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The kids stumble upon a strange factory, where they find an Andromon caught in some machinery. After they release him, he attacks them.
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kabuterimon's electro shocker
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"RRRRRROOOOOOOAAAAAAARRRRRRR!!!!!!" A large roar comes from a giant beast outside from the Carmichael Residence. "What is that?!" Kaiden says as he runs to his bedroom window. There in front of his window, he sees a Garudumon, protecting the town from an evil Lillymon. "Wow..." He says in awe. He slips on his slippers and пальто and races out the door. He runs as fast as his little 5 год old legs can take him. Then there he his. Standing right in front of the battle. "Garuda wing!" Garudumon yells as it charges its attack. "Flower Cannon!" Lillymon yells....
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