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posted by PeacefulCritic
1. Only considered Dps are going to be on my Список this time.
2.My opinion has changed a lot and I really don't want hate Комментарии on it okay.
3. Ты are free to disagree with me, I don't mind getting into a debate. So if Ты disagree with anything Ты are free to tell me what Ты disagreed on. And if I respond back I just telling Ты why I disagree with it, So don't take it personally.

Wow she got a quiet big way down from my list. The reason for this is because a couple of fanpopers were saying how they think how she is marry-sue. And they brought up interesting points that I agree with. AudreyFreak especially made some good points about why she thinks Belle is a marry-sue. The main reason why I think she's a marry-sue is because the Показать tries to put force on how sweet and innocent she's. I do admire how she didn't fall for the vain villain of the movie. And instead falls for an ugly protagonist. Because it counts what's on the inside not the outside. See how cheesy that sounds and how well, let's say "marry-sueish". (Even through I'm well beware that the word isn't a word/not spelled correctly). Because let's be real here it's what a marry-sue would do.( Instead of having her like real people do) Have a crush on our villain and finds out for herself how shallow her crush was.Than had denial on the beast. But in the end she found out how much better he's compared to our villain. Just saying it'll make her seem less perfect and easier to relate to. That might even cut out all the filler Ты putted in the first act. Показ us how so call perfect she's. But again that might take too long and probably won't fit in the movie without cutting some important parts. So I guess it was an okay choice to make. Just doesn't Показать that much flaws in her character. I guess I should tell Ты what I think positive about her character, Until I get hated on for disliking her character. One other thing I admire about her character is her selfless through the movie and how it was shown. Gives her youth and freedom to her farther is so selfless. And is something to truly admire about her. And I must admit I do like her Пение voice a lot. It has this elegant feel to it. That kinda of reminds me of Elsa's Пение voice. Her attitude is positive through the movie which I can see how hard it's for her to keep that up for such a long time. But it was only showed in the middle of the movie through.

There's really nothing that stands out about her. She hasn't really done anything to really deserve my disliking but at the same time she hasn't done anything to get my liking. The only reason why she's so low is because of her lack of screen time. Ты are going to disagree a lot with this statement. But, I find her the DP version of Jedeite from Sailor Moon. They both seem boring and bland at first sight. But, they both have a hinted personality, That I kinda of Любовь to see more,And both also play the roles for the plot, Also both are mysterious characters. Jadeite's personality is really hidden so I guess I should tell Ты what I think his personality is adventurous I mostly think that because he seemed to know a lot еще than the other neg people about our human world. Which is interesting considering the others didn't seem to know much about it.A genius is also what I got from his things that I can only assumed that he made. Over-confidence in himself,this was not hinted it was strait out shown and said. Loyal, I'm guessing this since he seems to be the only one who treated the Queen with respect and was the only one not to be attempted to betray her.*Almost explains еще of his personality but stops* Oh, wait I'm off topic sorry. I guess I should say what I think is Aurora's personality
a dreamer, yeah this one was full blown shown. All the classic DPs were dreamers through. So I'm not surprise she is too. Also she is elegant, Just look at her movements and the way she's drawn. It differently shows a big sign of elegance. Mature, She is one of those few DP's who thinks before doing things. Also her asking to go instead of just leaving is responsible. I think I know an Статья that can explain her personality better than I can. link. It really pains me putting her this low. But there are just others I like more.

11.Snow White
She just has this cheerful side to her that is just one of the hardest things not to love. Her personality is very innocent for a 13 год old. Even through her bossiness can easily get my disliking. She can also act selfish at times too. Like taking over the drawfs house and is making up the rules. But let's be honest here they really did need it. They were a mess and wasn't that organized. I think she thought of herself a mother to them. She was kind and sweet to them too. So I guess I can let it go. Let it go, let it got just turn around and slam the door. Did I annoy Ты with a highly overrated song?XD Sorry, that is the first thing that comes in mind when Ты hear someone say let it go. Just like when Ты here You'll be in my heart. That first thing that shows up in your head is the Дисней version song. Anyway back on topic. I hate that people say that she doesn't have a personality when she clearly dose have one. Especially how her adorable personality is shown. If I had to be honest I had a hard time debating if Aurora или Snow should be at eleven. But I guess either one for either of them is fine.

