The Girly Girl
Now it's time for the hardest and easiest princess to rant about, Aurora.

Firstly, I must say that Aurora is an extremely beautiful girl. Her hair, her eyes, her lips, her body, her name, her voice. Everything about her is just gorgeous. No wonder considering the first blessing bestowed upon her was the gift of beauty. Her features are very unique and rare, she's like a supermodel who happens to be royalty. With фиолетовый eyes, golden hair and the tallest of all the princesses, Aurora is truly a wonderful sight to see.

Sadly there isn't much to say about Aurora. The most common complaints about her is lack of personality and lack of screentime. I think it's alittle unfair to say that she has no personality because she does. Aurora is the best example of classic and traditional princess, she classy, kind, sweet, romantic, feminine and outgoing. Yes, those are very basic traits but personality is there. If were she as bland as people say she is, she wouldn't be dancing in the forest или crying over Philip. Her face is very expressive, so she does have the ability to Показать emotion. She's not a lifeless body that people always lead her on to be.

I feel rather sympathetic towards Aurora, she always gets blamed for things that aren't even her fault. It's not her fault that she lives in the middle of woods and doesn't know how to speak to strangers! It's certainly not her fault that an evil spell was cast on her! Isn't even her fault that she only has 18 минуты of screentime!! Everyone else is either manipulating her или basically running her life! She literally can't get a freaking word in edgewise. She never gets a chance to do anything interesting because no one else will let her. There's nothing wrong with Aurora, everybody else is the problem.

Let's talk about the good Феи for a second. The true heroines of the movie. Despite the film technically being named after Aurora, they are the real protagonists. They are the ones who protected Aurora from danger and it was their magic that helped Philip defeat Maleficient. The best fairy is Merryweather, one of the earliest forms of a strong heroic female character. She's feisty, headstrong and rather unconventional individual. Prefering blue over pink, Показ distain to the mere thought of housework and failing to see the purpose of arranged marriage. The Феи are what truly hold this movie together and keeps it going.

At the beginning of the movie, the good Феи each grant a gift to the baby Aurora. Flora and Fauna gave her the gifts of beauty and song respectively. Merryweather's gift was to lighten Malefiicient's curse. Like everyone else, I always wondered what Merryweather's gift if it wasn't for the villain. It would likely be trait that Aurora notably lacks. Such as intelligence, charisma, courage, wisdom, just to name a few attributes that could have been used to make her еще interesting.

Aurora is another princess where body image must be mentioned. Her features are sharper and еще mature than the other princesses. But she's also extremely slender, tiny waisted and easily one of the skinniest princesses. Her looks are slightly reminiscent of a Барби doll, this drags even еще negative attention to her appearance. While she is very beautiful, her features are somewhat unrealistic and unattainable, particularly her waistline.

Despite the fact that her film was an intial flop, Aurora has become a beloved classic character. She's a very Популярное princess among little girls, most likely due to her Barbie-esque appearance. But because of her lack of participation in her film, her poularity fails to meet the standards of Cinderella, Ariel, Belle или Mulan.

Even though she's not my favorite, I do admire Aurora. Her story is the romantic out of the all the princesses. To me she represents love, true love. It was fate that brought Philip and Aurora and it was their Любовь that ultimately rescued the whole kingdom
Thanks for reading!