2 Princesses with the same name and same faith.
Then, all of the other princesses and Dee Dee arrive. Including Prince Kit and the live-action Aurora, they greet each other. Dee Dee and the princesses want to get to know the 3 of them, they talk about their Любовь for Malaysian culture.
Afterwards, Ella asks Dee Dee "Hi Dee Dee, I heard from my animated counterpart that the annual coronation ball is coming, she wants us to be crown. Could Ты do the honour of crowning us?" Dee Dee looks вперед and excited, that she replied "Sure, I'll tell the others-" then her iPhone rang.
This number is a foreign number, "hello?" Ответы Dee Dee, "hello Dee Dee!" Ответы a recognisable voice, it is Hans. "Hi Hans, I thought Ты were arrested back to the 7 Isles?" replied Dee Dee sarcastically.
"I was, but Ты see I'm a holiday in Paris and I'm not alone, I managed to kidnap Cinderella, unless if Ты can come to Paris with Ella and Kit, so that I can be the new king of their kingdom. If Ты don't, I'll kill her!"
"What?!?!" yelled Dee Dee in shock, that Ella jump. Then, the phone's put down, Ella asks nervously, "who was that?" "It's Hans, he kidnap Золушка and wants us to rescue her by bringing Ты guys along!" Dee Dee Ответы worriedly.
"Hans?" replied Ella astonishingly, "but I thought he was arrested to the 7 Isles? How can he do something like this?" asks Ella becoming upset at this point, Dee Dee reassures her and they both inform the others about and their plans.