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posted by AllegroGiocoso
    With repetitive thuds, Gaston, Lady Tremaine, LeFou, and Lady Tremaine’s daughters and Кошки fell onto the book. But they were not on the book anymore. They seemed to be trapped in the book pages.
    “Mother, why do Ты have to take us down here?” Анастасия moaned at Lady Tremaine.
    “Because,” Lady Tremaine declared with an instant grin. “Down here is where the Queen of Hearts lies, and we can take over Wonderland with an invasion of her kingdom, and even if she has the slightest possibility of resistance, Gaston has...
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 жасмин as Pocahontas. Lineart by Mellasfenixxes on devientart, coloring by me on FotoFlexer
Jasmine as Pocahontas. Lineart by Mellasfenixxes on devientart, coloring by me on FotoFlexer
Ты voted and Ты got it! Here's my take on what the Фильмы would be like if жасмин and Pocahontas switched places. I'm not sure if I'll continue, so Комментарий on what Ты like или don't like.

Switch #1: Pocahontas and Jasmine

Let us immerse ourselves in a world where trees can talk, carpets can fly, and genies dance and sing. It is in this world that we find two princesses very different from each other, separated by time and distance. This world is about to face a drastic change, although nobody knows it. Because those two princesses are about to switch lives, switch stories, and they won’t...
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For many people, it was hard to chose, because all Disney’s princesses have such a beautiful names, but here they are as voted on fanpop:
 Dirty as cinder
Dirty as cinder

9.Cinderella: Name itself sounds good, especially on French: Cendrillon, but the meaning of it isn’t that nice. Her stepmother and stepsisters gave her that nickname as insult because she was always dirty since she slept beside fireplace and got dirty of cinders from it.
 With skin white as snow
With skin white as snow

8.Snow White: Snow White represents her skin white as snow, one of the feature her mother wanted for her. Although this name is nice and...
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We all know that each Дисней princess is beautiful in her own way. And to ensure the beauty of the female leads, animators often drab down while designing the female co-stars to help the leading lady shine. Let's see who fanpop's Дисней Princess Фаны voted from least pretty to prettiest supporting character in a princess film. For those wondering, the qualifications for being a supporting character were Ты had to have a line in the film and contribute to the plot somehow which is why only the two of Ariel's sisters that tell Triton that Ariel's in Любовь were counted.

9. Anastasia (Cinderella)...
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For sure, all Disney’s girls have amazing hair, but some are better than others. Here they are in order voted on fanpop:
 Cute, black and short
Cute, black and short

9.Snow White: last as always. People don’t really like her hair “black as ebony tree” probably because of its shortness. Although cute, her hair can’t really compare to others because there’s not much to do with, can’t make any hairdo of it, it can’t float on wind and it always looks like mass of something, not hair.
 Blond-brown with bangs
Blond-brown with bangs

8.Cinderella: Another girl with short hair. We never really figured out is her hair brown...
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posted by AllegroGiocoso
Золушка and Belle handed Cogsworth their dishes, and then Cogsworth promptly began to clean up with Lumiere. The two then headed upstairs where they found жасмин now wearing a poor person’s outfit, though her hair belied her appearance. “Do Ты have any еще clothes?” жасмин asked Belle. “My clothes aren’t really suited for the cold climate.”
    “Let me get them,” Belle replied, but Золушка interrupted, “No, let me. Where are they?”
    “At the end of the hallway,” Belle answered back. As Золушка began to head down the...
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posted by DreamyGal
I must find a way to be with him.
If I can’t have him, my world will always be grim.
No one I know will understand.
They all hate the land.
But it’s all I can ever think about.
I would Любовь it up there, I have no doubt.
Especially to be in his arms,
Getting Остаться в живых in all of his charms.
Only then will I be satisfied.
Knowing that from now on it’s with him I’ll reside.
I long to be in his arms and to dance!
And find myself in a lover’s trance.
I must find someone who will help me with my plea,
Until then I will be miserable under the sea.
There are several rules to stealing another girl's man and Princess гороховый, горох knew them all by heart. For example, Ты must remember that the end justifies the means...some people will need to get hurt for Ты to succeed. Another rule is that Ты have to be incredibly sneaky and manipulative или Ты could get caught in your own web of lies. And of course, Pea's favourite of the rules: never give up. On the other hand they were all her favourite rules...considering she'd invented them herself.
"Honestly Jasmine, you're a saint," сказал(-а) гороховый, горох casually the Далее morning, while she and жасмин were sitting...
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posted by disney_prince
This isnt official this is just my own prefrence on some of the un-official Дисней princesses

