Locals will be seeing a lot еще of West Newbury native Todd Grinnell, who landed a role on NBC's "Desperate Housewives" after starring on NBC's short-lived series "Four Kings" with Seth Green and Josh Cooke.

"It's a neat experience to be on a Показать that's got this many viewers — people just Любовь it," Grinnell said. "It's a totally fun role to play, and Marcia Cross, Kyle MacLachlan and Shawn Pyfrom, who I've been mostly working with, are outstanding actors and people. Everyone is totally welcoming, and it's a real treat to work with everyone."

"In the секунда episode, it was revealed that my character on 'Desperate Housewives' did an adult movie to put himself through med school," Grinnell said. "That's been a Источник of fodder for my friends. And last night at the supermarket, the bagger looked over at me and сказал(-а) 'I saw your video,' and we had a laugh."

Though he suffered the shows and pilots been cancelled, Todd says "Wouldn´t trade Актёрское искусство for anything. "It's not an easy path," Grinnell said. "But to me, it's the greatest job in the world."