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I just wanted to share a quick read on my вверх Избранное sidekicks from DP movies. I enjoy sidekicks a lot in DP Фильмы and they have such a heartfelt roles in most Фильмы and beautiful relationships with the leads. They usually are дана a good sense of humor или are such awesome friends. I mostly do Любовь them all, but then ranking is always fun and here's my вверх 10.

10. Angus:
I totally adore him! he's innately bonded with Merida and as much as she enjoys being in wild and free, he does so too. I Любовь how he plays on the mountain top, having fun all by himself by rolling. I Любовь their chemistry - Merida being overzealous to explore and him being a coward at times. I totally Любовь watching them together.

9. Grandmother Willow:
She's a rockstar. What kind of an old lady has such a great sense of humor. I Любовь how mystic she is, wise and funny. A great advisory and a great ear to Pocahontas when needed.

8. Dopey:
Most adorable sidekick ever! I simply can't resist his epic cuteness and a brilliant blend of silly-sweet-fun nature. He's so oblivious to seriousness of life and is like an innocent curious child. I adore the fact that he cannot speak simply because he hasn't tried it ever. Like how much cute can Ты get. I Любовь all of his funny and silly acts, especially the hiccups! He can conjure fun out of thin air.

7. Pascal:
A great friend and a confidante. I Любовь everything about him. he's funny, coward, clever at times and loyalist. I Любовь how he's totally trying to intimidate Eugene and having a close talk with Rapunzel while she's discussing a plan of how to make a deal with him. I adore how he keeps on indulging Rapunzel over and over, even though he does expresses his exhaustion (that droopy eyed face) when she plays hide-n-seek for the nth time with him. He even tried to stop Gothel in the end, sweet guy, knowing his size. I feel he's the best hope Rapunzel ever got in life.

6. Lumiere:
I Любовь his flamboyant, frivolous and charming persona. He's fun to be around with and keeps Ты entertained all the time with his conversations. I Любовь the way he has a way of talking, very engaging. I loved him in "Be our guest". I also Любовь that he truly cares even though he seems еще superficial and that is how he could suggest Beast to gift Belle library. He has an amazing gift of understanding people in short time. I also admire that while he may have also been shouted at by Beast and felt disappointed and trapped under the spell, but it barely shows on him and he takes life as it comes, making the best of it.

5. Magic Carpet:
I Любовь him as an imaginary character and that it's living-non-living thing/person. It always amazes me how Дисней has animated a non-living object and has дана him a well defined personality. Selfless, happy to help, enthusiastic, funny, charming and a loyalist. I Любовь how he kisses Jasmine's hand, plucks a цветок for her and nudges Аладдин up to Kiss her, Чтение into the situation! I also Любовь how thrilled he was to see Аладдин asking for his help in the cave ( i Любовь that background Музыка of him going hurray XD). And he's smart (or genie is dumb XD), he can play chess!

4. Flounder:
An amazing friend, a true supporter and a complete loyalist. I adore how he rushes to defend Ariel in front of Triton. He looks really cute when he's out of words. And he's always warning Ariel of dangers, yet never leaves her side. And it totally a sweet moment when he gifts Ariel Eric's statue, i was like isn't he the sweetest friend ever! I also just adore how he's into Ariel's dream completely when she's Пение part of your world, it would seem that it's his dream too. A genuine friend, that I'd Любовь to have in my life.

3. Abu:
He's funny, sweet, clever, impulsive, problem-solver and a great great friend. I adore his friendship with Aladdin. They truly are улица, уличный buddies. How they deal everyday with their hard life and still keep the optimism. I Любовь his scenes when he's scolding Аладдин in prison for falling for a girl, and when he's angry that he's sharing his Космос with her. I completely Любовь how they share their bond and can talk in signals with each other totally. There isn't half the fun in Аладдин if it weren't for the hairy little thief.

2. The 3 good fairies:
The best team in DP movies! Together they are sweet, fun, sassy, wise, caring, nurturing, adorable, smart. Simply put, they are a treat to watch. I Любовь all three but Merryweather a tiny bit еще than other two. I completely Любовь her enthu n sass. I have watched their scene where they are preparing for Aurora's 16th birthday surprise a zillion times and it never fails to make me laugh, smile and tug at heart. I totally Любовь their blue vs розовый fight, their total disaster of trying to make cake and dress without magic, their scheming against Maleficent. And how can I forget Merryweather turning Diablo into stone, she's so awesome. But above all this wonderful blend of fun and sensible, I Любовь their dedication and pure Любовь towards Aurora. They truly were heartbroken, when they failed to save her from the spell.

1. Genie:
No surprises here, as many would have guessed, Genie truly is unique in every sense and one of the best characters of Disney! I have no extra words that would define him better than what others had already сказал(-а) a million times. he truly does fit his own song, A Friend Like Me, as there's simply no one like him. What I Любовь about his character is his subtle philosophies - oh to be free, tell her the truth, we are talking about Любовь here what's another eternity of servitude; apart from his obvious amazing humor, loyalty and genuine affection that it melts your heart.

