The person who wrote these stories should be ashamed of themselves. My 15 год old twins, both who have autism look вперед to Чтение up on other stories about these characters online, today they have stumbled upon these stories which have made me sick to read. Included in the story are extremely verbal sexual situations, along with female bodily functions and a pregnancy? And if that wasn't enough a picture is included of toy versions of the characters in a sexual pose!!
I had to Присоединиться this website to post how upset I am, and learned that Ты only need to be 13 или older to join? So the person who wrote and Опубликовано these stories found their content suitable for 13 год olds? I have saved the stories to read into further and as soon as I locate an appropriate outlet to Сообщить them to I will proceed. Because of the author, my children and I were forced to have an awkward conversation about the things they read that the Дисней (childrens fictional characters!!) were involved in! We are all mortified that this is onlline for other young children to view, and possibly think these situations are ok to talk about and god forbid engage in!