, and their friendship is tested by their actions during the tornado.

Susan confronts Orson in his office for giving pain pills. She reminds him Mike has a drug problem. Orson's with a child patient and his mother, who doesn't like hearing Orson's been dealing Mike drugs. Susan threatens to leave Mike if he can't get over his drug problem. Mike brings Susan to the hospital, as she's fallen down the stairs and twisted her ankle; despite her pregnancy, Susan finds it's too busy at the hospital for her to be seen immediately. When a frustrated Mike talks back to an orderly, he's told to leave, and Mike hits him. Mike's handcuffed to a chair.