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posted by AllegroGiocoso
    “Hang on,” Tiana told the others with a confused expression. “What are Ты all doing here?”
    “We are lost, and we have missing friends, and we were looking for you,” Ariel told Tiana. “Do Ты know where we are?”
    “New Orleans,” Tiana told the others.
    “Like noorwhens!” Ariel told Tiana excitedly. “Those are those things that Ты cut things with…Scuttle told me about those!”
    “Those are called knives,” Tiana told Ariel. “I run a restaurant, I should know. My passion is cooking. Don’t Ты have any passions?”
    “My passion has already been found,” Aurora answered gracefully. “I have found him already.”
    “No, no, I mean, don’t Ты have any goals?” Tiana asked Aurora.
    “Why, I have met them,” Aurora told Tiana in surprise. “After all, I have met my man, haven’t I?”
    Tiana looked amazed. “Don’t Ты work at all?”
    “Of course I did,” Золушка answered instantly. “I was a servant for…”
    “I mean, don’t Ты have ambition?” Tiana asked.
    “Getting out of my place,” Золушка told Tiana.
    “I did,” Ariel told Tiana. “I was unsatisfied with my life under the sea. So I had adventure and found my true love, and I became a human!”
    “You mean…you weren’t a human at one point?” Tiana asked Ariel.
    “I was a mermaid,” Ariel grinned at Tiana.
    “I was a frog at one point,” Tiana told Ariel.
    “Wow, really!” Snow White gasped. “That must be odd…”
    “You ain’t ever going to have any idea,” Tiana told Snow White. “Do yourself a favor, and don’t Ты try it either.”
    “All right,” Snow White told Tiana.
    Tiana then told them, “Anyway, Ты mean to tell me that Ты were looking for me?”
    “Yes,” жасмин told Tiana. “We are looking for help because there is this egotistical brute who is chasing after us with his gun, and repetitively capturing some of us and ordering us to marry him. Not to mention that we have these crazy дерево spirits who do the same thing.”
    “Whatcha mean, дерево spirits?” Tiana asked Jasmine.
    “One of them captured a close friend of ours,” Золушка told Tiana. “You just saw it yourself when Ты came in.”
    “Ah, that’s what the deal was. Get it together Tiana, we can get him out of there with hard work,” Tiana stated, but then жасмин told Tiana, “That wouldn’t work.”
    Tiana looked at жасмин and asked, “Why won’t that work?”
    “The spirits wouldn’t make it that easy, would they?” жасмин asked. “They are capable of movement.”
    “But there aren’t spirits,” Tiana told Jasmine.
    “You should meet Pocahontas,” Aurora told Tiana. “Once Ты meet her, you’ll understand.”
    With a bang though, жасмин suddenly looked a bit bored, and pouted“Oh, I wish that we could actually do something to stop that brute…”
    “We can!” Золушка excitedly stated, clapping her hands. “We have our Далее princess, we can contact the fairy godmother!”
    “That’s right,” жасмин stated, smiling at Cinderella.
    Cinderella cried, “Oh Fairy Godmother, please help us out,” and then the Fairy Godmother appeared.
    “Well, well, Ты found your eighth princess! Well, it turns out that I already did some of your work for you,” the fairy godmother jovially stated.
    “What do Ты mean?” Aurora asked.
    “I found the ninth princess already,” the fairy godmother told the others. “And I told her about Belle’s and Pocahontas’s abductions.”
    “Do Ты know where she is?” жасмин asked the fairy godmother.
    “In your place, Cinderella,” the fairy godmother stated. “Lady Tremaine is involved in this too.”
    “Oh yes, that’s right!” Aurora stated, remembering. “I forgot, I heard Princess гороховый, горох say that the woman on the board was your grandmother!”
    “Well actually, stepmother,” Золушка corrected Aurora. “And I figured such, I hoped she would turn out better than what she did…”
    “I’ll teleport Ты there right now. I also found a few other young ladies to help us free Pocahontas and Belle and send Lady Tremaine and Gaston to their rightful places,” the fairy godmother told Aurora.
    “But will we have anyone to really help us out against my stepmother and Gaston? We probably can’t do it by ourselves without Belle или Pocahontas…” Золушка asked.
    “You don’t know the ninth princess yet, do you?” the stepmother told Cinderella. “Trust me, she’ll know exactly what to do. Now come along, don’t be shy, and come to me.”
    The six princesses all bundled together, and with a swish of her wand, fairy godmother whisked them out of the area.
    As they arrived, the princesses turned around and saw that they were in a small village building.
    There were already six girls in the room. Five of them were sitting down and facing the sixth girl, who was standing up and apparently talking to the others.
    Ariel ran up to the front girl and greeted, “Hello, how are Ты doing!”
    The front girl, who was holding a piece of parchment, instantly dropped it as Ariel came closer, and the two girls tripped on each other.
    “Sorry…uh, my mistake,” the front girl told Ariel, dragging her back up. “My name is Mulan, I am the ninth princess.”
    She then pointed at the other girls, who were sitting down. “They are trying to help out too,” Мулан stated before continuing, “Princesses, here are Jane, Alice, Megara, Esmeralda, and Eilonwy.”
    Mulan then told the others, “Girls, here are the princesses: Ariel, Tiana, Jasmine, Cinderella, Snow White, and Aurora.”
    Aurora soon rushed over to Megara and told her, “Here…your sandals are untied…”
    Megara though, told her, “I am a damsel, I may be in distress right now, but I can tie my own sandals!”
    “Mulan, I have a question,” Eilonwy asked. “You know I am a princess, how come Ты didn’t introduce me as a princess?”
    “Uh…” Мулан stated, before she smiled, and announced, “Girls, this is Princess Eilonwy.”
    Eilonwy sat back down satisfied, and Мулан then announced, “Now that the other princesses are here, we should have ideas for what to do. Any suggestions?”
    “A plan,” Tiana told Mulan.
    “I guess, sure,” Мулан replied.
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