I just Любовь her sassy nature! And the way it's shown on her character. I think she's quiet underrated. Her personality shows easily. And even through her sassy nature can get annoying to most. But I find it quiet funny and cute. Yeah I can admit sometimes I want to перфоратор, удар, пунш her myself. Especially how they try to force the idea that she's a strong figure. Not that I disagree with that. It just seems like they are putting to mach force on a character that doesn't relay on a prince when the other two before her didn't need a prince either to stand out. It's kinda of aggravating to me and wasn't that fun to sit through. But her character dose have fun moments that stand out and can be likable if Ты gave her the chance. What I also found annoying is that most of the movie she was either being tricked by Аладдин или just forgiving him for what he did. I really would of loved it if not for the fact this is trying to force on the idea that she can easily hold a story by herself and be a awesome princess. Not that I hate it I just dislike it. I do think what they are trying to force on is true it's just a little bit annoying in my opinion and I think I would've liked it if they handled it better. But в общем и целом, общая she's a great character that's underrated. I'm really hoping she gets еще Любовь in the future.

She's overrated for sure. But that doesn't mean she is a bad character at all. I find her a awesome character that is very relatable character. I too, Feel not that confident in myself или I won't be accepted by anyone. It is a reasonable fear and something that most people been through. It's very hard to deal with, Especially with people who are shy. But I think how easy Ты can relate to her is the highlight of her character. Yeah she is Храбрая сердцем but Anna seems a lot еще braver in my opinion. Храбрая сердцем to me is handling your fear without looking scared of it. Even through to most people Храбрая сердцем is being not afraid about almost everything. What Мулан faced wasn't her fear. Her fear that her farther would die. But, she did take his place, To make sure what her fear is won't have a chance to come true. Her fear isn't a weird looking guy that is highly dangerous. In fact she didn't seem that afraid of him at all. Also almost everyone's fear is death. And in the movie when she's facing a life или death. She was completely freaking out and crying. But lucky for her she's a fast thinker. And won by killing the villain. Not that I don't find her Храбрая сердцем it's just I found ten times еще cowardly than most of the DP's. Not saying she doesn't have her moments when she's Храбрая сердцем she dose. I just don't see how she's the bravest DP. But I guess I do like her personality in the beginning of the movie, better than her personality at the end of the movie. Mostly because she seemed a lot еще flawed and interesting. Even through there were development during the middle of the movie, It didn't seem like they made enough build up to it.I do like her personality, flaws, Пение voice and her selflessness. But some things seemed awfully force on her character или I just didn't agree with how most Fanpopers think. But besides that she's a great character and one I enjoyed watching.

I only watched her movie once so don't be surprise if there's not a lot here.But I would try to start something about the character so I can have a lot to say. First flaw that comes in mind with this character is selfishness. But, I don't
think it's surprising that most of the rebellious Dps are the most selfish out of most of the DPs.
But there are few DP's that are rebellious but aren't selfish. Merida just like Ariel runs off to get freedom.And not think about their family at all. They just run away from their family for their own selfish needs. The only real difference is that Merida learned to accept her family. And Ariel was someone who wanted to get freedom and she gets it at the end. People been saying because they got scott free for what they did. It automatically counts them as marry-sue. Number 1, Ariel was called out for her actions by Sebastian a lot. So her adventurous spirit that was use in the wrong way was called a flaw by the movie. It never showed that he was in the wrong by doing so. It didn't Показать he was in the right either but still. And Merida learned her lesson at the end. And learned to accept her family to who they are. I'm going to explain my reason on Ariel for this subject when I get to her. number two. Those two has tons of flaws. And yes the movie admits them. But that doesn't mean either isn't selfish and yes the movie admits to most of their flaws. I really have a hard time seeing why there are marry-sues. But I do adore her character.

