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I know lots of people have done this, and I've been wanting to do it for a while. Комментарий with your thoughts! Please no flaming my choices. :)

11. Rapunzel – A flower.
 Last place? But I'm the only princess with a frying pan!
Last place? But I'm the only princess with a frying pan!

Rapunzel is last on my Список because she is just a bit too ditzy for my taste. The thing that really annoys me about her, though, is the extremely modern fashion in which she acts and speaks. (She uses the word “like” as a placeholder at least once during the movie.) Because of this, I could never really take her character seriously; I didn’t think it fit the context of the story at all. I’m also not a Фан of her Пение voice. I prefer the еще classical style, and I thought she was too poppy. I am very glad that she acts on her dream though. I applaud her for that. Plus, she has magical glowing hair! OMG!

10. Snow White – The fairest of them all.
 Well, at least I'm not last place!
Well, at least I'm not last place!

It kills me to put Snow White this low on my list. I have a soft spot in my сердце for her because she’s the one who started it all. I really don’t understand why so many people dislike her. She’s so adorable and she’s the one who handles being separated from her prince the best. She doesn’t spend every секунда whining about how she’s never going to see him again. The only reason she isn’t higher on my Список is because she doesn’t act on her dream at all. However, I think she’s really cute and well worthy of the Название “Fairest of them all”. Many people hate on her Пение voice, but I think it is very unique and beautiful. If Ты listen closely, Ты can hear the amazing amount of control she has. She’s a truly amazing singer.

9. Pocahontas – She comes with courage and understanding.
 Eh who cares what place I get? Imma go be awesome and paint with the wind.
Eh who cares what place I get? Imma go be awesome and paint with the wind.

The only reason Pocahontas ranks so low on my Список is because her story is so historically inaccurate. She was actually 12 when the British arrived, and John Smith was in his 20s или 30s. She never fell in Любовь with him. The entire story is made up, and I find it insulting that Дисней called it Pocahontas’s story. I would have loved it if they had named the characters differently and called it a fairytale, as it is. Also, the way she learns to speak to John Smith really gets on my nerves. I think she’s absolutely gorgeous, though, and her Пение voice is one of my favorites. The fact that she chooses to stay with her tribe rather than go with her Любовь shows what I believe to be immense strength and courage, which I greatly admire.

8. Cinderella – As lovely as her name.
 It doesn't matter what Ты think because I have a fairy godmother who gives me pretty dresses!
It doesn't matter what Ты think because I have a fairy godmother who gives me pretty dresses!

For a very long time, Золушка was last on my Список – mainly because I hadn’t seen the movie in quite some time and I had forgotten some very essential details. I Любовь her sass and the way she stands up for herself against her stepmother and stepsisters, and I greatly admire how she never loses hope. I also like how she isn’t perfect – at one point she criticizes Bruno for something that was actually Lucifer’s fault. This makes her еще relatable. Her Пение voice is absolutely beautiful, and I think her story is classic and romantic. I understand why she is seen as the iconic Дисней Princess. The only thing that gets on my nerves about her isn’t about her personality, it’s her dress. In all the merchandise she’s depicted as wearing a blue dress, but when Ты watch the movie Ты can clearly see that it’s silver and all sparkly. It’s gorgeous! Why Дисней decided to change it I’ll never understand.

7. Jasmine – A beautiful desert bloom.
 I am not an item to be ranked!!
I am not an item to be ranked!!

жасмин is seventh on my Список because, though she isn’t afraid to speak her mind, she doesn’t use her bravery and intelligence to her advantage as well as she could. It has also always annoyed me why she never asked Prince Ali why he wasn’t dead after Jafar сказал(-а) that he had killed him!!! Yeesh, girl, you’re not asking the right Вопросы here! I do really like her sultry, sexy personality that is so different from the other Дисней Princesses though, and I’m glad she doesn’t fall in Любовь with Аладдин at first sight. He has to work to win her over! Plus, she has a tiger as a pet. How cool is that?!

6. Aurora – Золото of sunshine in her hair; lips that shame the red, red rose.
 Oh goody, I'm not in the bottom half!
Oh goody, I'm not in the bottom half!

Aurora is sixth on my Список because I absolutely adore her Пение voice (it’s my Избранное of all the Дисней Princesses), and she wants еще independence but is too afraid to ask for it, like me. I’ve also been told that I look like her, because we have similar hair. However, she barely acts on her dream at all, which I find annoying. Some say that she has no personality, but I disagree. From the small amount of time she has on screen, we learn that she is shy, kind, and loves make-believe, all of which I can relate to. The artwork in her movie is also dazzling, and my Избранное of all the Дисней Princess movies.

