I saw some other members do Статьи like this so I figured, why not give it a try? :)

11. Aurora
Ever since I was a little kid Aurora didn't leave much of an impact. I've always hated the whole "love at first sight" deal so I really don't like that she quickly falls in Любовь with literally the first guy she meets and then gets all upset that she can't see him anymore after only meeting him once for a few seconds. Then there's the fact that for the rest of the movie she's asleep so there's nothing else we get to know about her.

She is really pretty, I've always loved her Дизайн and her dresses and I Любовь her singing.

10. Cinderella
Like Aurora, not much of an impact. In fact I always thought she (and her movie) was really boring. It kinda feels like she didn't have much of a personality.

I do Любовь that, unlike in the remake, she actually tried to stand up for herself in some parts of the movie instead of just pouting and going along with whatever the stepmom and stepsisters told her to do.

9. Snow White
She had one job! Don't let a stranger in the house and what'd she do? Let in a creepy old lady and she ate a poisoned apple.

I really did Любовь that the first thing she does after breaking into somebody's house was clean it. It was like a reverse Goldilocks. Instead of stealing food, messing up furniture, and then sleeping in the beds, she takes the time to clean up the entire cottage.

8. Ariel
She acted like a spoiled brat a lot at the beginning. One line that she says that I hated the most was "I'm 16 years old! I'm not a child anymore!" And she sold her soul to a sea witch for a guy she never even spoke to, even saying "You don't even know him" to her father. Girl Ты don't even know him either, what are Ты doing??

I Любовь her Дизайн and I Любовь her singing. I really wish I could think of other things I like about how but the way she acted just overpowers it. And in the sequel she's really no better.

7. Pocahontas
I really feel like she could have tried a lot harder on talking to her father about some stuff. Like when John was blamed for killing Kocoum I never understood why she didn't actually explain what had happened. или even brought up John sooner. Not even mentioning the fact that she liked him, just something like "I met one of them, he's willing to talk." I know it's not easy to explain that kind of thing but it feels like she should have tried a lot harder than just "If one of them wanted to talk you'd talk to him right?"

I loved her speech in the climax, about what hatred was doing to everyone. I loved that her story is one of the "people of different color can be together!" stories (even if this story is very grossly inaccurate) and I Любовь how rightfully angry she got when John was belittling her and how her people lived.

6. Merida
I didn't like how selfish she was on the marriage idea. I'm not suggesting it's okay to be forced into a marriage Ты don't want to be a part of, I just hate that she knew from the beginning that if she didn't go along with it there would be talk of war. And I didn't like that she tricked her mom into eating something she got from a witch when SHE (Merida) didn't know for sure what would happen. And I felt that it was false advertisement that Pixar made her look like this badass princess when in the movie she needed to be saved еще than once.

I did Любовь her scenes with her mom though. And I really enjoyed the fact that she wasn't a perfect princess the whole movie. She wasn't wearing fancy dresses, she didn't have a "princess laugh", she didn't look beautiful in every single shot, and she actually took a stand against her dad when her mom's life was on the line.

5. Tiana
I feel that she didn't think things through some of the time. When she found out шарлотка, шарлотта was dancing with an imposter she didn't rush to tell her, when she thought Naveen was marrying шарлотка, шарлотта at the parade she didn't stop and think "Wait, why am I still a frog?"

As someone who has struggled financially and had to work 2 jobs, I am so glad there's a Дисней princess I can relate to about it. I also really loved that at the end she was able to put a down payment on her restaurant (with the help of Louis). I've seen a lot of people call her a bully for threatening people to get her own way but, come on, let's be real here. If someone tried to screw Ты over, insult you, and cause Ты to get Еда all over Ты (all in ONE scene btw) would Ты not use an alligator (or is he a crocodile?) to get your way?
4. Belle
I wish that, like in the remake, she would flat out told Gaston she was never going to marry them. I hated the "I'm sorry, I don't deserve you" line for the longest time.

I Любовь that she stood up for herself and her father from the very beginning. I've always considered her to be one of the prettiest women Disney's ever created and one of the best singers. And her voice actress is AMAZING. I cry with her every time I watch the part where the beast dies.

3. Jasmine
I didn't like how naive she was, just going to the marketplace without knowing what it's really like and how she took Jafar's word that Аладдин was execute. And speaking of, she didn't even Вопрос the fact that Аладдин was alive after being told that he was dead

It didn't take her a whole movie to stand up to herself, she gave that "I'm not a prize to be won!" line in the middle of the movie. How many Дисней Фильмы have done that? She is a princess and she knows it, if she sees people doing something wrong she'll not hesitate to be all "I'm a princess! I order Ты to stop that shit!" and when she found out Prince Ali was Аладдин she didn't automatically forgive him for lying, she was rightfully PISSED.

2. Rapunzel
Anything about her that would bother me, like how gullible she is, is perfectly understandable when Ты think about how she's lived. She's lived in a tower her entire life, having only a chameleon for company when her emotionally abusive "mother" wasn't stopping by for a pick me up. I've seen people complain about how she fell for Gothel's trick (thinking Eugene left her) but honestly, I can understand how she could think that. I've been isolated and I've been emotionally abused, I've had people act like they care about me and they'd never leave me but then something better comes along and I'm left alone. I Любовь that in the tv Показать Gothel's abuse on Rapunzel is brought up in a realistic way. I Любовь Rapunzel's design, both cgi and 2d and I Любовь her affect on everyone. I mean she went to a bar full of thugs and she gets them all to talk about their dreams and she calmed down an angry guard horse and she started a dance in the kingdom!

1. Mulan
Мулан was an awesome influence on me as a kid. Her movie was the first thing I saw that actually taught me that girls can do anything guys can do. I Любовь that when she starts training she's not perfect right away, she struggles. She works hard to be a great soldier. And when she's thinking of a plan Ты can practically see the gears turning in her head, even if it's a crazy idea like starting a freaking AVALANCHE. And she's so quick to help someone; injured father is summoned for war? She'll just cut her hair and pretend to be a guy for a few weeks/months. Captain is unconscious in the middle of an avalanche? She'll just ride her horse through the freaking snow to save him. Captain is about to get killed by Shan Yu? SHE'LL JUST TELL HIM SHE'S THE ONE WHO STARTED THE FREAKING AVALANCHE.

Ты guys know that meme that goes around where the emperor says "Mulan Ты fucked shit up! But it was awesome"? I think about that meme every day