1 Дисней Princess
1.1snow white -Snow White and the Seven Dwarfes
1.2cinderella -Cinderella
1.3aurora -Sleeping Beauty
1.4ariel -The Little Mermaid
1.5belle -Beauty and the Beast
1.6jasmine -Aladdin
1.7pocahontas -Pocahontas
1.8mulan -Mulan
1.9tiana -The Frog Princess
1.10rupunzel -Rupunzel

2 Дисней Extended Princess
2.1alice -Alice in Wonderland
2.2wendy -Peter Pan
2.3tinkerbell -Peter Pan
2.4eilonwy -The Black Cauldron
2.5esmerelda -The Hunchback of Notre Dame
2.6megara -Hercules
2.7jane -Tarzan...
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 Loving them!!!
Loving them!!!
Hi guys, I decided to write another review on Холодное сердце again after the first one was short, I also attempt to sound frank and straightforward than my first one. Here we go:


The scenery reminds a lot of Tangled, except for the fact that it's set in Norway and it really brings a great introduction to Scandinavia through a Дисней movie. That I would Любовь to go to Scandinavia, not just Norway.
I'm really happy that Arendelle is set at as a countryside near the sea and the mountains that it reminds me of my time in Salzburg, Austria. As it brings pleasantness and joy to it.


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A few months назад it seemed these were popping up pretty often, and I really wanted to make one, but I had a tough time choosing which scene was my Избранное from each movie. I didn't include Холодное сердце though, because I'm still unsure what my Избранное is. Well, I've finally narrowed it down for the others and came up with something that made me pretty happy, so let's go! I hope Ты enjoy :)

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

It was extremely tough choosing between With a Smile and a Song and the ending, but With a Smile and a Song wins out for me. The song isn't exactly the reason it places here, but...
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posted by princecatcher93
 Ты guys before the team games.
You guys before the team games.

1) If Ты signed up, please stroll down to one of the teams Ты signed up for, meet your teams and then vote on a leader (By Sunday).
2) If Ты still want to join, find one of the teams that is not full (It will be in bold if it's full) and Комментарий или message me if Ты want to Присоединиться that team and we will set Ты up
3) This was a first come first sever game или by how often Ты come onto Fanpop. If Ты had жасмин as choice one and Belle at choice to and Belle's team only had one person who comes on every...
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I have tried/am trying to write a Disneyville high school but I'm having issues about how to represent the characters. I got Gaston down at the jock, and the triplets girls from Beauty and the Beast as cheerleaders Золушка and her steps are the new kids (but Ella's the protagonist).

These are who I have for teachers:
Jane Porter- English
Jafar Magic -Science-*picks on Aladdin*
Merlin History-history
Ursula Landvik -gym class/swimming coach *picks on Ariel*
Roger Radcliffe –music
Anita Radcliffe -home Ec.?

Aurora-(but likes to be called Rose) Pajari
Phillip Romanov
Aladdin Scott (I guess...
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I wrote this because I was feeling Болталка and strange. Plus my Друзья were like "We are geniuses, post this online." So I was like "this is pointless...but ok." So here is my pointless little blurb of weirdness.