5. Ariel – The most beautiful voice in the sea.
 Come on... Ты know deep down I'm still your favorite!
Come on... Ты know deep down I'm still your favorite!

Ariel is fifth on my Список because I Любовь the ocean as well as mermaids, and she was my Избранное Дисней Princess when I was little – I was obsessed with her. She also has really cool red hair, which I think is awesome. She seems a little bit selfish to me, though, and isn’t very open minded to other’s ideas. I have been told that my Пение voice sounds like hers, which I realize is meant to be a complement, but I’m not actually that fond of her voice despite what all the characters in the movie say about its ethereal quality. I feel bad for her because she gets a bad rap for changing herself just to make a man Любовь her. I would like to point out that Ariel always wanted to be human. Eric was just an added bonus, that little extra nudge that she needed in order to actually act on that desire. Though it was a stupid deal that she made, at least she had the courage to pursue her dream.

4. Mulan – The цветок that blooms in adversity.
 Glad Ты like me and all, but I've got a country to save. See ya!
Glad Ты like me and all, but I've got a country to save. See ya!

Мулан is fourth on my Список because she proves that women are just as capable as men, saves her father and country, and is also just totally awesome. She disguises herself as a boy and runs off to Присоединиться the army! How much еще epic can Ты get? I find a little bit of Shakespeare in her story, which is another reason why I Любовь her. I also Любовь the fact that she lives in ancient China. That culture is amazing and I’m glad Ты get a taste of it through her movie.

3. Merida – Brave.
 Ты mean I made вверх three??? But I thought everyone hated me!
You mean I made вверх three??? But I thought everyone hated me!

Merida just barely makes third place on my list. She and Мулан are super close in my mind. A few key things bumped her up. Her hair is completely amazing and just like mine!! (Although mine’s golden brown, not bright red. Think Merida + Aurora + brown.) Her Scottish heritage I find fascinating, and I wish I could shoot a bow like she can. I understand her desire for freedom and adventure because I feel just the same way, though I would not have made the decision to change my mother the way she did. I also really wish she sang, because that’s a central part of the Дисней Princesses in my opinion. I am super glad that she didn’t end up with a handsome prince, though. I think it was about time we had a princess who doesn’t fall in love.

2. Tiana – As pretty as a магнолия in May.
 Thank Ты so much! I'm almost never at the вверх of people's lists!
Thank Ты so much! I'm almost never at the вверх of people's lists!

Tiana is секунда on my Список because she knows what she wants and she won’t let anything stop her from achieving her dreams. Her dream itself is the most realistic of any of the Дисней Princesses, which I think makes her very unique. I also think she has the best wardrobe of all the Дисней Princesses. I am super excited that we finally have an African American princess. Hurray for diversity! I’m really hoping we get еще princesses that come from all kinds of cultures from all over the world. I’m also ecstatic that she and Naveen fell in Любовь as frogs. That way Ты know it’s real Любовь rather than something based off of looks. Her Пение is amazing as well, and jazz is one of my Избранное styles of music!

1. Belle – It’s no wonder that her name means beauty; her looks have got no parallel.
 *Too distracted by the Beast to even notice she won.
*Too distracted by the Beast to even notice she won.

How can I even begin to describe how amazing Belle is? Smart, brave, beautiful, compassionate, curious, playful, the Список goes on. The funny thing is, I never gave her much though until my best friend told me that Belle was her Избранное Дисней Princess. After that, I went back and watched Beauty and the Beast again and realized just how awesome she is. We have so much in common! Like me, she is a bookworm who is always Чтение fantastical Фэнтези stories; like me, she has a strong belief in magic; and, like me, her biggest dream is to go on an adventure in distant lands where enchantment and swordfights and kings and queens still live on. I also really Любовь how she is the only Дисней Princess who spends any length of time getting to know her prince before falling in Любовь with him. The movie begins in late fall and ends in early spring, so she spent at least three months with Adam before she finally admitted to herself that she was in Любовь with him. That is another thing I have in common with her – I do not like to confess to myself that I am infatuated with someone, even if it is glaringly obvious to everyone else. I’m also glad she isn’t a perfect princess. She makes mistakes and goes back on her word, but she makes things right again in the end. I Любовь that about her. Belle is so easy for me to relate to, and I Любовь her classic, elegant story so much that there really isn’t any way for another Дисней Princess to be at the вверх of my list. Belle is just beautiful.

