Everyone knows that as soon as the damsel marries her very own Prince Charming that she will live happily ever after. People forget that happily ever after gets boring every now and again. My name is Золушка and yes I married a Prince and became the Princess Bride of his beautiful kingdom. However I was beginning to feel restless.

I am lucky to have such great friends, only last week I met with Tiana, who was visiting the kingdom in which she is princess of, Maldonia. Another fellow princess of France attended the occasion as well, we both shared a carriage and travelled to Naveen's marble palace in Maldonia, the destination of Tiana's stay for a light lunch.
"I'm so glad to be able to meet with fellow princesses who haven't been raised with a silver spoon in their mouth" Tiana сказал(-а) while poring чай for her Друзья Золушка and Belle in the palace garden in Maldonia.
"Yes I know exactly where Ты are coming from Tiana. There is only so much spoiled Prince I can deal with in one sitting. Ты would of thought that a decade of being a Beast would teach him a lesson" Belle told Tiana while accepting a small cup of tea.
"Hmmm..." I contemplated outload without intending to.
Belle and Tiana eagerly looked at me for some sort of input into the discussion, they've always believed my relationship with Charming is flawless. I quickly tried to change the conversation.
"What is it like in the New Orleans, Tiana? I'm very curious to visit." (I mentally let out a sigh of relief)
Tiana chuckled to herself
"It is hard to descirbe in words Cinders. I'll be happy to have Ты visit, Ты could even Присоединиться me on my return after my visit to Maldonia."
"That sounds wonderful! I am yet to leave Europe, It will be something of an adventure for me."
Tiana smiled at my self and quickly turned to Belle
"Would Ты like to Присоединиться us, Belle?" Tiana eagerly asked the French Princess.
Belle sighed with disapointment.
"I've got comitments back in the palace and Adam wouldn't be happy with my leaving so last minute.
"Is there any way Ты could Присоединиться us?" I double checked.
"Unfortunatly not." Belle сказал(-а) glumly. "Another time maybe?" She cheered up slightly.

After an час или so dining and discussing general petty and diplomatic matters It was dicided that Belle and my self where to spend a night in the Maldonian palace. Tiana arranged for some of my possesions to be brought from my palace to hers in preperation for my travels to the American city. At this point I was very excited, however sad to leave the Prince alone to his duties and so wrote a small letter explaining my plans, of which was to be sent to him early the following day.

After lunch Tiana thought it would be a good idea to take us on a tour of a section of Maldonia, which quickly tired me out. However Belle thoroughly enjoyed the visit, especially the large book store which apparently had many Книги that Belle is yet to read. She however limited her self to purchasing only 10 to add to her collection. Tiana also made several purchases at a variety of different Еда boutiques to contribute to her latest menu she wanted to try at her restaurant on her return. Fortunatly for my tired legs in pinching heels we where shortly snuggled up in постель, кровати within our own private quarters.