While I was doing the youngest/oldest princess list, I was doing the sane fo rthe princes. I knew this Список was going to be harder because most, if not all of the prince's ages were not mentioned in the film. But the producers who worked on the films, and Дисней has confirmed some of their ages, which made this Список easier. Some of the placings are not suprising at all, and others are.

All Ты have to do is look at him, and then look at the rest of the princes, and Ты will automatically tell that he is the youngest. He has this youthful appearance to him, and he is treated like a teenager in his film, and to the general public. Дисней has confirmed him to be 18 years old, so he was not going to last long in the countdown anyways. In the youngest countdown, he took 42% of the votes, as many people сказал(-а) that he is seen as a boy, while the rest are seen as men.


- Ehh, he strikes me as 17-18, he is ver boyish. The rest of them seem еще like men who've just reached their 20's или older even. Even Ferdinand seeems like a 20 год old to me. Where did Ты find Аладдин and Eric's ages? (Jessikaroo)
- I think (Popcornfan)


I personally do not think he is the секунда youngest Prince, and I do think he should have swapped with the third youngest prince, but I understand why he got the vote in the секунда round. He only appears in about maximum 5 минуты in his movie, so we cannot judge him much on his behaviour. He looks like a grown man in his early twenties, but people chose him because he is pursuing a 14 год old, and since he wants someone who is barely a teenager, he should be quite young too right? I know back in thhose days, the men were minimum 3-5 years older than her, and he sounds like a grown man. There were no Комментарии about him in Round 2 of the Youngest Prince.

Like Aladdin, he looks young, and he has a youthful charm to him, but he did not get voted out in the секунда round because Ferdinand was pursuing a 14 год old. With Fedinand gone, the rest of the princes were clearly older than Eric and there was no one else to fill the spot. He sounds like an 18 год old (his voice actor was a teen during recording) , looks like an 18 год old, and acts like an 18 год old, because he is most likely an 18 год old. During the end of the third round of the Youngest countdown, he got 58% of the votes, and was deemed the Third Youngest Prince.


- He just has such a young personality (Rhythmicmagic)
- He's 18, Naveen is 20. Everyone else is old. (princecatcher93)

This placing is where I disagree with the most, as well as one from the 5 older princes. People voted for Phillip because he looks younger than some of the other princes (Naveen, Shang, Charming), I guess. I disagree with this because in the prologue of Sleeping Beauty, him and his father look at Aurora's детская кроватка at her christening, and he is minimum 5 или 6 years old, and maximum 9 years old. In the three Назад rounds of the Youngest Princes, people have mentioned that he was years older then Aurora, so he could not be one of the younger ones. It was aroung here where people just started to vote based off of looks. No one made Комментарии about Phillip in this round.

Round 5 determined who is the Fifth Oldest Prince, and who is the Fifth Youngest Prince, and Naveen Остаться в живых when Prince Charming got 60% of the votes. I think he Остаться в живых the round because he seems younger than Charming, but this and Round 4 were the hardestt rounds to choose for the Prince countown. Дисней ahs confirmed him to be 20 years old, and a lot of people have сказал(-а) that Prince Charming is older because his father is pressuring him into getting married and to have children ASAP.


- Prince Charming seems older than Prince Naveen. That's why his father is so frustrated that he isn't either married, или married with children (PociandSmith)


He was deemed the Fifth Oldest Prince over Naveen because not only does Naveen looks and acts his confirmed age of 20, but Prince Charming looks and acts older than 20 years old. Most people say he is most likely 21. People have brought up the fact that his father is worried that he won't get grandchildren because Prince Charming is getting older and has not focused on marriage and children. He also appears in less than 10 минуты of his film, so it is hard to judge him on his personality. Ultimately, he got 60% of the Голоса for Round 5 of the Oldest Prince Countdown.


- Prince Charming seems older than Prince Naveen. That's why his father is so frustrated that he isn't either married, или married with children (PociandSmith)
- I explained earlier why I think he's older (fiina)

At this point of the countdown, it was only him, Phillip, Charming, and Naveen. Poeple thought that Phillip and Naveen weren't the oldest because they looked young, do they voted for Shang. No one really explained why they thought Shang was the oldest, so I'll try to write down why I thought people voted for him. I think people voted for him because he was very serious, and focused, whereas Phillip and Naveen are laidback and easygoing, and Prince Charming was beign watched by his father. In the Fourth round of the Oldest Prince, he got 55% of the votes. No one прокомментировал(-а) on him in Round 4.

The vote for this round was pretty much трещина, сплит between him and Shang in this round. I disagree with this placing because in his film, it was сказал(-а) that the last petal in the rose will fall on his 21st birthday, meaning that he was 20 for most of the film, and I know Phillip is older than that. People thought that the princes in this round were roughly the same age, since a lot were confused, as in this point of the countdown, most of the obvious ones that were the oldest and youngest were already eliminated. I think people chose him because he looked and sounded like a grown man in the film, even after he turned human. In the end, he got 9% еще Голоса than Shang, eliminating him.


- I swear the guy is 21? (LatinoLollipops)
- Then Charming and Shang (I feel like Shang is like 25) (princecatcher93)

Flynn is definitely NOT viewed as a teenager in the film, as he has traveled to many towns to steal, and he knows a lot about the world. He does not have a youthful appeal to him, doe snot act или sound like a teenager, and thinks the 17 turning 18 год old Rapunzel is a burden. He does not look like the oldest, but when Дисней confirmed him to be 26, then he CLEARLY was one of the oldest princes. He was almost eliminated in the first round of Oldest Prince, btu barely made it. Half of hte voters chose him because all of the other princes were younger than 26 years old, and that 50% was all it took him to be deemed the секунда Oldest Prince.


- I agree, though Flynn doesn't look oldest (fiina)

At first, the Голоса were really close between him and Flynn, but he eventually got the majority of the votes. People voted for him for the same reasons why people voted for his partner Pocahontas in the princess section. Poeple сказал(-а) that they both look like grown adults, act like grown adults, and are extremely mature. People chose him over Flynn because he was an established adventurer in the prologue, and since it took months to travel in 1607, he has been doing this for years. I agree with all of this, but I do not think that John is older than 26. I think the oldes he is is 24 with 25 really pushing it. With 55% of the votes, Fanpop decided that he was the Oldest Дисней Prince.


- Where does it say Flynn/Eugene is 26? I think John Smith would be the oldest. World traveler, probably started sailing when a child and if he has been to a lot of "new worlds" than he has been doing it for awhile. Plus his vast reputation..... He acts older and mature. So he would be my pick (Auroraxaurelia)
- He is like full of experience and all that (Popcornfan)

10. Aladdin
9. Ferdinand
8. Eric
7. Phillip
6. Naveen
5. Charming
4. Shang
3. Adam
2. Flynn
1. John

The princes countdown was a lot harder to do, because there was a lot of confusion and people did not Комментарий because of this confusion. It is an interesting list. Do Ты agree with it, I don't. Комментарий about what Ты think the order is, and what is wrong with this order.