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1)How do Ты feel about being Фан of the month?

I’m so grateful for everyone who voted for me. I really believe a lot of fanpoppers deserve this recognition, so it’s great to know people appreciate what I do to the spot.

2)Who is your Избранное princess and prince and why?

My Избранное princess has always been Belle. She’s so sweet, witty, stubborn, kind, bleh… everything about her I just adore. <3 As for my Избранное prince, that would have to be Phillip. He’s incredibly chivalrous and what I believe a “classic prince” should be like.

3)Who is your least Избранное princess and prince and why?

My least Избранное princess it Tiana. I didn’t grow up with her, so there was no sentimental value, and her personality is just too uptight for me. But most of all, I don’t think she’s interesting to watch. Least Избранное prince is Prince Charming. Even with the several минуты he has in that whole movie, I already get annoyed by him. He’s very unappreciative and I think he only likes Cindy for her looks.

4)Which is your Избранное Дисней princess movie?

Beauty and the Beast <3. I Любовь the plot, the music, the characters; there’s nothing negative I can say about this movie. :)

5)Who is your favourite villain and why?

My Избранное villain is Mother Gothel. She’s new, but I fell in Любовь with her the минута she appeared on screen. I like how she still likes Rapunzel, even though she’s the villain. It’s interesting to see the villain not wanting to rip off the head of the heroine throughout the whole movie.

6)Which princess are Ты the most similar to?

I honestly have no idea. I have the same stubborn attitude as Belle, as well as the Любовь of books. My attitude is pretty similar to Ariel and Jasmine’s as well.

7)What makes the perfect princess in your opinion?

Well Aurora is my idea of the stereotypical perfect princess. She’s got the looks, the dream-like personality, the grace, the kindness, etc.

8)Which princess do Ты find the prettiest?

Pocahontas by far. Actually, I accidently wrote Pocahotness when filling out this interview haha. Pocahontas is just gorgeous, her figure is athletic but not muscly, and she also has a еще realistic body type than the other princesses. Her hair is constantly perfect also. She’s just fucking hot.

9) Who is your Избранное character (apart from the princess) in each of the princess movies?

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves: Grumpy
Cinderella: Jaq
Sleeping Beauty: Prince Phillip
The Little Mermaid: Sebastian
Beauty and the Beast: Lumiere
Aladdin: Iago
Pocahontas: Nakoma
Mulan: Mushu
The Princess and the Frog: шарлотка, шарлотта или Naveen. Can’t choose XD
Tangled: Mother Gothel

10)If Ты could be a character in a Дисней princess movie, what role would Ты like?

I would Любовь to be a princess, it’s always been a dream since I was about three years old to be a princess xD
11)What do Ты like about the Дисней princess spot the most?

I Любовь the people here, except for maybe a few xP. I also like how I can talk all this stuff about Дисней and no one tells me to shut up :D.

12)Did Дисней princesses and their Фильмы have influence on your life? How?

Yes, I’m a big dreamer, and I have a craving for adventure :). Romance is also something, but at fourteen, it’s not my main focus at the moment xD.

13)Is your Избранное princess movie your Избранное Дисней movie too? If not, what is?

No, it’s actually not. The Hunchback of Notre Dame is my Избранное Дисней movie, and секунда would be Beauty and the Beast или The Lion King.

14)What are your Избранное princess dresses?

Cinderella’s! It SPARKLES and it’s such a pretty color. Not the merchandise version though -__-, they messed that one up. For a casual outfit, I like Aurora’s peasant dress, if I could pull it off, I would totally wear that one.

15)What are your Избранное songs from the DP movies?

Kiss the Girl, Цвета of the Wind, Belle (Reprise), I’ll Make a Man Out of You, etc.

16)Which princess hair would Ты like to have?

Pocahontas’s! It’s PERFECT ALWAYS. Plus, there’s only a few hair Цвета I could pull off.

17)Which Цитаты from the Дисней princess Фильмы are your favorites?

“The greatest gift and honor is having Ты for a daughter” <3

18)How do Ты feel about Tangled, Rapunzel, and Flynn?

I Любовь Tangled; it definitely surpassed my expectations. As for Rapunzel, she’s all right; on the lower half of my princess list. Flynn’s okay too. To me, they don’t bring anything new to the таблица and really are only a mesh of all the princes/princesses together.

19)Who are your Избранное Фаны from this spot and why?

I can’t answer that! I Любовь everyone XD. Ummm… firegirl1515 and I get along pretty well, and I talk to princesslullaby a lot too…. Ermmm… fhghu and I have pretty fun conversations when we chat. Straggy and Mongoose09 are hilarious. :D I don’t know, I think everyone on here is amazing and I just haven’t gotten around chatting with them.

20)What do Ты wish for this spot in the future?
NO еще TROLLS. Lol. I just wish for еще interesting and fun things to go on :)
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 Dee Dee's friend.
Dee Dee's friend.
Мулан and Dee Dee are fighting the Spirit of Despair as the other princesses looks on, they managed to corner her and suddenly the Spirit of Despair by sneeringly says "You think Ты can corner me? Wait till Ты see THIS!"
She transforms into a giant dragon and burns the whole of Kuala Lumpur down, all of the princesses gather around Dee Dee and Princess Aurora gives her a magic Chinese Dragon amulet, "here take this and use it to transform yourself into a Chinese Dragon to fight the wicked spirit."
Dee Dee thanks them and ignites it, then she transforms into a giant Chinese Dragon. The two...
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I got this idea from avatar_tla_fan, so Ты should go check out her article! It's only two below mine, so ^^ Anyway this'll just be a quick look at some of my lists, no explanations, just giving my lists because I'm still somewhat new here and I'd like for Ты guys to know my opinions ^^ Anyway here we go! {By the way none of these lists are explicit, I'm unsure on almost all of them}


13. Belle
12. Rapunzel
11. Ariel
10. Mulan
9. Merida
8. Elsa
7. Tiana
6. Cinderella
5. Aurora
4. Anna
3. Jasmine
2. Pocahontas
1. Snow White

 Her high spirits, multi-layered attitude, what's not to love?
Her high spirits, multi-layered attitude, what's not to love?

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Холодное сердце
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"She went off in that direction."

The man then pointed towards a building very far away from them.

"She went into the building?" Someone else asked the man.

"I don't know."

The person narrowed his eyes, "Are Ты sure about that?"

"I'm telling Ты the truth. I. Do. Not. Know."

"Fine, I believe you. Let's head towards that building then."

They started to go to the building.


Ariel was sitting in the building the person had mentioned. She was worried.

Belle's body was sitting Далее to her. Ariel didn't know why she had taken the body with her, she had no use for it.

Maybe it's because I didn't...
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The people talked amongst themselves.

"I still don't understand what happened."

"Did she get it?"

"What happened?!"

"Have Ты found her body?"

Everything went quiet when this was said.

"Wh- What body?" Somebody asked.

"The girl's body."

"The one who was looking at the security camera?"

"No. The one who was with her."

"I thought she escaped with the other one."

"No, the other one pushed her off of the building."

There was silence.

"I doubt she's still alive..."

"We should at least look for her body."

"Okay, we'll do that."

They searched for her body, but they couldn't find it.

"Let's keep searching, it's...
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