disneygirl7's Иконка :)
1.Congratulations! How does it feel to be Фан of the Month?

It was really unexpected! I was like, "Wow!" when I found out I'd won. But it's really great, it makes me feel appreciated :) Thank Ты to everyone who voted for me! <3

2. Your Избранное Princess and why?

Rapunzel. I know she gets a lot of hate these days, but I still admire her for her very charming personality. She Зачарованные me within the first few секунды of her movie. I also Любовь how bubbly and curious she is, also her determination to see the lanterns. Also, I really enjoy watching her onscreen. She never fails to entertain me.

3. Your least Избранное Princess and why?

My last place is Mulan. I really don't want to put her last, because I like Мулан very much, but she has to be last because I can't медведь to put any other Princess there. It's just that all Мулан has done is slip on my list, and it's because I don't like Мулан better as time goes on. My Любовь for her stays the same, so when I start loving some other Princess more, Мулан just drops.

4. Your Избранное Prince and why?

Eeek! Ugh, I can't decide. Naveen and Flynn are tied for me, but I Любовь Flynn because he's so different from the Назад Princes, and he's fun and interesting and hot. Haha... anyways, for Naveen, he's also different, and in a good way. I know at first he is irresponsible and selfish, but just look at how sweet he turned in the end!

5. Your least Избранное Prince and why?

Ah, tis hard, I'll go with Charming. Yeah, I know he's at the bottom of most people's lists, but seriously. He is boring and lazy and not my cup of tea.

6. Your Избранное DP villain and why?

Mother Gothel. I Любовь her because she teaches us that evil isn't always obvious, which is very true. I also Любовь her song and the extreme she will go to get what she wants.

7. Your least Избранное DP villain and why?

I think all villains are cool in some way, but I say Mor'du. Ratcliffe is a very close second, but I dislike Mor'du еще because he didn't even have a purpose for being "evil." He was just kind of... randomly evil. And his character is also so random. Not to mention he doesn't really do much.

8. Your Избранное DP movie and why?

The Princess and the Frog. I'm the only one I know who has this movie as their favourite DP movie. The only reason I can proudly say this is my favourite is because I can watch it over and over without getting tired of it, while the others I can't. (Seriously, I counted each time I watched it I'm at 25 times right now.)

9. If Ты could choose one Дисней heroine to be in the line-up, who would it be? Where would they rank on your pretty Список and Избранное list?

Hmm. Interesting. I think the lineup is fine as it is, but I would Любовь to add Kida. She would probably rank 6th on my favourites, and 6th on my prettiest.

10. Which Princess do Ты relate to most and why?

Merida. I can relate to her a lot because me and my mother share the same relationship she and Elinor shares. Only I can't say me and my mom have resolved it as well as Merida and Elinor did. But I can relate a lot to Merida's frustration and the way she thinks, because I was often put in that situation too. Come to think of it, although it sounds really selfish, I probably would have been so frustrated with my mother to the point where I would have wanted to run to the witch and get a spell to change my mother. But that's really selfish and mean so I obviously won't actually do it. I'm always really jealous of people who get along well with their parents, because me and my mother fight all the time.

11. Who is your...

Prettiest: Jasmine! She's just stunning.
Funniest: Ariel
Smartest: Мулан
Nicest: Snow White
Most Underrated: Merida
Favourite Пение Voice: Belle
Least Favourite Пение Voice: Ariel
Most Annoying: Мулан (Yup, Ты don't see this every day!)
Least Annoying: жасмин (I bet Ты don't see this everyday either.)

12. Your Избранное DP couple and why?

My favourite couple is Rapunzel and Flynn. Over the last few months they've been sliding from 1st to 2nd a lot, but currently they're first. I Любовь them because for me, they are just plain cute. They are also one of the couples where Ты actually see chemistry and development instead of just Болталка romance that comes out of nowhere in particular.

13. Your least Избранное DP couple and why?

Мулан and Shang. I like them as individuals but their romance came out of the random. I honestly prefer them as best friends.

