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posted by aurora2011
10_ Mulan's lips.
Mulan's are a weird shape.- Pink_Love
They look so funny. They look like wings.- MrsEmmaPeel
i always thought that they were shaped kinda weird.- opalrose
They look strange. They suit her face but they have awful shape...- CodyVenusTrent
whats up with the middle of her upper lips??? i mean seriously.. it looks like a deformed boomerang или something.- DamianLUVR
Too pointed.- LightningRed

9_ Pocahontas's lips.
рыба LIPS.- KataraLover
Her lips look like they could fit on a рыба rather then on a human!- sweetie-94
Because of the lack of a cupids bow, looks unnatural.- Swanpride
I don't like them...- Vooltage
just kinda there- opalrose

8_ Rapunzel's lips.
They are too thin, but I think they are okay!-sweetie-94
I think her lips are cute, but they're so thin and so close to her skin color that Ты can hardly see it.- NightFrog
I really don't think they're the best thing in her- Popcornfan
There are basically none.- Radvile
i cant even tell she has lips in this pic... LOL and her lips aren't that great anyways.- DamianLUVR
Thin and pale colored! Not hot!- LightningRed

7_ Snow White's lips.
Because they're too simple... there's something missing, I think- CleoCorinne
weirdish shape. Kinda small and puffy looking- magicfairydust
i REALLY dislike them... its like magicfairydust said.. they're too small and puffy...its weird.- DamianLUVR
Eh, I prefer the others.- NightFrog
should have gone before Rapunzels...- Pink_Love

6_ Ariel's lips.
They're too flat- callie923
God all our princesses have very nice lips!- pulgaenana
Snow White's lips loose to that thing? And I hightly disagree Aurora's lips look best in every color. (Which is only розовый and red which from what I remember it is consider pretty)- diluka96
Too big.- chesire
Aww, I think Tiana has the best lips. They're full and they're red. (Or do I like Belle's розовый lips better? I don't know)- TigerRanma
they look like wax Конфеты lips- starlight77
Just like the color.- Radvile

5_ Jasmine's lips.
Either Aurora или Jasmine. I don't know. Jasmine's are a bit thin, I think. By this time, their lips are pretty similar and I just think either Belle's или Tiana's are the best because they are the fullest of these. And in these pics, they both look like they have glossy lips.- TigerRanma
Weird shaped.- heathersvan
I think Belle has the prettiest lips. No offense to the person running these picks, but Ты should've chosen еще flattering pictures of the princesses lips.- DreamyGal
they have a wax lips look to them like ariel's do- starlight77
i think her smile is lovely, just her lips aren't that great.- DamianLUVR

4_ Aurora's lips.
I just don't like them.- Tdinoahiscute4
um, nothing special about them !- CuteDiana
I guess they're normal sized but they seem plainer than the others. Looks like Belle and Tiana are going to leave after her and Золушка will be voted best lips. Oh well, at least Belle and Tiana are at the top. I Любовь Belle's full glossy lips and Tiana's full red lips.- TigerRanma
Why are these still her~????- Pink_Love
too small, and i dont like the color. i dot like tiana's either, but these are worse. i Любовь belle's- FlowerBelle
kinda thin and angular- magicfairydust
too thin on the top- DamianLUVR

3_ Cinderella's lips.
Hm, not my Избранное picture of Belle's mouth. I liked the other two better. But eh. I still like that they are full and shiny. Same with Tiana's. Золушка has good lips too. They're also pretty full. They're just not shiny. :P- TigerRanma
Her lips look orange. That picture doesn't do Belle justice.- KataraLover
I Любовь Belle's!!!- ARIEL-RAPUNZEL
Belle and Tiana have hot thick lips. Золушка doesn't.- LightningRed
It was sooo hard, the three of them are gorgeous! But finally, after a lot of thinking, I believe I like Cindy's the least.- Popcornfan
I like Belle's lips (its that picture that make them look weird). Cinderella's aren't that good.- CodyVenusTrent
Not as good as what is left~! Belle has the best Lips~!- Pink_Love

2_ Tiana's lips.
Well, I dont like the shape!- PrincessLD
Belle's lips always has been my favorite. They're so glossy and a lovely shape. Tiana's I'm not too crazy about. I just don't like the shape of them.- MrsEmmaPeel
Belle's lips are simply perfect. They aren't over the top, and don't look cartooney. The are full, have a lovely shape, and are pretty color.
Tiana's are the same to me, but I don't care for the shade of her lips.- DreamyGal
They are the fullest that have a cupid's bow. Does Tiana have any good shots of her lips closed in the light? Maybe not. Well, Belle's lips are shiny so she beats Tiana.- TigerRanma

1_ Belle's lips.
Still dislike them. They're waxy and sometimes shapeless.- heathersvan
Their a bit too fat!- Tararox3
It's so weird. there's too many exaggerated curves.- chesire
They are both great, but Tiana's are better.- Popcornfan
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During my activity on Fanpop, especially this club, I often see many peoples were прокомментировал(-а) about their избранное and least избранное Дисней Princesses. So I think and started to made most избранное and least избранное Дисней Princesses by Fanpop users in this club. Here's the Список and say sorry if Ты don't agree with this Статья (this is just my opinions only). Enjoy!

Most Избранное Дисней Princesses in Fanpop.

1. Mulan

This is kinda opposite with the general public. In general public she is one of the unpopular Princess (probably because she technically isn't a princess, but she has the honor...
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Okay, so I have come across a lot of criticism against Merida that she is childish, rude, reckless, selfish and what not. But since she's my 2nd Избранное princess, i'd like to put up a case in her favor for people to consider and see her in better light. I have tried to dissect the movie scenes, probed into possible perspective on various minor details that may have been overlooked.

Why she isn't sophisticated as others:
She no doubt loves both her mother and father, but Merida takes off a part of feisty, loud and unapologetically honest side from her father. She loves to fight with him, laughing...
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 "The цветок that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of them all."
"The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of them all."
So while there are a lot of great things that are pointed out about the movie Mulan, there are also things that I haven't seen pointed out yet so I wanted to share.

1. Realistic Representation of Culture: I Любовь that it is not over-Americanized and mostly stays true to Chinese and Asian culture. The most American part of the film is the fact that she thinks she can take a man's place in the army. That and Grandmother Fa's Комментарии in general. Other than that, the movie is pretty accurate to her culture. I find this important because I don't understand the point of Показ a different culture...
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