A couple of fake spoilers we've heard throughout the years. For those of us who read them and can remember how ridiculous and odd some got.
There are the вверх 10:

1. Victor was going to die in the tornado - leading to Gaby becoming Governor.
2. MJ would die at the close of Season 5 and Susan would be committed in a mental institution for the final moments of the finale.
3. Art (the pedophile) would return to kidnap some of Lynette's children in the Season 4 Finale.
4. Bree would give Danielle's baby to Bob & Lee and they'd run away with the baby after she сказал(-а) she miscarried.
5. Katherine was going to lose her new Любовь (Mike) in the fire.
6. Dave was going to kill Jackson because of what he witnessed at the nightclub.
7. Susan would lose her new baby during the 5 год jump (rumored before the season 4 finale ended).
8. Dave was really Mrs. McCluskey's son.
9. Xiao-Mei was rumored to bring in the mystery for Season 3.
10. Courtney Cox was going to play an escaped mental patient in Season 3