#6 Naveen: Ok so in at no 6 is Naveen from PATF which is my least favourite as I found it a bit disappointing yet great at the same time. I never really liked Naveen as much as the other princes as his a real womanizer and he is so cocky in a way.
Here is my вверх 6 favourite princes


Cocky & a real womanizer I decided to have him at no 6 as I don’t really like this character at all.

John Smith

A real knight at shining armour


So hilarious reminds me of Gaston from Beauty & the Beast.


I felt sorry for him as he was a nobody(riff raff улица, уличный rat)


Charming and cute


Rude & kind-hearted I liked how he gave up his OWN библиотека for Belle and that part where he dies was so heartbreaking(sniff).

#5 John Smith; May not be a prince but he is hot, with his blonde hair and his personality. I like him because he is Храбрая сердцем and isn’t afraid of a challenge as well as some romance with an Indian princess named Pocahuntas.
#4 Aladdin: I loved Аладдин ever since I saw the movie and I feel really bad for him as he was a commoner and he was afraid that no one would want to be with him because of that.
#3 Eric: I had a thing for this character back when I was a little girl and I just Любовь his charms and his personality.
#2 Edward: Now I know he isn’t suppose to be in this spot but who cares I loved this prince. He was so dumb, vain(like Gaston),self-centered,and those facial expressions really get to me as I laugh so hard at him.
#1 Adam/Beast: Yes folks I loved this prince cause he was rude,bad-tempered yet at the back of it he was a nice kind-hearted man/monster who gave up his own библиотека for Belle and confessed that he loved her. I now Любовь this movie.
Adam in monstrous form and above that his human self. Also Любовь this scene here.