I don't know why they are saying she's a role model for people with abusive situations.Her mother wasn't abusive to her until the end when she assumed her mother wasn't her mother. Because she saw suns in her paintings. Just sounding how stupid the assuming is by just hearing the context of it. Already is aggravating me me by what she assumed. Look some suns in a paintings doesn't mean Ты are the Остаться в живых princess and your mother isn't your real mother., and your real mother so happened to be the queen.That's really force and stupid. To assume all of that over some suns. Plus mother Gothel was abusing her power not Rapunzel herself. In fact she didn't even hurt Rapunzel . So she isn't even possible that she was abused. At the end of the movie she seemed abused through. But it didn't last long. But what I like about her is the charm that she has on her character. It's really an adventurous spirit that I really Любовь about her and has a big affect on her character. But again who wouldn't be adventurous if they were stuck in the same house not be able to get out of a tower. I really like how they improved the classical bland version of Rapunzel and made her еще innocent and childish. Which in my opinion is really better. She's a really fearless princess and one that is really easy to relate to. I strongly adore her character in many ways.

I have to disagree on some when they say she was great in the begging then went to a awful character at the end. I'll admit I liked her in the beginning of the movie better than she was at the end. First of all do Ты really think Ты will treat someone nicely once they turned Ты into a frog and blamed Ты for it. I wouldn't be the nicest person to them either. She treated the others respectfully. I don't think she was that mean in any way. She was just boring in the секунда half of the movie. No, I'm not kidding the only thing she did was boss Naveen around to teach him how to work, Cook, and sing. Seriously did really do much for most of the movie. She seemed like she was just there. But that doesn't mean her personality wasn't any good. It was just shown better in the first half. Her personality did really stand out from other Dps. Not even if Ты count that she was the first black person to be a DP. And yeah I'm very happy Дисней isn't racist. Not that I thought that I was just worried about it. What I think I admire the most about her is how she followed her dad's foot steps. It is a really sweet set up and is really good at being it. To be honest I think she was a great character with a good set up for her character. But near the end she wasn't all that interesting as she was in the start.

Okay I'm ready, To defend her on being a marry-sue. first and for most, She did learn her actions at the end and did try to say sorry for it. (At least most of it.) She also was called out for her bad actions and the movie called it bad actions. Her farther and Sebastian called her out a lot for what she did wrong. And the movie never told us they were in the wrong by doing so. She also learned from her mistakes and сказал(-а) sorry for it. Not about being grateful. But about not running off или putting her Друзья and family in better treatment. секунда she has so much flaws in her character. Sure some the movie doesn't admit a couple of her flaws but for the most part. She's almost overly flawed. she's selfish for running off without thinking about her family. But I think she was mad at Triton for destroying the stuff she worked so hard to find. She probably just got overly angry with her farther and decided that she wanted to leave them for that action. But again she was sorry for it. And she was mad at him for doing that for the time being. Those stuff did meant a lot for her so she is going to be mad for days. I'm really not surprise that she was mad at her dad for doing that. Sure, she didn't act in a mature way. But she learned from it. And became a better person as so did her farther. I do think she's a little selfish and should be еще grateful. But, It isn't as bad as people make it out to be. But what I Любовь most about her is her relationship with her farther. Those two can stand as characters and can fight with each other like real daughter and dad relationship. It's probably my Избранное DP and Farther relationship. I also Любовь her personality filled with flaws and all. I think she's a realistic type character of the teenager and they pull it off really well. Yeah I know I've been defending her too much in this article. But she is very hated here so she kinda of needed it.