14. Your Избранное DP song and why?

Okay, my favourite song from a DP movie is Touch the Sky, but my favourite song sung by a DP is Colours of the Wind. It's so beautiful, I Любовь the melody and the lyrics, and the message is beautiful. Not to mention the breathtaking Анимация during the scene.

15. Your least Избранное DP song and why?

Once Upon a Dream. I hate the melody, and it's a snore fest for all it's so short.

16. What is your Избранное song from each DP movie? (It doesn't have to be sung by the DP)

Snow White: With a Smile and a Song
Cinderella: Sing Sweet, Nightingale
Sleeping Beauty: I Wonder
The Little Mermaid: Kiss the Girl
Beauty and the Beast: Beauty and the Beast
Aladdin: A Whole New World
Pocahontas: Colours of the Wind
Mulan: I'll Make a Man Out of Ты
The Princess and the Frog: Dig a Little Deeper
Tangled: When Will My Life Begin?
Brave: Touch the Sky.

17. Who is your Избранное character from each DP movie, besides the DP?

Snow White: Doc
Cinderella: Jaq
Sleeping Beauty: Fauna
The Little Mermaid: Sebastian
Beauty and the Beast: Lumiere
Aladdin: Carpet
Pocahontas: Nakoma
Mulan: Mushu
The Princess and the Frog: Naveen
Tangled: Flynn
Brave: Fergus

18. Избранное and least Избранное DP sidekick?

Favourite sidekick... Hm... I'll say Maximus. No, Lumiere. Maximus. Actually Lumiere. Ugh! I can't decide, they're both so entertaining! But I really, really dislike Gus. Gus is SO FRIGGING ANNOYING.

19. Избранное Дисней movie? (Not being a DP или Pixar movie)

Wreck-it Ralph. Such an adorable movie. I Любовь the animation, the characters, the plot. The only thing I would improve on is the romance between Felix and Calhoun, since that came out of NOWHERE.

20. Избранное Pixar movie?

Cars 2! *hides from incoming attacks* I know everyone hates it, but I personally enjoyed it very much. One thing that made the movie remarkably less enjoyable for me was Mater though, I wanted to forcefully throw him out that plane he was on soooo badly.

21. Which DP do Ты want to be best Друзья with and why?

Rapunzel! Like I said, she's my favourite, so naturally I would Любовь to get to know her! She just seems so fun and caring, I would totally be her friend!

22. Which DP do Ты think Ты would not get along with and why?

I honestly don't think I wouldn't get along with any of the DPs, since we all have something in common. But I think I would get along with maybe Snow White или Золушка the least, because we have the least in common.

23. Избранное crossover couple? (the princess with another Дисней character или prince)

Does it have to be with another Дисней character? Because I ship Merricup so hard. But if it has to be with a Дисней character, I would say probably Flynn and Merida. I don't know why, I find them cute. (Not as cute as Merricup, but still)

24. Have Ты ever been to any of the Дисней theme parks? Which one? If not, which one would Ты like to go to?

Uhhh... I remember that I went to the Hong Kong Disneyland when I was about six, but that's it... Now, I want to go to all of them! YES, ALL, I WILL COME TO Ты ONE DAY!

25. What are your hopes on...

- Fanpop? Fanpop, uh, I don't know! Fanpop is great already, but I really hope that we can stay the way we are right now, as a perfect community where everyone's friends.

- Frozen? Well, I've watched Холодное сердце already, and I loved it, but I really hope that it will stop winning almost every single Опрос it gets put in. I think the hype is getting кулер, охладитель already, but seriously, it was winning stuff like "best songs"!

- Future Дисней movies? Okay, to be honest right now all the future Дисней Фильмы look uninteresting except Moana. I'm real excited for it, but I'd be like, 17 when it comes out. So I still have a long time to wait. I hope Moana will be good, but I'm not really sure if I want her as a Дисней Princess. The lineup is sooooo crowded. Another thing is, I don't want any еще DPs. Like I said, it's way crowded already, and with Anna and Elsa, it'll be mayhem. So, let's just keep it thirteen Princesses.

disneygirl7's Избранное Дисней Princess :)