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 Who will the children pick?
Who will the children pick?
I was just thinking the other день about how children are the ones that Дисней makes princesses for and who they like best. So I started a loved by childrens countdown. Here are the results.]
Just remember these results may not be exactly accurate because we are selves aren't children but we tried are best.....

 Many children I know find her boring (MadisonSavanna)
Many children I know find her boring (MadisonSavanna)

9. Pocahontas

Pocahontas was obviously going to be last. She was based to be aimed at a еще adult audience and children probably won't understand her. Also children don't care about history that much and her film is a history film. Pocahontas was my least favourite princess when I was about 6.

Children won't understand her story clearly, and she acts еще mature than the other princesses (princessvandal)

I think partly because she doesn't a big poofy dress. (Dancing_dear)

 She's the least princess-y of those remaining, so her (AllegroGiocoso)
She's the least princess-y of those remaining, so her (AllegroGiocoso)

8. Mulan

I was actually quite surprised that Мулан was so low because I loved her as a child. But most people who voted for her сказал(-а) she didn't appeal to girls and that the fact she isn't actually a princess made children not like her.

I mostly judge by girls. They Любовь Poca better than Mulan. (PPV)

Мулан technically isn't a princess and children see that. She doesn't wear a big, poofy dress like the others. For Even her personality is less feminine than the others. (PrincessVandal)

Мулан is top? I adored her as a child (Straggy)

 She is too serious (BelleAnastasia)
She is too serious (BelleAnastasia)


This one was going to be next. Tiana is seen as a hardworker who doesn't want to meet a prince. This isn't what children expect of a Дисней Princess. She is also to serious

Not enough children to have the upper hand.(hrrypttrfn328)

Tiana is a workaholic who doesn't believe in dreams или wishes, which is soooo un Дисней Princess(DisneyAurora)

Yeah, I think since Tiana is new, they might not like her as much(TigerRanma)

 got soooo bored of her when i was a kid,that i began to hate her!(Anaji)
got soooo bored of her when i was a kid,that i began to hate her!(Anaji)


There was lots of arguments about which one was most loved by children between Belle and number 5. But Belle was voted out in the tiebreaker vote.People thought children wouldn't know about Чтение and how she felt. I liked Belle when I was younger but not as much as many other princesses.

None of the kids I know like Belle. It's really odd (PrincessLullaby)

why is she still here?(Pretty_angel92)

She just isn't that familiar to little children. Most of them can't read properly by that time and won't really share many of her traits.(Straggy)

 I can see how she would appear mean and judgmental for most kids (Gleek4ever)
I can see how she would appear mean and judgmental for most kids (Gleek4ever)


I agree with many users on how жасмин is too low on this countdown. Many children Любовь жасмин and my sister loved жасмин when she was a lot younger. But some people think she is too arrogant to be loved by children

My little cousin LOVES Jasmine. My little cousin LOVES Jasmine's hair.(Firegirl515)

My guess is that children might be intimidated by her due to her temper (PrincessVandal)


 Anyway, Aurora is pretty boring compared to the others. Children like a bit of excitement. (Straggy)
Anyway, Aurora is pretty boring compared to the others. Children like a bit of excitement. (Straggy)


Children Любовь Aurora I could say she was one of my favourites. With her long blonde hair and beautiful Пение voice children couldn't not like her. But many Fanpop users say she wasn't in the movie enough.

I don't think a lot of kids have even seen Sleeping Beauty as much as the other movies, therefore that makes her less loved.(founten)

The only one me and my sister didn't like when we were younger, she is too boring for little kids with low attention spans.(ALetterToElise)

Why is she even still here(KataraLover)

 Snow White is actually loved a lot by kids (Madisonsavanna)
Snow White is actually loved a lot by kids (Madisonsavanna)

3. Snow White

The original princess is still loved by children for her sweet,kind and loving personality. But this was her let down because users thought she was to sweet and kind for children and this made the вверх 2 be in the вверх 2.

Idk i guess kids think she is TOO sweet and nice, if thats's possible. (OreoCat134)

i don't understand why snow white has so many votes(Pretty_angel92)

Kids really like her, but not as much as they Любовь Золушка and Ariel. Sorry Snow, but at least Ты weren't last this time!(FireGirl515)

I liked Snow White too as a kid, but that movie scared me(DreamyGal)

 I would have no clue at all on who to vote for next. Золушка and Ariel are really liked.(AllegroGiocoso)
I would have no clue at all on who to vote for next. Золушка and Ariel are really liked.(AllegroGiocoso)

2. Cinderella

The вверх 2 are REALLY loved by children. throughout the countdown both didn't get many votes. Золушка has the inspiring personality of being happy and kind. She is also very beautiful and is the princess in the franchise that is shown the most. This probably makes her loved by children.

they like Золушка because she never gives up. (callejahLUVSed)

I was obsessed with Cinderella, from age 4 until, well, now (DreamyGal)

 Only because Ariel's a mermaid(KataraLover)
Only because Ariel's a mermaid(KataraLover)

1. Ariel

Ariel has a lot of things in common with children. She is also a mermaid which is a big advantage and children Любовь mystical beings. Ariel deserves to win this countdown as she appeals to children the most.