So that's what I think about the princesses. I have separate (and very different) lists about my Избранное DP singers, prettiest DPs, Избранное DP movies, and etc. Whether или not I write those Статьи is up to Ты guys! Комментарий your thoughts please. :)
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 Go ahead and get the soundtrack!
Go ahead and get the soundtrack!
Hi guys, since I had done a Опрос earlier, now it's my turn to write down 3 motivational songs and the reasons why.

1) Let It Go (Frozen)

Since this song has been overplayed, I'm very glad that Дисней release an international version and it became an international anthem! It teaches me to let all of my anxieties go, and this is why I always listen in the car while driving sometimes.

2) Strong (Cinderella)

The other song that I love, it motivates me to write down the singers who sang Let It Go and Показать it to them on their Facebook. I was very happy that some of them thanked me for it!

3) How Far I'll Go (Moana)

As Belle says, I want adventure in the great wide somewhere, so this is how the song inspires me to travel around the world on my own!

Get Inspired!

So here are my reasons on why these 3 songs are motivational, do Ты agree?
 Hello Ella
Hello Ella
 I want to get the soundtrack!
I want to get the soundtrack!
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This is my ranking of the princess films. These are my personal opinions. It is okay if Ты don't agree with my Список but please no rude comments.

12. Brave

I hate this movie. I haven't seen it in 3 years and I don't want to see it again. I think Дисней as dimitri put it, was trying to hard to please radical feminists that hate Дисней princesses. Merida is so rude bratty and obnoxious I just want to перфоратор, удар, пунш her in the face. Moving on.

11. Frozen

Another Дисней movie I can't stand. Like with Brave, I think Дисней was trying to hard to be progressive. The characters are extremely annoying and the soundtrack...
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Hello everyone, and welcome to this spring's Избранное Дисней Princess countdown! I want to send a huge thank Ты to everyone who Отправлено their list, and a huger thank Ты to everyone who Отправлено there Список with comments. But most of all, I want to send a HUGE thank Ты to the incredible euny who made all of the stunning pictures for this article!
Enjoy the article!

13) Merida
Unfortunately, Merida takes last place in this year’s Дисней Princess countdown. While no one truly denied she developed, many found it poorly done. Some people loved her flaws, bravery, how well she developed, and...
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Our FOTM for the месяц of November was the wonderful misscindyspice and I had the pleasure of interviewing her so, without further ado, here is the full interview.

1. Congratulations on being November's Фан of the Month! How does it feel to be FOTM and were Ты expecting to win? It feels amazing! I wasn't excpecting to win at all, it's such a shock, but I'm so glad that my contributions have been appreciated!

2. Who is your Избранное DP and why?
Anna. She's been my Избранное since I joined, and will likely be my Избранное for a while. I just Любовь her kindness, optimism, and the fact that she's...
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Эй, everybody! This is my first Статья in a while, so I figured I better start with the classic list. Hope Ты guys enjoy it!

13. Rapunzel
previously 11
Ok, let me just get this off my chest right away. I find Rapunzel somewhat annoying. *dodges flying piano* I apologize to her legions of Фаны but that is my opinion. Despite this, don’t think that I dislike her. I actually find her really relatable, and I greatly admire her bravery in chasing her dreams. I guess what keeps her so low on my Список is that I find her sickeningly sweet. It gets to the point where I just don’t enjoy watching her...
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Click link to read my opinion on the classic era princesses and movies
Click link to read my opinion on the renaissance era princesses and movies

Here's the 3rd and final Статья of my opinion on the princesses and Фильмы and this Статья covers the modern era which consists of 4 Фильмы and 5 princesses

Let's start with the movies:

The Princess and The Frog:

This is my 6th Избранное DP Movie and I really Любовь this movie, the Анимация is breathtaking, the songs are в общем и целом, общая good, the score is okay, the characters are good and the story is great. My Избранное character in The Princess and The...
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 This girl is beautiful, kind, intelligent and is able to see the true beauty within
This girl is beautiful, kind, intelligent and is able to see the true beauty within
Bonjour! OK, I know some of Ты have been waiting for this one, so I'll do my best to make it alright.
Beforehand I spoke about the four before them - Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora and Ariel. Even though I'm not very fond of Cinderella, Письмо about her and defending her made me appreciate her more. All of the princesses have wonderful qualities, it's just a shame that people seem to remember the bad ones instead. или make up bad ones.

Belle -

Belle is my favourite. (I Любовь Elsa too though). She's intelligent, beautiful and completely flawless in my opinion. So I had a bit of a problem with...
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Dedicated to Cutediana, enjoy!
Cinderella´s original 1950 trailer