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 “You sure you’d like to try this someday, Arthur? It looks pretty brutal.”
“You sure you’d like to try this someday, Arthur? It looks pretty brutal.”
Belle stood, wrapped up in her cloak, watching as the two horsemen charged one another. It had snowed quite heavily the night before and even though it had stopped, the place was still quite cold.

She was standing with Arthur, Kay, Ector and Pellinore, closer to the former and further away from the latter. The three of them were staring transfixed at the joust, and Belle was grateful that, for once, Kay’s attention was on something other than her.

Looking around the square as the knights charged at one another, Belle sought out another familiar face. The man who held authority over the joust,...
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Рапунцель - Запутанная история
hotel transylvania
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It's been a while and people tend to change opinions after so long on many things. I however still Любовь crossover though life hasn't made it easy to indulge in the hobby. It has changed some of my избранное in crossover though and I Любовь lists so here is my current Список of Избранное crossover couples! This time around I'll try to slow down and actually say what I like about these couples. Also Honorable mentions to the millions of other couples I like... it pains me to choose.

{Number 14} Tip and Hiro

 By rutchellen on tumblr
By rutchellen on tumblr

I Любовь the idea of this two together, They're both really feisty...
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 "People of Duloc, Welcome..."
"People of Duloc, Welcome..."
Elsa knew that she was falling in love.

She had no idea why. If someone had introduced her to Farquaad in her youth as potential husband material, she would have been adamant that he could never be her type in a million years. And yet, here she was, falling.

The sunlight woke her, and she was surprised to find her husband already awake, wrapped in a dark red robe, and fixing them both a drink at the bar. She blinked, turning over and realising that her hair was a mess, and that she must have fallen asleep almost instantly after their love-making. Almost shyly, she pulled the covers around herself...
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Chapter 12: A Guy Like You

The city was burning to the ground all of Paris was lit up in flames and the sky filled with smoke "Sir we've looked everywhere and still no sign of the gypsy girl или Belle" сказал(-а) the soldier with the brown beard reporting to Frollo in the town square confused "I had the entire cathedral surrounded guards at every door there was no way she could have escaped unless" he thought gazing up at Notre Dame where Quasimodo was worried sick he hadn't seen Esmeralda in days and when news spread of Belle's disappearance he was in a panic now she had gone missing to the gargoyles...
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Chapter 9: Something Special

The Далее morning Frollo's carriage pulled up in front of Notre Dame his guards and Captain Phoebus were all lined up awaiting their orders when as Frollo opened the carriage door rubbing his right eye "Morning sir", "Oh", "Are Ты feeling alright?" Phoebus asked an awkward look on his face "I had a little trouble with the fireplace", "I see your orders sir?", "Find the gypsy girl!" Frollo demanded "Yes sir alright men spread out find the gypsy girl. The guards searched through all corners of Paris searching through all homes and stores finding gypsies hiding in...
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