I truly think she's the best role model out of the Dps. What I can't help but to adore about her is her positive spirit! Even through he abuse. I really liked how she handled it. And she's one of the most likable characters I came across. No matter what people сказал(-а) I think she did deserve her happy ending. think about she kept hoping for the день even through she was abused and was force to work. She putted up with all of that and still remained happy. I think that it's еще than deserved of an happy ending. She's a great character. But the only thing I can find wrong with her character is that they try to force too much sympathy on her. They even made a song about it. True she is a sympathetic character, But still I think making a song about it was a little extreme. I think she's a lot better role model when it comes with abusive step moms than Rapunzel. Wait, Why is step moms evil, It doesn't make any sense? Oh wait in fairy tales if Ты are a step mother или a Queen. Ты are magically evil. So I guess never mind about that Вопрос that I asked earlier.

Wow! Same spot! I'm really having a hard time finding a flaw in her character. The only thing bad about her character is how she's a Rapunzel rip-off. But I don't think rip-off really applies since she's a better improvement. They made her еще relatable and a lot еще selfless. She has a great personality, a beautiful Пение voice, and a realistic version of a girl who has been locked up for four years. Her character is really funny and adorkable. How she treats her sister is admirable too. She goes through so much trouble to find her sister and help her kingdom. It's so admiring that she dose for sister and her kingdom. She had to пересекать, крест an ocean/big lake, climb a mountains and travel by foot for the most part. I just Любовь her Любовь for her sister/kingdom really shows. I really wish I had еще to say about her than what I am saying.

I think of Elsa as a mysterious character. We get to see that she dose have a personality. But, her lack of screen time doesn't tie up as much of a personality. But, I think she goes through great development in the movie. People also complain about how selfish she's. But I really don't see it. She didn't know she froze the kingdom is ice. She headed towards the mountains on the north side. And judging by those ships and how far away everyone was I would think she traveled quiet far away to not notice. She felt ejected by the world. Her family сказал(-а) that she was just supposed to hide her powers and not have anything else like emotions, freedom, etc. To be honest I don't blame her for running off. If I was in the same saturation I'll probably do the same thing. Even through I'll say her innocence is kinda of force that doesn't make her selfish in any means. She did care for Anna it wasn't only showed in the first few минуты of the movie it was also shown in FTIF(reprise). She seemed very scared that she would hurt Anna and when she did she freaked out and wanted everyone to stay away from her as soon as possible. Not wanting to hurt her sister. And it also showed that she cared for her kingdom too. She didn't know that she froze it. And was very upset in herself by doing so. Anna and Elsa both care about each other extremely. Especially since Elsa went through the trouble of locking her self up to keep Anna and the kingdom safe. She didn't want to froze the kingdom and when she's out she still tells Anna that she's dangerous.To be honest I really do think she's just as selfless as Anna. I probably only putted her higher because I'm a big Фан of mysterious characters.

She's going to be an easy one to defend. Main complaint about her is that she's boring and cliche. first of all, she seems a little childish at the start when she's giving Nakoma a hard time. Than it showed us that she has a great sense of humor with "I especially like his smile.(sarcasm)". So she isn't boring when it comes to personality wise. But she still has this serious tone to her character. That's hard to miss. But in the секунда half of the movie I agree she's boring in a lot of ways. But I think it's fine since the секунда half of the movie is trying hard to make a еще serious tone with her character. Her adventurous nature is kinda of fun to watch through the whole movie. Even through A lot of people will disagree with me I do think she is the smartest DP. Even through people think Belle is for Чтение fairy tales and she dose the most stupidest actions. I'm really having a hard time seeing that she's even smart. But I guess that is just an opinion through. One of the things I adore about her is her selflessness . She stays in her kingdom instead of going to her love. because she thinks еще of her people than herself. Which is again something I really admire about her. I don't like to just go on on about something/someone I like или admire. So I guess I am going to stop the Статья here.

Only one I disliked (Belle)
four I admired (Aurora, Tiana, Мулан and Merida)
five I strongly admired (Ariel,Pocahontas, Elsa, Anna and Cinderella)
and three I just loved(Snow, Rapunzel, Jasmine)
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