Episode 4-10 "Welcome to Kanagawa" January 6

Written by Jamie Gorenberg and Jordon Nardino; directed by Larry Shaw

The episode is rated TV-14, L,V, so expect some violence!

Katherine (Dana Delany) gets her hands on the note her aunt left before she died. But despite her best efforts to dispose of the note, Katherine learns Dylan (Lyndsy Fonseca) has it! What will happen now that Dylan knows part of Katherine's past? Adam (Nathan Fillion) also appears.

A memorial service at a church is packed with mourners. Gabrielle sits in the front pew, dressed in black. Overcome with emotion, she flees the church. Mike Farrell again appears as Milton Lang, Victor's father.

As the neighbors look on, firefighters rescue people from Mrs. McCluskey's destroyed house. Ida Greenberg was killed thanks to the tornado but the Scavos are fine. Lynette and Mrs. McCluskey (Kathryn Joosten) help Ida Greenberg's relatives Erica (Meredith Scott Lynn) and Carter (Adam Kulbersh) load their aunt's possessions into their van.. One of the women is upset to learn the relatives don't plan to spread the ashes at a stadium as their aunt wanted. She offers to retrieve the ashes from the woman's house for the relatives. Lynette and Mrs. McCluskey must break into the stadium to spread the ashes, where they're caught by police. One of the women shakes the ashes out as she runs.

Adam and Katherine ID Sylvia's body at the morgue, as she had the couple's address in her pocket without any other ID. Adam tells the medical examiner (Eamon Hunt) he knew the woman from outside Fairview and assumed Sylvia was stopping by to say hello. Katherine's affected by this but tries to avoid saying anything in front o ,f the medical examiner.

Bree wants Walter Bierlich, a contractor (J.C. Mackenzie), to do some emergency repairs on her home. She invites him over for ужин in hopes of buttering him up. (The dinner's at Susan's, thanks to the house damage.) Knowing he's gay and recently single, she makes sure Andrew is present. Complications arise when Susan has a reason to keep Andrew and Walter apart.

Look for Bob (Tuc Watkins) and Lee (Kevin Rahm) to appear in the episode.

Either Gabrielle или Edie attends the wake of Carlos' CPA, who'd arranged the Переместить of his offshore account. (He died, off-screen, from tornado related injuries too) The woman feigns grief when she meets the man's wife, Diane (Sylvia Kelegian), for the first time, but what she wants to know is where his files are. After learning they're nearby, she makes a quick exit.

Carlos is blind, thanks to injuries from the tornado, but initially Gabrielle doesn't realize this.

Beginning in March, DH will air an час later than usual, at 10, after new episodes of Oprah's Big Give.

Various spoilers for after the strike (season 4 или 5)

Look for Katherine's ex-husband to pop up once the strike's over. The Показать was casting for the character when the strike ended.

Someone sues for custody of baby Benjamin Hodge.

Mike meets a mysterious woman in rehab.