I've seen many of these Статьи on here, not many of them are that Последнее though. Hardly any include the CGI princesses или Tiana in extreme cases. Not offence intended
So I decided to do a slightly еще up to дата countdown. Hope Ты enjoy it! :)
IMPORTANT NOTE - This is an opinion article. if Ты do not agree with any of my choices that's fine but there's no need to make harsh comments.

Due to the Последнее 'Merida Princess Makeover Scandal' I am only judging the girls on how they look in the movie, not in the merchandise.

20. Merida

Super brave, not super beautiful...

She may be brave, but in the Movie she's kind of lacking in the looks department. Sure, she's a great role model for girls, but as not pretty compared to the others. Don't get me wrong, I do Любовь her though :P

19. Snow White

Fairest one of all? Not according to me!

Snow White is cute. Not pretty. If it was a cute contest she'd win hands down. Unfortunately, it's NOT a cuteness contest. I think she'd look much prettier with longer hair and a еще detailed nose. In most screencaps I found from the movie she only has two dots for a nose. She also really isn't one of my favourite female characters because she lacks a detailed personality.

18. Nani

An exotic, Hawaiian beauty. Just not enough to вверх the ranks.

I think Nani is really underrated when it comes to the beauty department. She's tall, tanned with a gorgeous figure and sleek black hair. For me the size of her nose really lets her down, that and the fact she's kind of plain. Still I Любовь Lilo and Stitch to death, and I also Любовь Nani just as much.

17. Charlotte

Bright eyed and bushy tailed Lottie is not pretty enough to make it any further than 17th...

шарлотка, шарлотта или Lottie is just peachy kean! ;) I just adore her bubbly personality. Her blonde hair and tan skin just scream stunning. Usually for me big eyes scream beautiful, but Lottie's eyes are just a tad too much for me...

16. Mulan

For someone who had to pass for a guy throughout her move, Мулан sure is pretty. Just not pretty enough...

Just missing out on the вверх 15 it's everyone's favourite crossdresser, Mulan. I've always been a Фан of Oriental beauty. Mulan's sleek black hair, stunning eyes and gorgeous angular eyebrows are all stunning. Just not enough to make to the top.

15. Alice

Alice is cute yet really , really gorgeous. There are just many Дисней females that are prettier than she is..

I don't know what it is, but there is something about Alice that just screams gorgeous. Despite her being younger than Snow White I think she is less cute and еще gorgeous. I Любовь her red lips and her wide blue eyes. For me its her unrealistic hair colour that lets her down.

14. Anna

Anna has that girl Далее door look, with her braids and freckles. Still that isn't enough to bag her the вверх spots.

So yeah... This is probably where I'll get the most criticism. Okay, I get it Холодное сердце isn't out in theatres/cinemas yet. If anything that means I am judging Anna solely on her looks, which is better because it means I am much less biased. Anyway, Anna is really naturally beautiful. She rocks that girl Далее door vibe and she looks like she could pull of any outfit. I mean seriously, none of the other girls could rock boots and gloves like that. Sadly, Anna isn't really a stand out from the crowd kind of girl, which is why she is only in 14th place.

13. Kida

Kida screams sexy, with her perfect figure, in my opinion there are quite a few other girls that are prettier...

What a figure! Kida is so curvy and sexy. That's coming from a straight girl. I Любовь the tan skin, white hair combination, her plump lips and her eyes that are deep and mysterious. Sadly she just isn't as stunning as the rest of the girls in this countdown. Probably due to her facial tattoos. I'm not a Фан of Татуировки in general.

12. Rapunzel

Huge eyes, but other than that she's beautiful...

I Любовь Rapunzel, she's so naïve and her look really reflects that. I also feel like she is unaware of her beauty, but those eyes. They're so HUGE! She also looks way too young for an 18 год old.

11. Esmeralda

The Queen of saucy dancing JUST missed out on a spot in the вверх 10...

