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Beauty или Beast
Hi DP fans, I was thinking lately that I have no idea of what to do after what happen to my life, it used to be almost perfect. So I wrote this Статья to know what Ты guys think because you’re all Дисней princess Фаны just like me and I thought that maybe here I would find someone that understands me.
Part 1
Once upon a time (five years ago) in Las Vegas there lived a girl named Raven, she was actually from Mexico but had lived in the USA for six years .She was not rich but she wasn’t poor and Raven didn’t really care about it, she had everything she ask for and for that sometimes she was very selfish .She was a very good student, all of her teachers loved her and her parents were very proud of her for that. What Raven really loved was to read dozens of Книги but not fairy tales she thought that they were for girly girls so she would read Статьи and science, Книги of faraway planets, physics, chemistry, and about earth’s history.
There came a time when the only thing she would do was to read all день even at school, when she was done with her homework before all of the other students she would go straight to the библиотека ,she didn’t even go to lunch или recess. Her teacher started to get worried so she called her parents, she thought that they were forcing her to study very hard but not even they knew what was happening to Raven.
The other kids always thought she was weird, they would start teasing her and would tell her “You are very weird, Ты shouldn’t be here.” but she was not as sweet and calm as she seemed when she read her books. Actually she was a very though girl ,one день a girl pushed her to the Стена and Raven hit her so hard that she fell to the floor, of course the girl went to tell the teacher but nobody could believe that someone like Raven would do that.
Maybe this was because she never learned how to be a girl, she grew up with her two brothers and she was almost the only girl in her family. Another thing that Raven liked was super Герои like the Fantastic four, the X-men, Hulk, well she liked almost everything a boy likes. Her parents tried to buy her Barbies and makeup for girls but she didn’t like that, she wanted cars, water guns, action figures.
Then one день she saw a movie with her little cousin, about a beauty and a beast, it became her favorite, and finally she started to like different things because in some way she could relate to Belle and always wondered if she too would find someone that could understand her .But she didn’t know what was about to happen.
When Raven was ten she had to go back to Mexico with her mother and brothers, while her dad would stay there for five еще years. Everything was so different back in her Главная town, many things had change, and anyways she didn’t remember most of her childhood. Now she would have to adapt to this new life.
On her first год of Middle School there was a party to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the school and everyone was going to wear their best clothes. Raven’s mother had always made her most of her clothes and she was a very good designer, because of this Raven was always the Belle of the ball.
Raven didn’t want to go but her mother told her that she had to go out to the world someday and face it. She didn’t like parties because she did not know how to dance and she didn’t like to go out of her house if she could do anything to stay she would do it. But she was not going to be able to do anything this time.
At school she hadn’t made any Друзья even after a месяц had already past because again everybody would think of her as the weird girl. So her classmates weren’t expecting what was going to happen because Raven wore glasses and she always looked very decent not like other girls that wouldn’t respect the school’s uniform, anyways nobody was waiting for her to come .
When she arrived to the celebration nobody recognized her they didn’t even think that she was from their school, she was wearing a blue jacket, blue jeans, with her curly brown hair loose, no make-up (she hated it and had never used it), and she wasn’t wearing her glasses. And yet she looked prettier than any other girl.
As she walked across the dance floor she left everyone with their mouths open, even girls, Raven was really shy and timid but in that moment she walked with her head high and looking straight forwards even though inside she wanted to run away. But she had to because the seats and tables were organized by classrooms and hers was at the opposite corner from where the entrance was.
When she finally got to sit in her place one of her classmates named Edward сказал(-а) to her “I wouldn’t sit there if I were you, Raven is going to get really mad with Ты when she gets here, if she ever comes.” This made Raven laugh and then she сказал(-а) “I am Raven.” Edward couldn’t believe her “No you’re not, Ты don’t look like her.’’
“Edward look into my eyes.” She told him then Raven just stared at him straight in the eyes without blinking, she had a very hard stare nobody could stare back, she would scare people this way if they bothered her. Edward wasn’t able keep staring back for еще than five секунды and turned away, and then he turned to look at her again and сказал(-а) “Raven, wow it is you, Ты look wonderful.” Raven smiled, she had a very beautiful smile.
Edward sat Далее to her and called his Друзья so they could all сиденье, место, сиденья together, they all wanted to get to know such a beautiful girl but Raven already knew them, they were rude, annoying, and disrespectful. She didn’t want to be with people like that, anyways when they got to know her they left. But Edward was different he was respectful, timid and shy just like her, in some way she liked him for that even though he wasn’t handsome, actually Raven had never met a boy handsome enough for her to say so.
Edward had a friend named Diana and she was the only one that stayed with her but only because she didn’t had Друзья either, Raven didn’t really liked the way she was but she was not a person that would judge a book for its cover. But still she didn’t liked to ignore her instincts, Raven would always look into people’s eyes to see if she could trust them, it was one of her many instincts.
But something smelled bad about Diana like if something bad was going to happen. Diana wanted to be Edwards’s girlfriend and like he didn’t stop talking to Raven she ask him if he could dance with her and they left her alone. Many boys asked her to dance but she didn’t know how so she left the party.
The Далее день Diana sat Далее to Raven in class and from that день on they became friends, Diana acted like a very good friend and would always tell Raven that she was her best friend. That made Raven change her mind a bit “Maybe I should start trusting her, maybe I should stop being so silly and stubborn, maybe this is why I never have friends.” She сказал(-а) to herself, so she did and she started to tell her everything about her life and about what she liked.
Raven told her about how much she loved Beauty and the Beast and about how she still acted like a little girl because she had a big doll house where she had dozens of Дисней Princess dolls, barbies and stuff, of course she never learned how to play with them. There was only one person that would play with them, Raven’s little cousin Sindy, she was five but she was very smart, she acted like an adult already.
Diana told her that her father had been teaching her how hunt and that until now she was very good at it, Raven could only think one thing, how could someone kill something just like that. Raven would always tell Sindy about this stuff, Sindy liked Beauty and the Beast too and when Raven told her this they both burst into laughter, they were obviously thinking in the same way.

