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First of all, I would like to say huge THANK Ты to all of you, who participated in the countdown, and especially to those of you, who left comments.

Here are the results of Best Princess Dance Scene Countdown as of June 2011.

11. Tiana's dance with Naveen in the bayou

No surprises here really. A lot of people thought this dance is ridiculous and strange. I guess Животные dancing together is not a really idea of a nice dance Популярное around here.

Darkshine said: "I Любовь PATF, but not this dance. It's not really special, and it looks a bit weird. луч, рэй starts Пение about him being in Любовь and suddenly the frogs start to dance and stuff and the song becomes pretty unrelated to Evangeline. At least to me."
BelleAnastasia said: "I think this scene is kind of ridiculous... It basically is two frogs dancing together..."
loveandbeauty18 said: "Think about it....2 frogs dancing GROSS."

10. Ariel's dance with Eric in the town

While this dance is cute and sweet, a lot of people found it to be too short and unmemorable. Eric and Ariel did make a couple of moves, but the time span of the dance just didn't allow it to be еще popular.

Mongoose09 said: "It's cute, but that's about it really"
pretty_angel92 said: "too short"
ppv said: "I even don't remember the music... I mean, it's not memorable at all."

9. Tiana's dance with Naveen in her restaurant

Tiana's секунда dance didn't make it very high in the countdown either. в общем и целом, общая people felt that it was a bit all over the place, lacked gracefulness and was frankly quite awful.

DreamyGal said: "I don't care for either scenes from this movie, but in this one all the do is jump around. At least in the bayou scene they're a little еще graceful."
VGfan30 said: "They dance better as frogs."
loveandbeauty18 said: "I like but didn't Любовь it"

8. Belle's dance with the prince as a human in his castle

Regarding this dance, people thought it is too short and it lacks the magic that Belle and the prince's first dance has. Also people didn't like that the dance was a ripoff of Sleeping Beauty's final dance.

bubbles4u22 said: "I don't think it's as magical as Beauty and the Beast playing while Adam's still a beast."
CuteDiana said: "i like it, but it's just there, it would be different if it wasn't, i mean it doesn't add anything to the movie."
dee389 said: "It's a total ripoff of the final dance of Sleeping Beauty!"

7. Snow White's dance with the dwarfs in the cottage

The main reason why this dance did not go any further is because people thought it lacked the romance that the other dances have. Indeed this is a fun and cheerful dance, unlike a lot of other dances, but I guess a lot of people here are еще into the romantic dances.

ppv said: "I'm for еще romantic dances..."
pretty_angel92 said: "snow white 's dance is so funny, i Любовь it =("
callejahLUVSed said: "Not my type of dance.. I like romance :)"

6. Rapunzel's dance with Flynn and the townspeople in the town

While the only dance Rapunzel takes part in is considered funny and original, according to some people it lacked the romantic spark a lot of other princess dances have. Much like Snow White's dance it focuses on the fun that the princess is having while dancing, and people just consider the lack of romance as a minus.

KataraLover said: "Rapunzel and Flynn don't even dance with each other"
DreamyGal said: "I really like this scene...I just like the others more! This is actually probably my Избранное scene from Tangled. I Любовь the music, and watching Rapunzel explore the Kingdom, learning new things and just having fun. I wish that she and Flynn would've been able to actually dance, though!"
ppgbelle4 said: "It's too quick."

5. Aurora's dance with the Животные in the woods

Ok, so we are down to the вверх 5, and here is Aurora and the animals. The main reason this is the least liked of all 3 of Aurora's dances is that she's dancing with animals, and according to some the whole dance scene is a bit boring. Nevertheless others thought that this a very good dance, and loved that she's flirty with the animals.

Takuya said: "Well I Любовь it for the Анимация I mean animating the Животные wearing Philips clothes like that must have been a real challange but I don't really care about it in the movie except that."
CleoCorinne said: "Weird and boring... duh! xD"
VGfan30 said: "The dancing with Животные is one of my favorites. She has some of her best dance moves during this scene, and I Любовь how flirty she is."

4. Aurora's dance with Phillip in the castle

Aurora's секунда dance with Phillip comes on the 4th position. Some people mentioned that according to them it is too short. Moreover the focus was еще on the dress and the Феи than the dance itself, and according to some that was a serious drawback.

VGfan30 said: "I feel this scene is еще about the Flora and Merryweather fighting about Aurora's dress then Aurora and Phillip dancing."
bubbles4u22 said: "I don't really like this one. The others had еще meaning. This was pretty much just the ending scene.."
CuteDiana said: "i like it, just the others еще !"

3. Aurora's dance with Phillip in the woods

We're down to the вверх 3 now, and we have Aurora in a row. According to some her first dance with Phillip was romantic and sweet, according to others it was creepy. A couple of people pointed out that it is a bit too short.

tiffany88 said: "Nothing special...."
BB2010 said: "big wtf for me. I mean first she's all "I don't wanna be near Ты cuz you're a stranger!!" then like five секунды later she's all "Let's dance together!!!" -_-'"
PrueFever said: "This one is really beautiful, but it's just too short!"

2. Cinderella's dance with Charming in the palace

In секунда place is the last of the Classic princesses, Cinderella. There were quite a few people that stated that her dance with Charming is beautiful and romantic, and therefore should be the winner in this countdown. However, there were also some people, who thought that this dance is boring. Even though it did not manage to win this countdown, the fact is that it still is one of the most amazing animated dances ever.

CuteDiana said: "Cindy's should win ><"
princessforlife said: "Cinderella's dance is just classic."
pretty_angel92 said: "i'm not really happy about Золушка being in the вверх 2, her dance is so boring..."

1. Belle's dance with the prince as a beast in his castle

"♫♪ Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme, Beauty and the Beast ♫♪" Yes, the magical dance scene, in which Belle and the Beast finally establish a strong bond between them is the winner in this countdown. This is truly an amazing and timeless scene, which has won the hearts of a lot of Fanpopers, and was rightly chosen as the Best Princess Dance Scene.

SarahCorine said: "I Любовь both, but Ты just can't beat Belle and Beast. The fact that she was dancing with him when he was still a beast is so much еще romantic than when they were both human and it's so special to their relationship."
DreamyGal said: "Cinderella's dance scene is very sweet, but the dance scene from Beauty and the Beast is just...amazing. It is so romantic...the music, the scenery, and the Анимация of them dancing in the ballroom is lovely. My Избранное part is when Belle lays her head on the Beasts chest. It makes my сердце melt to see that she is that comfortable, and especially seeing his face light up. It gives me chills and makes me happy."
ppv said: "Just because Belle's dance with the prince as a beast in his замок is THE BEST. DISNEY. SCENE. EVER."

Really like it.
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