Honorable mention

Despite Популярное opinions of him that he's annoying and has a forced humor, i think he's one of the best character imagined. I Любовь that most of us have made snowman in our childhood and have imagined it to be alive and become our friend, and Дисней has made a character out of such a cherished childhood memory with such a brilliant concept of him loving the idea of summer. I think it's an amazing concept altogether. I Любовь his symbolism of representing the deep connection between Anna and Elsa. And I adore his oblivious personality.

Hope Ты enjoyed Чтение this. Would Любовь to hear from Ты all, as always!
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My 2nd Valentine's день themed Статья and this time it's about my вверх 10 most romantic DP Movie Moments, hope you'll like this article

10. Pocahontas & John Smith shares their first kiss

This was a risky Переместить considering what happened afterwards and considering that they didn't get as much privacy as they wanted, but wow, this scene is so beautiful and romantic, the Музыка is amazing here and the Kiss is quite passionate

9. Eric shows Ariel his kingdom

I feel like one of few who doesn't find the лодка ride scene to be romantic, it's еще of a silly scene and the song isn't even romantic...
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Dr. Evan interviews the marvelous Linda Larkin, Дисней Legend and voice of Princess жасмин from the Дисней classic, Aladdin! Linda talks about working with the late great Robin Williams, her feelings about working on a landmark Дисней hand-drawn film, and her thoughts on жасмин as a role model. A few have сказал(-а) that Jasmine's only dream in life is to get married. Listen to hear Linda's fascinating response! Linda reveals who her Избранное Дисней Princess is, along with one of her Избранное charitable causes: Smithtown, NY's Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind. Дисней has recently released the Diamond Edition of Аладдин on DVD and Blu-Ray in spectacular high-def; pick it up while Ты can. Many thanks to Linda, Disney, and Click!
linda larkin
diamond edition
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 Ella and Kit, together!!
Ella and Kit, together!!
Hi everyone, I have decided to write about what I like and didn't like about both versions of Cinderella. If Ты guys disagree with me, I don't mind. In the bold bracket, is the one I like.

The Prologue

In the 1950 version, we only saw Золушка and her father with their pets. Unfortunately, he only gets a few минуты of screen-time and there were no interaction between the two because I felt that the whole prologue was just rush. We don't know how close the bond is between Золушка and her dad.
In the 2015 version, for the first time we got to see her mother as well and Ella, including...
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Here's the 2nd part of my Избранное Дисней Princess Christmas/Winter Outfits from promotional images, this part covers placements 20-1
If Ты haven't read part 1 of this click link to read it


Oh, this is such a beautiful outfit, the details at the bottom of the dress are so cute and the cape has a lovely color that matches well with the dress, but like number 29 I have a problem with the sleeves, they're a little too long, though nowhere near as crazy looking as those in number 29


Another beautiful outfit, I really Любовь the color and all the sparkles aswell as the details on the...
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Hi everyone!

Recently, I Опубликовано a Вопрос asking Фаны to Список five personality traits most desirable in a Дисней princess. My traits poll, which was going to be the foundation of this article, was based on TheMusicalMolls' Список of traits; the first response. I didn't bother to check my Вопрос again for other responses, but when I returned to my Вопрос after I Опубликовано the poll, I was surprised to see that еще Фаны had bothered to answer my question. At that point, it was only a handful of people, and since I found their lists highly similar to TheMusicalMolls', I let it be. I hope I didn't...
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Here's my quick ranking on original DP films in part 1 of this Статья series. Part 2 will follow with all the sequels, prequels and shorts. Hope you'll enjoy it!

12. Princess and the frog:
I found the script to be very lazily written, with no wow moments to remember and no surprising twists. The movie crawled at deathly slow pace, making me skip scenes in between. The Анимация was pretty average with nothing memorable except a few scenes in bayou and death of Dr. Facilier. I found the sett ups to be unflattering and lacked the Дисней magic feel to it. The best set-up from the entire movie was...
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 Does this look like the face of someone who doesn't care?
Does this look like the face of someone who doesn't care?
Well,this is the first time I've ever done something like this before.
If Ты remember my "Elsa isn't selfish,just flawed"article that I've written 7 months ago,ever since then I've seen еще criticisms against Elsa claiming that she's selfish.And this time,they're even worse,so I decided to make a continuation of that article,a sort of "Sequel Article" (sorry if that sounded stupid).
Firstly,just like before,this is just MY opinion,this isn't the word of God and I'll use all the evidence and logical thinking to "build my case",but I just want to defend a character that means a lot to me....
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I have always been intrigued with crossovers among Дисней princess couples. Although, honestly, most of these couples are for imagination and fictional enjoyment only as I tend to find еще and еще similarities between them than the original couples. I prefer original couple but sometimes i imagine different pairings as well.
Hope people won't find it awkward или weird to see these pairings and would enjoy it as interesting read. Having сказал(-а) that, I'd Любовь to hear your opinions of why any of these pairing is completely off and who would Ты rather pair them with?

1. Snow – Charming

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