Ariel, because she works hard to achieve her dream, (callejahLUVSed)

All I know is that both my nieces pick Ariel as their #1 favorite.(Tigerranma)
posted by SnowQueenElsa1
My вверх Избранное princess has got to be Elsa. I Любовь her so much because of her ice powers and popularity. In every store I go to I see something Frozen. I like that a lot. That is why I Любовь Elsa. Also, The Цвета in the movie along with the graphics are amazing because it looks so realistic. It is also amazing how Elsa's ice palace looks so cool and fits with her. It's just amazing. All of the other princesses are good too but elsa is the best one and the most powerful. I hope Ты all subscribe! And make sure Ты visit my page!
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Source: Moi
The Little Mermaid Signature Collection | On Digital Feb 12 & Blu-ray Feb 26
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princess ariel
king triton
prince eric
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This is my opinion only. But I believe the reasons that Evil Queen from Snow White and Lady Treamine from Золушка mistreat the titular characters is different from the in-story explanation.

Evil Queen used the fact Snow was pretty as an excuse to get rid of an heir to the трон which I presumable that the Queen was ruling for Snow.

Lady Treamine's daughters might be older by a few months in the animated Дисней movie. And back in those days older daughters were suppose to marry before younger ones.

I don't really have a reason for Edward's step-mother, Narcissa. But I assume that the Kingdom is suppose to be run mostly by a Queen?
posted by Stitch1993
So this my first article, so what better to Показать my Избранное DP and their princes.
Remember this is personal opinion..

Дисней Princess

4)Snow White

Дисней Princes

8)The Prince
9)John Smith
11)Flynn Rider

Princess Films

1) The Little Mermaid
2) Slepping Beauty
3) Cinderella
4) Snow White
5) Beauty and the beast
6) Aladdin
7) Mulan
8) Pocahontas
9) The Princess and the Frog
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Холодное сердце
Любовь is an open door
posted by missdoney
Well, I'm here to Показать my reasons why I like Frozen’s Princess Anna (who is hated by some and loved by others). But, let's go to my reasons:
First that she is an active and emotionally strong character (yes, she may not fight with swords или bows like Merida или Мулан that are among my favorites, или have ice powers like Elsa), but she did admirable things throughout the movie like going after her sister who was isolated (even though she knew she could die from her uncontrollable powers или lost/hungry/frozen) and did not give up on her when she asked for it. And I admire this type of female...
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Белоснежка и семь гномов
posted by avatar_tla_fan
Мулан had studied for all of her exams. She was ready to get the best grades possible. She didn't want her parents to be disappointed in her.

She went to school. She was talking to her friend Jasmine.

"I'm going to do the best I can on these exams. I studied all night last night." Мулан told Jasmine.

"You're really determined. Why?"

"I really want to bring some honor to my family."

"That's all?"

"What to Ты mean 'that's all'?"

"They don't get angry или something if Ты get bad grades?"

"No. But they get disappointed."

"Then who cares?"

"I do."

"Why? Why does bringing honor to your family matter so...
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Note: Холодное сердце is owned by Disney, not me. I hope that Ты have fun Чтение and feel free to comment.

Princess Anna and Queen Elsa were relaxing in the living room of the kingdom. Anna asked "Do Ты miss swimming?"

Elsa сказал(-а) "Well I guess I do."

Anna сказал(-а) "Well my related friend I have a answer to your problem."

Elsa сказал(-а) "Problem?"

Anna сказал(-а) "Yes. We haven't swam in months, but don't worry. I found a private lake near the kingdom that'll be perfect for us."

Elsa сказал(-а) "Are sure it's a private lake? I don't wanna share a lake with like 50 people."

Anna сказал(-а) "Don't worry. I've been to this lake...
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Merida searched and searched. Knowing Shang and John were cold and hungry worried her. *What if they're dead?* was a Вопрос that went through her mind. That worried her the most. Nearing the sight Shang and John once were, the young princess silently gasped in pain as she felt a painfully tingling sensation go through her leg. She had no time to worry about a simple wound now. She had to find her Друзья and FAST.

Suddenly, there was a flame in the air. A real visible flame. Merida rushed over to it, only to find Shang and John alive and safe. "MERIDA!" they both screamed. They hurried over...
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 Мулан going to Ursula
Mulan going to Ursula
She found out that Мулан is secretly communicating to Ursula. Aya then hides and heard their conversation. Мулан сказал(-а) "Please make me a spell that will change me back into a strong Дисней Princess again!", Ursula answered "Sure warrior, but remember, in every spell there is a condition..." Мулан replied "What?", Ursula quickly сказал(-а) "She!" pointing to Aya...

Aya then accepted it bravely, but Мулан contradicts she сказал(-а) "No I don't want anybody hurt because of me" Aya replied, "But what about you?" Мулан сказал(-а) "Maybe there is another way?". Ursula сказал(-а) "There is a harder way, since the princesses...
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Холодное сердце is a 2013 animated Дисней film that has become slightly Популярное if Ты consider slightly Популярное to mean a worldwide hit beloved by millions of people. It has become 1 of the most Популярное animated films ever made as well as the most successful in theaters. Because of all that there's several people that think the film is overrated as well as people who thinks it's 1 of the best films ever made. This film is about what I think of the film.


People say that the film is about the 2 main women (Anna and Elsa). Холодное сердце is actually about several different things. There's Anna and...
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