Esmeralda is a man's favourite. Mainly because of her sauciness. Everything about is sexy. I Любовь her eyes and hair. Although, I think it would look better if it was a bit thinner. One downside is her facial structure and bushy eyebrows makes her look sort of manly. She is sexy though...

10. Jane

A quirky, quaint beauty. The Queen of the jungle is just in the вверх 10...

I just Любовь Jane's facial structure. Her pointy nose, her overbite, her beautiful blue eyes. She's so prim and proper. She can pull off anything from posh dresses to rags, like she does in the film. She's just stunning, but the rest are pretty. I also think Jane is underrated when it comes to beauty...

9. Meg

Sarcy, saucy Meg is drawn in an angular style. Just not beautiful enough to make it any further in our countdown...

Due to the style of animation, Megara is drawn in a angular style. I Любовь the way she is drawn and her beautiful eyes and bouncy, flowing hair. Sadly, her thin waistline and her odd eyebrows left her in ninth place.

8. Pocahontas

Pocahontas can only be compared to a supermodel, she just isn't enough to make it to the top..

Pocahontas is an exotic beauty. Her body is like that of a supermodel and her hair is so light and weightless. I Любовь the way it flows in the wind. I Любовь some of the facial expressions she has, like the one in the picture. However, her face is kind of plain, her nose is small and her eyes lack highlights. She is stunning though :)

7. Tiana

Tiana is so beautiful, just not enough to reach the top...

I Любовь Tiana! Her sultry eyes and glossy lips! She is stunning! Even when her hair has lose strands she looks stunning. Her beauty is totally effortless! Sadly, she wasn't enough to get any further...

6. Cinderella

If I were Prince Charming I'd just marry the servant girl....

When Золушка is in her servant gear she is one of the most beautiful Princesses. I Любовь her thick клубника blonde hair, but when she wears it up when she's at the ball it just doesn't suit her. I do like the new look hair, it would've looked a lot nicer. That hair is the reason she didn't make the вверх five.

5. Giselle

Giselle is so brilliantly drawn she's gorgeous. Sadly, she just missed got a spot in the вверх five...

Amy Adams is beautiful, but Дисней enhanced her beauty she's definitely one of Disney's prettiest girls without a shadow of a doubt. As soon as I decided to do this Список I knew she would be in it. She just isn't as pretty as some of the others.

4. Jasmine

жасмин is stunning, no wonder she's in fourth place :)

жасмин is so stunning I Любовь her body, it's really good. I'm totally envious of it. I also Любовь her wide black eyes. She's an exotic beauty. Her hair is really, really thick though I think Jenna Marbles compared it to a дерево хобот, ствол once haha :P Also her nose is just a curved line. I never liked her nose, even as a child.

3. Ariel

Proof that everything's hotter under the water...

Ariel is stunning. She made every little girl want to be a mermaid. I Любовь her wide expressive blue eyes, her red lips and sparkling white teeth. Her long flowing, red hair that makes her look so graceful in the water. The other two girls are just prettier that she is

2. Aurora

Aurora is so elegant and graceful, just not pretty enough to make it to the top...

Aurora is just beautiful. Her bouncy hair looks brilliant when she moves around. Although she has 18 минуты of screen time, those moments she has are all just brilliant. When she walks she looks so graceful and elegant and her eyes are so lovely and Ты just get Остаться в живых in them. I am a huge Фан of purple eyes actually.

1. Belle

There's no wonder that her name means beauty, her look have got no parallel, that's why she's topped my Список :P

Belle is by far, in my opinion, the prettiest princess. Her big, hazel eyes just make me melt. I Любовь her glossy lips and her beautiful hair! And all those sultry, pouty facial expressions! Stunning. No wonder Gaston was smitten when he saw her! There's just no faulting Belle. I adore her! She also reminds me of me. The weird one in the town, loves Чтение and yellow, She's just brilliant!

Hope Ты enjoyed my countdown. Why not Комментарий your вверх 10 below? xox
-Lizzie <3 xoxox