Without knowing Raven was letting her guard down.
Золушка and Prince Charming had just enjoyed the most wonderfully romantic honeymoon. They had ridden white Лошади together on the beach. They had stayed up until midnight each evening staring at the stars. Золушка knew it was all thanks to her friend Princess Pea, who was awaiting their return at the palace. And on that день where Золушка and her prince returned to the kingdom in their carriage, Золушка was quickly reminded that even happily ever after has a few kinks.
"CINDERELLA!" Princess гороховый, горох screamed. "Okay, don't be mad but while Ты were gone I flooded your bathroom!"
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A lot of people on Fanpop say that Merida is selfish and not not a good role model. Personally, I think that is far from the truth.

Merida wasn't being totally selfish when she went to the witch. Impulsive, yes. Her mind was clouded by all the emotion she felt and acted before she thought things through. When she asked for a potion that would change her mother, I think she wanted something to change her mothers MIND. Not her personality.
I think Merida is actually quite selfless. When her plan to change her mother went awry, she didn't even hesitate to help her mom. She went totally out of...
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 Elsa curled up as best she could and let her body be wracked by sobs.
Elsa curled up as best she could and let her body be wracked by sobs.
After two weeks of writer's block and Lunar New год vacation, I'm back with the third chapter of We're Talking Kings and Successions! We still haven't quite gotten to the action part of the story yet, but it'll come in good time. Anyway, I hope Ты enjoy this chapter! (I doubt Ты will though.) Oh, and Ты can read chapter one link and Ты can read chapter two link if Ты haven't already!


And besides, the mystery girl was currently bleeding, an Стрела embedded in her neck. She was in need. And although her mother had never taught her this, Rapunzel somehow knew that one had to help a person...
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Once the princesses and Dee Dee arrive back at the hotel room, they still feel worry about the prophecy until Dee Dee broke the silence by asking: "Who is this Spirit of Despair?"
The princesses couldn't keep the secret any longer, decides to their favourite goddaughter the truth. "Our villains came together and decided to have us destroy to prevent us from making the world a better place, eventually the found the right person to do so." replied Snow White without trying to sound frighten.
"Then, a prophecy came to us that there one person who can stop it, but before that we want to tell...
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Холодное сердце (2013)
Холодное сердце
animated film
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