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Ariana woke up. She was lying in her bed, under the covers. For a moment she wondered if her slip off the dock had just been yet another dream. She felt her hair...it was damp. So she really had fallen into the sea. But how did she end up in her room after blacking out from hitting her head? She got up and brushed her hair, questioning what had happened. She looked outside, it was still sunny out. She went into the hallway and heard her parents talking downstairs.
    "She has a right to know the truth," Ariana's mother was insisting.
    "Absolutely not, Jane," replied her father, Bill. "It's too dangerous."
    "The danger is in keeping this is a secret! After what happened to day, who knows what other kinds of danger she could be in?"
    "What's going on?" asked Ariana, looking down at them curiously from the вверх of the staircase. Her mother tried to casually change the subject but it was too late. "You guys are keeping something from me..."
    "Ariana, honey, Ты hit your head," сказал(-а) Bill, "You're not feeling well. Luckily Gregory the fisherman spotted Ты falling off the pier and knew CPR. Ты could've died. Why don't I make Ты some hot chocolate?"
    "No," Ariana was unconvinced. "I want to know what Ты guys were talking about. About what I have a right to know."
    "It was really nothing," Jane lied. "I was overreacting about something. Your father's right. We'll talk about it when you're older."
    Ariana stormed back into her bedroom. She grabbed some of her things and put them into a knapsack. Quietly, she pulled open her bedroom window and crawled out. She climbed down the side of the house along some vines and got on her bike. The only person she could really talk to was Chase. So she rode over to his house.
    "And then they lied straight to my face!" Ariana сказал(-а) as she put a handful of попкорн in her mouth.
    "I'm sure it's no big deal, Ariana," Chase laughed. "Probably something about dating. Ты know, where the mom wants to have the sex talk and the dad keeps trying to put it off so you'll be his little girl forever."
    "I guess that would make sense," Ariana considered the idea. "But it really seemed like there was еще to it. They mentioned I was in danger because I fell off the pier earlier today."
    "They're your parents! Of course they were worried Ты almost drowned!"
    "You're so right," Ariana couldn't help but laugh. "Why am I such a drama queen? Maybe because I'm just so up for the idea of having some sort of exciting adventure in my lfie that I create it subconsciously. Anyway, I'd better get Главная before the parents start freaking out. See Ты tomorrow."
    As she biked home, Ariana saw a group of young boys on the beach. They seemed to be poking something with a stick and laughing. It was a little red crab.
    "Hey!" Ariana stopped biking and walked towards them. "You boys get out of here and leave that poor thing alone!" The boys stood silently for a moment. "Now!" Ariana yelled. They scurried off. Ariana leaned down and picked up the little crab. "There, you're alright. Sorry about that, some kids just Любовь picking on those of us who are different." She brushed him off and carefully placed him back down on the sand. Ariana got back on her bike.
    "Thank Ты for that, I must say, human boys strike me as quite immature most of the time," сказал(-а) a voice in a British accent.
    Ariana stopped and turned around. It only took her two секунды to realize that the voice had come from the little red crab.

(End Of Part 2)
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Reasons For the Дисней women that is not apart of the Дисней Princess Line-up

Here are the reasons on why the 2D Анимация Дисней Heroines Ты really want to be apart the Дисней Princess line-up, but they are not.

Why she should be apart of the line-up:
Daughter of a Дисней Princess (Melody is Ariel’s daughter)
An actual princess
She was able to fight the main antagonist even though Melody is 12
Why she isn’t part of the line-up
She’s a sequel character, Дисней sequels aren’t really worshiped especially if they are hand drawn Анимация sequels
If there are 2 Русалки in the Дисней princess...
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 Winter and summer (credit to tumblr)
Winter and summer (credit to tumblr)
Yes, yes, Elsa is technically a queen, yadda yadda. Well, one, she was a princess in the movie, and second, if Mulan, who is not a princess in any way, can be called one, I am calling Elsa a princess too.

I'll do a proper Холодное сердце review soon when I can (although plenty of Ты beat me to it- I was only able to see it Tuesday and am just now Главная with the Internet accessible), but for now, I want to just talk about my two Избранное things about the movie (well, besides all that snow): Elsa and Anna. I'd Любовь to do this the way RhythmicMagic does, with positive/negative/border/neutral traits, but...
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 камбала is the fairest of them all! no, I just couldn't find a fitting вверх image, but heyy, everyone loves Flounder!
Flounder is the fairest of them all! no, I just couldn't find a fitting top image, but heyy, everyone loves Flounder!
This took a lot of thinking. I think I changed my mind like 31364684321354652 times, but here we have it! Magicfairydust's prettiest Дисней princesses. I took into account what the princesses could look like at their prettiest, and also what they usually look like. It was pretty close :)

10. Pocahontas
I know, I know, I KNOW! SHOCKER! but tbh, I really don't think she's THAT gorgeous! I mean, I think she's beautiful in her own way, and she's very exotic, but she just doesn't have enough absolutely gorgeous shots. Oh gosh, I'm going to get so much hate for this one. She has the best body out...
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Among the songs that were deleted from Frozen,"Life's Too Short" was one that had a version recorded with the voices of Idina Menzel and Kristin Bell.The song was written during the time when Elsa was going to be a villain,but was replaced with the reprise of "For the first time in Forever" once "Let It Go" was written.Although I enjoy listening to this song with Menzel's and Bell's voices,even when I watch that version,I can see why it wouldn't have tied in very well with the completed movie. The song starts off with Elsa and Anna appearing to make amends and form a new beginning with their...
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 The real eyesore wardrobe that has Austin Powers's Цвета
The real eyesore wardrobe that has Austin Powers's colors
I’ve never written this sort of Статья before. It’s a bit all over the place, so медведь with me. Also my Просмотры fall into the bottom minority on Fanpop…so most people will flat out disagree with me. Fine. But of the outfits each DP wears, this is what appeals to me, and what does not—in my mind.

13. Tiana

    Honestly, this girl has the most outfits, and undergoes the most dress changes in the whole Дисней Princess lineup. That should make her my favorite, right? I really Любовь dress changes, usually. However, Tiana has my least Избранное wardrobe of all. Really, Tiana's...
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