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Last time I wrote which I thought suited Merida, today I'll write about the songs that I think Форс-мажоры Tiana, hope you'll like this Статья :)

link - Beyonce
This song could suit all the princesses, but Tiana Форс-мажоры it the most, just listen to the song and you'll see why

link - Britney Spears
Totally Форс-мажоры Tiana, she's all about hard work

link - Nas
Again another perfect song for Tiana

link - Within Temptation
I mentioned this song in another one of my Статьи and I still think it Форс-мажоры Tiana after she got to know that she couldn't get her resturant, but also a little bit before that

link - Within Temptation (feat. Tarja Turunen)
Another song by Within Temptation that I think really Форс-мажоры Tiana, not as much as Pale, but still it Форс-мажоры her. Like I сказал(-а) in an earlier Статья it does suit all the princesses, but Tiana Форс-мажоры it the most

link - Dolly Parton
Not only does the Название suit her, but the entire song Форс-мажоры her

link - Britney Spears
This may be the song on this Список that Форс-мажоры her the least, but I had to include this one because Naveen is from what we see in the movie a little bit of a womanizer, not that Tiana has much of a problem with that in the movie, but if she ever got to know about that this song would be perfect for her
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Красавица и Чудовище
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 Любовь is everywhere!
Love is everywhere!
Hi guys, since Valentine's день is coming up after Chinese New Year. I thought that it would be nice for me to write this Статья since I have loads of great Любовь songs on my iPod Touch. This Статья is base on the Любовь songs that Форс-мажоры the Дисней Princess with their respective princes and the reasons why, if Ты have any suggestions или opinions, go ahead! I will not include Merida and Elsa in since they don't have a Любовь interest.

Snow White & Prince Ferdinand

Song: Любовь Story by Taylor быстрый, стремительный, свифт

I chose this because the lyrics and the Музыка video fits perfectly for them, since Snow White...
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Золушка (1950)
a dream is a wish your сердце makes
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This video belongs to Walt Дисней Анимация Studios, and I own nothing of this video.
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