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 The current line-up.
The current line-up.
I haven't written an Статья for this spot in five-ever and I'm pretty sure this Список has changed for me since so here I go, whatever. It's 4:30am so please excuse any hideous typos that make Ты cry blood that I don't see until I've read it back through 50 times.

10. Sleeping Beauty
 Pretty, but boring as fuck.
Pretty, but boring as fuck.

Surprising absolutely no-one, this movie has remained at the bottom of my list. Why? Because it's dull as fuck. Sleeping Beauty sounds like the Название is trying to compliment its audience, who will no doubt be well into the land of nod by the time the credits are anywhere near. The...
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posted by random_camo
The Princess and the Pea

     The story starts long назад in a far away country. In the country there lives a smart and Храбрая сердцем handsome prince, named Antonio who has to marry a "true princess" to save his kingdom from peril. Princesses from far and wide have failed because of his jealous step mother, Queen Sonya who has placed a curse on the kingdom that's so powerful, only true Любовь can stop it.

The curse goes:
"If one does not feel a ruffle in her sheet, the kingdom will become dark and bleak. A princess of true grace and nobility, one of good faith and sensitivity, will destroy the wicked spell,...
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Hi. This is my first Статья for this club and I thought it would be logical to make it about my favourite Princesses and express my feelings about them. I have 8 favourite Дисней girls, not all of them are actual Princess, but I feel the need to share my Любовь for them here. English is not my first language and I apologize for any mistakes.

All the pictures and screen Трофеи taken from various Fanpop spots.

Number 8: Belle

I know a lot of people consider Belle to be the best Дисней Princess and have her as number one. I appreciate that, however, for me, as much as I Любовь her, she didn't make it...
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My name is Jaime :) And I like it :) Oh, and before Ты start thinking I'm a dumb blonde, I promise I'm not :)

I was born in florida - hot, beautiful, sunny palm coast - but then I moved to Canada :| now I travel in between :)

A bit about me:

I Любовь dancing! It's probably my favourite thing in the world. I hope to be a dancer at some point in my life (a legitimate dancer, not a stripper) I also Любовь Пение :) And I'm an unbelievably HUGE movie buff. My favourites are Titanic, The Dark Knight and The Departed - my favourite Дисней is Tangled, Beauty & The Beast, The Hunchback of Notre Dame,...
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The Далее day, Ariel was in homeroom and some guy who was sitting Далее to blondie asked Ariel "Hey, is that your natural hair color?"
Ariel replied "Yeah."
"It's gorgeous." the guy replied back.
"This is Flynn или Ты can call him Eugene. We're dating at the mo." The blondie said.
"Hey Rapunzel, nice extensions. What's it made of?" сказал(-а) a dude who walked past Rapunzel.
She quickly сказал(-а) "Your mom's chest hair!!!" (Not really)
"I'm Rapunzel."
"Hi, I'm Ariel. Do Ты guys know where Room G is?"
Flynn took and looked at Ariel's agenda and сказал(-а) "Health Tuesday/Thursday Room G"
"I think it's in the back building."...
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posted by Swanpride
DISCLAIMER: This Статья solely consists of my opinions. I don’t think that it’s the only one which matters. I also don’t think that everyone has to agree. Just take it as a different perspective and feel free to share your perspective here. I don’t think that we’ll come to a consent about the matter I intend to address, but this might help all of us to understand where the other is coming from.

In the last week, there has been еще than one discussion about the use of the pick page here. I try to summarize some of them up: There are too many countdowns, this или that pick is stupid,...
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1. Belle
Belle has a really good relationship with her father. They are never shown fighting или arguing. Although the villagers think both are odd, Belle and Maurice are satisfied to have each other.

When Belle sees Philippe coming Главная without her father, she is worried and boldly goes to the dark forest searching her father.

Entering a scary castle, Belle finds her father imprisoned in a cold jail. Then, she declares to take Maurice's place as the prisoner although she will spend her entire life in the gloomy замок with a horrible, monstrous Beast.

Many days pass. Belle and the Beast...
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posted by MagicPrincess
Tiana wears a total of 9 outfits (grown up) in the movie making her the princess with the most dress changes.

9. La'Bouffs' Маскарад Dress:
I Любовь Tiana and all, but in this dress? BLEEUUUGGHH!!! Hate the design, hate the color and whaddup with that headdress?
 Umm, not the one in the poofy dress :)
Umm, not the one in the poofy dress :)

8. Cal's Dress:
Tiana's Cal's dress is quite nice I guess. Almost looks like Alice's dress but that's just me. The color is pretty!
 Not bad :)
Not bad :)

7. оранжевый Outfit:
This looks quite cute but I don't know if оранжевый is her color :-/
 I don't think so
I don't think so

6. Duke's Dress:
This dress cute, love...
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I'm in such a soundtrack mood so I decided to take a break from my Избранное DP speaking voices which I haven't even started to write. I Любовь soundtracks so this Список was harder to write than the others. I will post Ссылки to my Избранное scores and Избранное songs in each movie. Image credit goes to disneyscreencaps.com.

10. The Princess and the Frog
Don't get me wrong, I Любовь this soundtrack, but not as much as the others. I Любовь jazz Музыка and Randy Newman did a good job with making the soundtrack. This is also the only soundtrack I have in home, I got it for Рождество 2009 from my oldest brother...
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Well, this Статья is VERY overdue by now...I've written my Избранное princess Статья when I first joined, but not this one. So yes, time to fix that once and for all! I actually like all of the princes listed here, and they were very hard to rank. Anyway, enjoy reading! Thank you, CuteDiana, for making the pictures!

