I think having Друзья in life gives it a great lift, makes it living worthwhile as much as Любовь does. Without friendship, life would have been such a drag. They are the best form of relationship adding so much in our lives - fun, comfort, support and even the горький truth for our better future. I Любовь the kind of confidence Друзья brings in me and make me strong to do and be what and who I want to be.

So, as much as Дисней princess Фильмы are about Любовь stories and happily ever afters, I Любовь the strong underflow of friendship that is always there in each of the movies. I Любовь seeing the characters with their friends, their true selves being revealed in best of light, wishing, dreaming, sharing heir hearts out in unapologetic honest ways. Here's my вверх 10 Список of friendships that I find funny, endearing and rock-solid.

10. Lumiere & Cogsworth: Друзья with benefits
I Любовь their constant debates and trying to win the argument. Cogsworth, the cautious one, and Lumiere, the flamboyant gives me so many moments to laugh. Though they are always trying to make the other look stupid, I Любовь how they get together against a common goal so quickly. Like when they wanted distract Belle from West Wing, they'll present arguments in support of each other, while when hosting her for dinner, Lumiere was all over Cogsworth in the famous "Be Our Guest". And I Любовь their last battle of proving themselves to be better predictor when it came to Belle being the solution to their problems. They mostly seem еще like arc-rivals (in a good, positive way) than being "best buddies".

9. Merida & Angus: the quiet companionship
The quiet support of Angus is endearing to watch throughout the movie. Merida can truly be herself with Angus, just sit on the холм, хилл and watch sunset или ride wild and carefree in the hidden forest trails. I loved how Angus wouldn't follow her in the deep forest leading the wisps trail, and kept nudging at her to not go. I loved how Merida took care of him and played with him and spoke her сердце out after hearing the news of betrothel. The bond is very much there but I'd have loved if Angus could have been shown a little proactive as well.

8. Ariel & Flounder: Let's hang out together
The cutest Друзья pair ever! I Любовь how Ariel happened to be upon Flounder, and he was so scared of her as she was the princess. I Любовь how Ariel can be whatever she wants to be and do what she wants to do without worrying too much with Flounder. I Любовь how камбала is the cautious type and would warn Ariel often but as friendship goes, he'd tag along just so Ariel isn't left alone. I Любовь the way he reacts when Ariel is expressing her Просмотры in Part of Your World and is dancing and excited to know about what she'll say Далее and goes sad with Ariel. I Любовь how he tries to save her from Triton's rage, though i wouldn't lie as much. The cutest was to actually bring a gift that would mean so much to Ariel - Eric's figurine. My only concern here is that Ariel never pays attention to him, and keeps ignoring his cautious advise over and over again, and hardly ever does anything for Flounder's sake.

7. Kristoff & Sven: whole n soul partnership
The two orphaned kids got together to form a bond since childhood and has never seen a день without each other ever since. I Любовь how they have become each other's life support and Kristoff doesn't even want to look for human companion in Sven's comfort. They'd have fun with each other, look out for each other and would support each other whenever and wherever required. It was so sweet of Sven to make Kristoff realize his Любовь for Anna and go for her rescue. I adored watching them together.

6. Poca with Meeku & Flit: BFFs
The fun duo is a treat to watch the entire movie. They are full of tricks and keep getting in trouble. They are like a unit, always hanging out together, looking for some fun. Whether it's taking advise from Grandmother Willow, или checking out new guy in town, или flit trying to poke at John Smith for not trusting him enough. I Любовь Meeku's silly attraction to Percy, and how he completely is Моя жена меня приворожила with him. They add the much desired free-spirited and fun element to Poca's life. Poca also shares her concern with marrying Kocoum and takes them on adventures and makes them meet John.

