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Translated by link and link on Tumblr! Please credit us both, and make sure to thank yuroran!

(Originally from AINS Staff Ameba blog. Please note that the blog post was Опубликовано back in 2011, so some Ответы might be different from the ones here.)

What foods do Ты like?
・Yakiniku (Japanese grilled meat), pasta, утиль, барахло, мусор food, and chocolate.
What foods do Ты hate?
・Vegetables in general.
What drinks do Ты like?
What drinks do Ты hate?
・Liquor with high alcohol content.
What perfume do Ты like?
・Bvlgari Pour Homme.
What brands do Ты like?
・5351 Pour Homme, Tornado Mart, FUGA, Justin Davis, BUFFALO BOBS, and CHROME HEARTS.
What are Ты currently collecting?
・Vintage snare drums.
*What is your Избранное anime/live action?
Who is your favourite character?
・DIO and Kūjō Jōtarō
What game are Ты hooked on?
・Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and Resident Evil.
What are your favourite colours?
・Black, silver, blue, and green.
What colours do Ты hate?
・Fluorescent colours.
What shampoo do Ты use?
・Lux Shampoo.
What cosmetics do Ты use?
What’s your obsession?
・**JoJo’s Best Lottery.
Trunks или boxers?
What’s your ring size?
・My right hand’s middle finger is size 16, yet my index finger on my left hand is a 17, I don’t get it.
What’s your shoe size?
What’s your clothing size?
・Small или medium.
What magazine do Ты often read?
・Drum magazines.
What’s on your phone’s wallpaper/lock screen?
・My parents’ cat.
Something Ты currently want?
・Accessories, boots, a snare drum, and cymbals.
Got any piercings?
Number and size of earrings?
・Three of normal size.
Which DIAURA goods would Ты recommend?
・The cellphone strap, T-shirts, and the lighter.

*T/N: ”Sentai” I think, refers to the “スーパー戦隊シリーズ" style shows, so since these are live action shows for kids, they put it on the same category as anime.

**T/N: An Ichiban Kuji is a monthly lottery. “To participate to the lottery and maybe win items, Ты must buy ¥500 tickets in Japanese convenience stores (also called combini) или toy stores like Jump stores. Premium sessions may call for ¥800 to ¥1,000 priced tickets instead.”. I suppose he means JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure themed lotteries where he can win Модели или JoJo related items.
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