10. Charming

Okay, okay. I know this is a typical placement for him, but I just feel neutral about him. I can't use the excuse for lack of screen time, because, well...you'll see why later. I also can't say he lacks a personality, because he does have a personality. When he...
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10 Snow White

Snow White is pretty. Although she is referred as a young woman with skin as white as the snow, lips as red as a rose and hair as dark as a raven I don’t find her that beautiful. I don’t like her hair, the shape of her face and her nose.

9 Rapunzel

Rapunzel has beautiful hair, I Любовь both her long- blonde and short- brown hair. She has lovely eyes- color but her eyes are too big. The problem with Rapunzel is that she is 3D princess and her features seem weird to me. I’d prefer her as 2D, she would be еще beautiful. Now she’s just cute and pretty.

8 Aurora
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posted by DreamyGal
 *~DreamyGal Productions~*
*~DreamyGal Productions~*
I thought I had finally found him. Everything was great. He was sweet, funny, and very affectionate. He was genuine; the real deal, или so I thought. He took me out to a nice ужин on Valentine's Day...everything was perfect. Later that night, we were on the диван, мягкий уголок watching a movie, and I had laid my head in his lap, and he was running his fingers through my hair. He bent down and kissed me, looked deep into my eyes and told me that he loved me. I almost didn't know what to say...I was a little shocked, b/c of my past experiences. I told him that I loved him too. After that night, he began to...
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I'm assuming that all the people on the spot are here because they Любовь Дисней princesses as much as I do... But why do we Любовь them so much?

Every single Дисней Princess has a different personality, story and dream but they all share one thing (asides from beauty )... They are strong, brave, independent, empowering women.

Some people may disagree with me but honestly I don't cre because these are my thoughts and opinions and I want to share them.

In so many Фильмы these days, the main character are the men. The women are side-line characters, letting the men rule the storyline. They have no real...
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I'll be honest: I like the Дисней villains еще than I like the princesses, and I like the princesses a lot. Villains are so fascinating, and for someone who enjoys the dark side of life as much as the light side (if not еще so), Дисней villains have always been my Избранное Дисней characters. Here are my Избранное Дисней Princess villains!

10) Mother Gothel
I know, I know, I'm sorry. I know that Mama Gothel has gotten a pretty significant Фан base of her own lately, and I just have to admit that I wasn't that impressed. As someone who loves Дисней villains, I was disappointed by how vague...
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posted by juniper427
Since most of the Дисней princesses are derived from fairy tales they have gone through many transformations before Дисней took their stab at it. I’m going to use the stories I grew up on as “the original”.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)
In the original Brothers Grimm story the evil Queen tries three times before the poisoned яблоко to kill Snow White and fails, ones with a poison comb, once with a murderously tight hair ribbon and another time with a similarly tight corset. Each time she is saved by the dwarves. Дисней also gets rid of the queens violent smashing of the magic...
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A/N#1: Blahhh another boring chapter:/ Sorry gotta get through all the
descriptions and introductions! But the story will pick up very soon!

Chapter 3:

Four months on a лодка in the middle of the ocean with no land in
sight, that was until today.
We finally arrived in a small town that was surrounded by huge oaks
and pines, a cliff overlooked the sea and the sand was a brownish
color. It wasnt the most beautiful land ever but it was land, I wanted
off this лодка so bad that I didn't care where they let me off as long
as the land was solid.
The wind whipped through my long black hair and I grabbed the...
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I would just like to say, I think it would be a good idea to have this countdown every 6 months. Then we can notice patterns in избранное and such.

9. Snow White
First Countdown: 9th Place
Second Countdown: 9th Place
Change: None.

Well, I don't want to write a Описание about poor Snow White, so I'll let another user explain:

"My issue with Snow White is the rumor that she is 13 years old, which isn't a big deal in and of itself, but she's Пение and pining for true love. Even though, once upon a time, girls did marry that young, that concept has always...
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Chapter Two

"I still cannot believe Ты told everyone I have Hello Kitty boxers." James groaned, hitting his head on the table. "Now they will all come over and laugh at me."
"Oh come on, Ты should be grateful I сказал(-а) that." Amara responded. "Now when they come over I can get them off your back."
"Yes, by hopelessly flirting with them." James rolled his eyes.
"Hey, tough break about the boxers man." Jamal сказал(-а) walking over to them. He pat James on the shoulder. "Don't worry, I've seen Genie in way еще embarrassing stuff."
"Thank you, I feel so much better now." James muttered sarcastically.
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posted by Onceuponadream
 Even beautiful in my sleep!<3
Even beautiful in my sleep!<3
Hello, Aurora here (let’s just totally set aside the idea that I am Письмо this)! Is your hair dull, lifeless, или damaged? Are Ты acne-prone, plain, или just need Совет from the most beautiful girl in the kingdom? или maybe Ты just don’t know your ABC’s? Well Ты have come to the right expert! Read on to learn how I make my golden hair bouncy, my face flawless, and keep all of the young men chasing me (even after my marriage to Phillip)!
A is for acne (EW)! So basically, every single person that has hit puberty has encountered acne, even me! The three steps to getting rid of problem...
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9.Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
Finally, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves gets last place. I'm sick of it winning first place everytime. This film is so overrated and overappreciated.

.....Most people сказал(-а) Snow White's voice was annoying and the songs were bad. That's all I have to say. I refuse to write any еще hatred about this film. From now on whenever I write Статьи I'm just automatically going to put Snow White last, или not even bother including it in countdowns, as it's going to lose anyway.

"ANd I hate Snow White's Пение voice! Horrible!" (skypirate)

"I only like Heigh Ho...
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