Teacher/Mr.Moore: Ok class lets get down to business. I know Ты had a fun snow break but it's time to focus. today we will be baking muffins, we will follow the basic recipe but feel free to elaborate and make the оладья, кекс, маффин flavor of your choice. Come back to my class after school to finish the оладья, кекс, маффин project and be graded. Failure to complete this assignment will receive an F test grade....
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posted by misscindyspice
Hi, my name is Darby-Adele, или just Darby. I like warm hugs, and I am an emoticon abuser. I'm 13, though sometimes people say I look like a 10 год old boy. Thanks friends! I have dirty blond curly hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. I wear glasses, and have to wear a back brace because I have scoliosis. I've suffered from bullying, lots of it, but I've been seeing a significant decrease, maybe because I have been building up my self confidence and opening up to people, which feels nice, because bullies suck.

I've been a big Дисней Princess fan, ever since I was a little girl. My Избранное Disney...
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posted by THEDisneyFreak
 She and Snow White could be the most underrated to me
She and Snow White could be the most underrated to me
Here is the problem with most people on Merida: she's selfish and wanted to change her mom. I can agree with that yes, but she changed and genuinely apologized in the end. Now I'm not going to bring up Ariel, they are very different but comparing them makes me look desperate. You're free to disagree, we all have opinions.
Though yes. I'm aware an Статья like this has just been written but the Автор is fine with it, I've been Письмо this for the past two days.

I used to hate the idea of Храбрая сердцем and Merida herself. I thought there was no possible way she would become my Избранное или beat Rapunzel,...
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posted by THEDisneyFreak
Ты are beautiful because......
Ты make the sun shine brighten

Ты are beautiful because
Ты make people jealous and tighten (Their fists)

Ты are beautiful because......
I'm doing this for Ты with really bad rhymes

Your beauty pays off ten dimes....?

Ты are beautiful because....
Alrighty, let's skip over this part, Ты get it already. This is sooo cheesy.

Ты are beautiful because......
I сказал(-а) SO

Thank Ты beautiful people! *Get's booed*
No, seriously, Любовь Ты guys ;)
posted by PrincessVT
The princesses were painting one nail which was Rapunzel's idea. She сказал(-а) it would be a good bonding idea.

Elsa was painting Merida's nail orange. "Meh... me ladies in waitin'n done better," Merida said

"Hi Cleo!" Everybody smiled and ran up to her. "Cleo meet, Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Pocohantas, Mulan, Tiana, Rapunzel, Merida, Anna and last but not least Elsa," Sofia сказал(-а) pretty proud of her knowledge of their names.

"Hi!" Cleo said. "Is that a fish?" Ariel сказал(-а) looking at Bubble who was in Sofia's hand. "Yes and Ты are..." Bubble сказал(-а) but due to the water they couldn't...
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This is chapter one of my new Фан fiction, The Neverending Sadness inside. It's a duel perspective story, so when Ты see * * *, it means the perspective has changed from one character to another. Thank Ты so much for checking this out, and I hope Ты all enjoy!! (Warning, this will be prettyyyy depressing..) :)

It's been thirty days since I got the news. An entire месяц since I got the news that would change my life, well it should've at least. Nothing has changed though. I'm still stuck in this rut that I've been in all my life.

I slowly put on my gloves and sigh. Anna's right outside the...
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Hey, so i FINALLY finished this article, i was gonna put in the Дисней Prince spot, then i though .. what the hell .. they are part of the DP movies, anyways, here's the ranking of the best Дисней Princes' outfits as voted by you.

P.S : i'm just gonna put your comments, because there are DO MANY OUTFITS O_O

P.S : Fanpop wont let me Загрузить еще than 20 photos, so there's a секунда part

25- Eric's Blue suit

Maria7Potter : Blue & red...

princesslullaby : Eric's blue suit is winning?? nooo, why?! Eric makes every outfit attractice <33
this is a cape. ITS A CAPE!!!

CuteDiana : Eric's suit...
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