5. жасмин & Rajah: the loyalists
A true confidante, Rajah, is to Jasmine. Standing in support of жасмин and scaring off the suitors when he senses жасмин is through with them. I Любовь how he senses her loneliness and feeling of being trapped. He first tries to stop жасмин from leaving the palace and when жасмин hugs him, only then helps her up, understanding that she should go on to do what her сердце needs. He is cautious of new prince, even Аладдин until жасмин isn't comfortable with him and is always standing loyal to Jasmine. жасмин also showers him attention and Любовь as much as Rajah does. It shows how жасмин is actually very sensitive and caring person, in light of Rajah.

4. Rapunzel & Pascal: The confidantes
Another confidante to a Остаться в живых princess. When Ты have living in a tower for all your life and played the same games over and over again with same person, it takes a special kind of bond to still go through it for that special friend. I adore Pascal for being the best buddy, a comfort in her lonely times and being such a confidante to her. And Rapunzel will also discuss with Pascal about how should she go about talking to Gothel, или should she leave the tower with stranger. He'd just indulge her in any entertainment and sit Далее to her when she's dreaming of her life and giving her moral support. Despite his size, he'd not shy away from trying to help Rapunzel in any way he can. I Любовь watching them exchange those silent gestures between them, making them buddies forever.

3. Aladdin, Abu, Carpet & Genie: brought together by destiny, chosen to stay Друзья forever
Abu is like a right hand man to Aladdin, a partner in crime, a confidante, a true friend in need, honest and unapologetic, yet loyal. I Любовь how they go through each day's struggle together, bonding over a piece of stolen bread, fighting off palace guards, saving each other and escaping troubles. I Любовь how Аладдин would share his half with Abu. I find it super entertaining the way Abu is complaining and warning Аладдин to not fall for a woman coz he just don't want anyone in between them. I Любовь how Аладдин saves Abu on the freezing холм, хилл and would listen to his fears in cave of adventures, when he stumbles upon carpet.
And what do I say about Genie - everything about their friendship can be seen in the climax when Аладдин chose to free Genie with his 3rd wish over his happiness and confessed that he'd miss him like hell. It always brings a tear или two to my eyes. Friend Like Me is such a wonderful dedication to the friendship that genie offers and I have played it several time and laughed and laughed with my own friends. It has everything - fun, emotion, bonding, trust, comfort. I Любовь this trio of friendship.
Carpet is like one of those Друзья in the group who's always ready to help and gets super excited. He's also charming when he takes жасмин hand to Kiss and takes them both to a grand ride into the clouds. I Любовь how Abu feels insecure a little in the beginning, but Любовь how Аладдин comforts Carpet and asks him to Присоединиться the club. And i just adore how Genie and Carpet says hello and would play chess together and roleplay for Aladdin. I think my own school Друзья group is very much like this, barring the magic, but non-stop fun and comfort of each other's company.

2. Мулан & her army friends: friendship tested by time
The friendship that formed with test of time. Мулан not only proved herself to be a worthy member of the batallion but garnered the liking and respect of Chein Po, Ling and Yao. They battled together and practiced together and dreamt together of a peaceful and loving Главная when they'll return back. I Любовь how they showed their reluctance in leaving Мулан on the холм, хилл alone, after her discovery as a woman in the army. I Любовь that they helped her in saving emperor from the final attack and trusted her. Only true friendship can stand these tests.

1. Snow & Seven Dwarfs: family Друзья
I simply adored their bonding, finding a stranger in house and discussing whether they should let her stay или not considering her qualities and skills as homemaker. I Любовь how their trust and fondness for each other grows еще and еще with each passing day. How Snow would care for their daily needs out of genuine concern and not just wanting to keep her stay. I Любовь how they'd sing and dance in the evening and share their meals together after hard day's work. And would be concerned for each other's safety. I Любовь how dwarfs would take Snow's advise to improve themselves so seriously and work on it. And i can feel the pinch when dwarfs loses Snow, their greatest friend and family ever and would honor her in her death too. This is one of the most innocent of friendships that grew so strong to become a family in the end. There are only very few lucky friendships in the world that survive the test of time and become a part of your family eventually.

So what do Ты all think? Which is the kind of friendship that Ты find most endearing and which one is the kind that Ты have with your own friends. Would Любовь to hear from Ты all, as always!