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Everyone gasped. But after Snow White's disappearance, nothing much could shock them. No one fainted, which was lucky, because Tiana and Belle had the smelling salts. Suddenly, a thought came to Pocahontas. "Where's Mushu? Was he down here with Mulan? Is he still on the main floor of the castle?"
As soon as the words left her mouth, the pile of heavy chains on the floor lifted slightly. "Should we Переместить them?" жасмин said. "What should we do? It could be something dangerous..."
The pile continued to quiver. A single red talon reached out under the heavy metal chains. "It's Mushu!" Aurora cried. "Help me Переместить the chains!" Aurora, Jasmine, and Pocahontas lifted the chains off Mushu. He looked weak and depressed, but nothing looked broken and he wasn't bleeding. Pocahontas carried him back to the gardens, where Tiana was with Belle, now conscious. "Well? What happened down there?" Tiana questioned.
"Mulan is dead. We found Mushu down there underneath a pile of chains."
Tiana sat down Далее to Belle in the soil. "So that means...Mulan didn't do it. We treated her badly and left her in the dungeons for life, and she was innocent all along."
Belle сказал(-а) in reply, "And if Мулан didn't do it...who did?"
"It must have been someone magic, или with magic accomplices. Snow White just vanished, right when she was about to tell us who killed Золушка and Ariel. Now Мулан is gone, and so is Snow White." Aurora said. "So it could have been Jasmine...she has Genie. или Tiana...Mama Odie could've done it. Belle's married to a beast, that's pretty darn magic. Pocahontas has Grandmother Willow, but she's just a tree. But what's up with those neon оранжевый leaves, Poca?"
жасмин said, "It was you. Ты killed them, Aurora."
"It makes sense. Ты invited us here. And what happens after Ты invite us here? We all start dropping dead. Ariel was killed while we were all sleeping. Золушка was killed in the garden, alone with Snow White. Мулан was killed in the dungeons, when none of us were around. Ты could've easily sent guards on Cinderella, Snow White, and Mulan. You're still alive. Ты have THREE magical beings. And Maleficent was the mistress of all evil. She cursed Ты and had Ты hypnotized. For all we know, you're still carrying out her evil deeds."
"But Maleficent is dead! Phillip killed her!"
"Exactly. Why would she use Ты if she was still alive?"
Marie came running to Jasmine's side. "Yes, dear? What do Ты need? I heard about Snow White and Mulan. Ты must be so sad-"
"Please take Aurora to the dungeons."
жасмин repeated her evidence. Belle, Pocahontas, and Tiana backed her up. Marie looked at Aurora, who begged Marie to not take her away. She stood, shocked at what she was hearing about the girl she'd worked for and cared for. Marie turned to a one of the ever-present guards: "Lock the princess away. Notify her in-law, parents, fairies, and husband."
The remaining princesses, not wanting to acknowledge Aurora in any way, ignored her pleas and screams for help. Turning on their heels, they strode down a hall lined with Форс-мажоры of armor. But suddenly, four swords worked themselves lose from the metal gloved hands and flew at the princesses. Pocahontas, Belle, and Tiana managed to duck, but жасмин was right Далее to the wall. From the ground, her Друзья watched as her head was sliced off and fell to the ground.
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 One день More!
One Day More!
Okay, there was an interesting Статья about Золушка that inspired me to write these songs on which princess will suit the famous songs from Les Miserables. So, are Ты ready? Here we go!

I Dreamed a Dream

Золушка would definitely sing this song, because she longs to breakaway from her abusive step-family. It was like when her happy days has turn into a nightmare, so I feel that she needs to sing this song at some point in the movie itself.

At the End of the Day

This song would definitely fit Tiana because her movie is set during the Great Depression, the financial crisis during that time...
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