I watched all of the movies, the sequels, The Little Mermaid series, and the Аладдин series yes I'm judgeing them on sequels and series too. I relized that some of them aren't as smart as some people think and some of them are smarter than some people think. Keep in mind this is my opinion I bet alor won't agree with some of this but since when does someone make a Список of an opinion that every single person agree's with.

Well, and what are Ты three dears up to

9.Aurora okay so we all know she's not the smartest but I think she's still smart. She gives witty looks like in this picture of example she knows that the three good Феи are up to something. Alot of people think she was stupid because she followed a light for no reason but she was obviously hypnotised, plus she was smart enough to snap out of the trance for a moment, however unfortunately Maleficent's power was far too powerful. But I think she should have ran away from Главная so she could be with the one she loved and she was danceing with some stranger.

Oh resently, let me see your hands

8.Snow White she's not that much smarter than Aurora but I still think she's smart. She gives witty looks like in this picture. She was smart enough to check the dwarfs hands when they say they've washed recently, yeah right like she's gonna fall for that. She's the only one of the three classic Дисней princesses who actually runs away from Главная when she knows her life is horrible and еще importantly in danger. However ever hear of tress passing sweety, and she ate an яблоко from a stranger I know she was just trying to be polite but she didn't have to eat it.

Look around Ты this is where the path of hatered has brought us

7.Pocahontas I know alot of Ты are upset that she's so low but she doesn't do anything that smart but I still find her smart. She's wisiest of all the people in her tribe she saw what her father, her people, and the english men couldn't see. She knows that fighting, fear, and hate won't help или solve anything she knows there's another way. But she always had to go to her grandmother willow for help and she just told her that she(she meaning Pocahontas) already knew. Plus in that horrible sequel she left the one she loved and went through everthing with for some loser which is the worse decision she ever made.

Well some people use they're imagination

6.Belle that's right the book worm didn't make it to the number one spot she didn't even make it to the вверх 5. She is very smart but the only reason people think she's so smart is because she reads oh yeah Чтение fairy tales makes Ты really smart. She does know not to judge by appearences but to judge by the inside which is how she knew that a handsome man like Gaston is heartless and that the ugly beast has a good сердце deep down. She did run away when she promised that she would stay at the замок forever to save her father so what she was gonna have her father taken back to the dungoen and die. Also she went to the west wing when she was clear as день told not to go there, though I would have gone there too. Plus one of my Друзья think she's not that smart because she complains about adventure but never goes after it.

It say's by royal command every eligable maid is to attend

5.Cinderella she's underrated when it comes to intelligence when she's very smart, she's just insane for putting up with that evil step-family of hers. She gives alot of witty looks plus she's also sarcastic which is something Ты didn't get from the other classic Дисней princesses. She was meant to be drawn with both a down to earth Главная girl and also have a sorta inteligence safisticated look. She does Показать her step-family how smart she is by saying that she's a member of the family and an eligable maid so she has every right to go. WHen the fairy godmother kept forgeting about Cinderella's dress she was all like what the heck do Ты not see I'm wearing rags. But as a lot of Ты know I think she should have ran away from Главная life on the streets is better than life with that horrible excuse of a family of hers.

I'm a fast learner

4.Jasmine for someone who's never been outside the palace she's pretty улица, уличный smart. She's a fast leaner Аладдин under estimated her thinking that she couldn't get over with that stick she sure showed him. She was smart enough to see though Aladdin's diguise and realize that he's the boy that she met in the market place. Plus she ran away from Главная when she knows that her life is horrible unlike Aurora and Cinerella she will actually run away from Главная when her life is a nightmare. She also is smart enough to be able to distract Jafar while Аладдин gets the lamp. She also does alot of smart and clever things in the sequels and the series. But when she gives an яблоко to that poor little boy shouldn't she know that she needs to pay your not a princess any еще sweet cheeks.

I'm ready to know what the people know

3.Ariel I know that alot of Ты are thinking that I put her high just because she's my Избранное but I didn't she's clever, smart, and tragicly underrated when it comes to intelligence. She managed to trap a shark. How many princesses do Ты know did that? When she found out that Vanessa is really Ursula she didn't just stand around and do nothing like a damsel in distress instead she took action and swam after the ship. In the sequels and the series she's very smart and clever in fact in one episode someone told her "Your too smart for your own good". So she went to Ursula and traded her voice that doesn't make her dumb или stupid it means she's Храбрая сердцем enough to take a chance for love. Also her trading her voice was just as stupid as Belle going to the west wing.

Prince Charming over here got himself turn into a frog by a voo doo witch doctor

2.Tiana the newest Дисней princess is very high on my smartest Дисней princess list. She did't believe in just wishing on a звезда and than POOF her dreams come true she know she need to work for it. When her best friend acts all silly she tries to get her to snap out of it and grow up some. However she looses sight of what's really important and she kissed a frog GROSS.

Why else would I come back? Ты сказал(-а) Ты trust Ping. Why is Мулан any different?

1.Mulan yeah this isn't any surprise and I know alot of Ты Мулан Фаны are cheering. She knows that there is еще to her than just being one of those girls who just wants to get married have kids and to honor they're family, she wants to do that but also wants to do more. She doesn't just sulk and do nothing she sulked, cut her long beautiful hair, dressed like a man, and joined the army. She also blew up a mountain. How many princesses do Ты know did that? She even makes a plan to save the emperor and china from Shan-Yu. She's truely most definatly the smartest of all the Дисней princesses and the Дисней heroines.