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Lottie and Nakoma's Избранное princess lists? (obviously barring their best friends)

I planned to write these after Письмо what I imagined would be Anna's and Elsa's lists of Избранное princesses ranked, but when I asked for ideas of what others thought would be Lottie's and Nakoma's, I didn't get a lot of feedback. but we have еще people here, so maybe now.

If Ты could also provide some details that would help immensely!

Lottie's is a little harder for me. Would she prefer princesses she can relate to more, или ones who are the most like the girls in her fairy tales?
 AudreyFreak posted ·10 месяцев назад
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princesslullaby said:
I can't say for sure their full lists, but I think lotties Избранное might be Rapunzel или Snow White.
Nakoma is еще difficult.... She's a snitch-ass so I'm not sure who to pick lmao.. I feel like she would Любовь megara. Of the princesses, I could see nakoma liking жасмин
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posted ·10 месяцев назад 
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