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posted by hisblueeyes
Essay I wrote for US History Class, just thought Ты might want to read it...

"In Walt Disney’s 33rd animated feature, Pocahontas is portrayed as a young woman in her low twenties. John Smith comes over from England in Поиск for a new land, but Ratcliffe, the main antagonist, is going there because he wants gold. When John Smith meets Pocahontas, he is at first as prejudice as all the other men. But after Pocahontas shows him the land, and convinces him they don’t have gold, he decided that he doesn’t want to hurt the Indians anymore. When he and Pocahontas fall in love, everything goes...
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 tbh same anna prince hans is one dream ломоть
tbh same anna prince hans is one dream hunk
For my first article, I decided to start with a light, fluffy topic! Kidding, of course, but I think this is a rather crucial topic that needs to be discussed. Something to keep in mind before Чтение this article, I'm a Фан of Frozen, I'm a Фан of the Дисней Princesses, and I'm without a doubt a Фан of Disney! Ты can be a Фан of something and still criticize it (Spoiler alert for the article? Ah well..) Anyway, onto the article!

First things first let's discuss the racial makeup of Frozen's setting. Oh WAIT, we can't because Холодное сердце takes place in a fictional land! That's something that seems...
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I decided to write this because there's always a moment where each of these princesses aren't happy so well here we go :)

The only rule I had was that the princess has to Показать any feeling except happiness for majority of the scene so not the whole scene that's too hard to find almost at least!

Snow White: The Forest Scene

This is in my opinion one of the scariest movie moments, maybe even the scariest, it scares me whenever I watch the scene. What makes me Любовь this scene so much is the animation, it's so well done that it scares me. This scene clearly shows that Дисней has a dark side!...
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 This is basically Elsa's character in a nutshell.I can relate to those words easily.
This is basically Elsa's character in a nutshell.I can relate to those words easily.
Elsa is without a doubt my Избранное Дисней character ever because she's the one I related the most out of all the Дисней characters out there.Let's get into еще detail why I Любовь her so much,shall we ;):

Originally,I didn't Любовь Elsa that much,I thought she was okay and felt neutral about her.That is until I re-watched the movie 2 months назад and from that день on,I realized just how much I have in common with her.
It was like I was seeing myself in her,for me that meant so much,and I'm thankful for that.
Ты see,my mom told me to hold back my emotions at school because I have big anger issues...
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Gaston’s Curse
After колокол, колокольчик, белл and Beast have an argument, колокол, колокольчик, белл leaves the замок to take a walk. She comes across a shattered body dressed in Gaston’s clothes. Soon she hears a growl and a beast comes out to attack her. Beast comes from nowhere to protect her. The beast continues to come back. They soon learn the beast is Gaston as he was transformed into a beast as he fell. Unlike Beast, he has no redemption and the only option is to kill him.

Mother’s Day
Aurora keeps telling Phillip she wants a baby. He continues to refuse her plead. On Mother’s day, Aurora notices...
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posted by JNTA1234
 The Legendary Princesses
The Legendary Princesses
I've been wanting to do this for a long time. So, here Ты go, my Избранное moment from each Дисней Princess film. Here are the ground rules.
1.The princess has to be in the scene. Obviously Аладдин and Sleeping Beauty will have to suffer for that.
2.They can't be musical numbers. Otherwise this entire Статья would be nothing but songs.

Snow White runs away
The scene was so creepy, it creeps me out to this день and I Любовь it. The dark and frightening imagery, it gives me chills. After surviving an attempt at murder, Snow White runs off in fear to the forest where she lets her imagination run wild....
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posted by phantomrose89
There are two things I enjoy doing on the internet: participating in Дисней Princess games and conversation, and judging celebrities' clothes on People.com. I don't know, call it a shallow amusement. I'm not a fashion guru, and my everyday attire is what Clinton and Kelly would call an abhorrence, but it's just so damn FUN. With that said, here are my Избранное (and least favorite) Дисней Princess Wardrobes.

10) Pocahontas
Ol' Pokie is purely here by default. She only has one outfit, and because of who she is and the way she lives, it's not really MEANT to be much of a fashion statement....
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First of all, I would like to say huge THANK Ты to all of you, who participated in the countdown, and especially to those of you, who left comments.

Here are the results of Best Princess Dance Scene Countdown as of June 2011.

11. Tiana's dance with Naveen in the bayou

No surprises here really. A lot of people thought this dance is ridiculous and strange. I guess Животные dancing together is not a really idea of a nice dance Популярное around here.

Darkshine said: "I Любовь PATF, but not this dance. It's not really special, and it looks a bit weird. луч, рэй starts Пение about him being in Любовь and suddenly...
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9.Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
Finally, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves gets last place. I'm sick of it winning first place everytime. This film is so overrated and overappreciated.

.....Most people сказал(-а) Snow White's voice was annoying and the songs were bad. That's all I have to say. I refuse to write any еще hatred about this film. From now on whenever I write Статьи I'm just automatically going to put Snow White last, или not even bother including it in countdowns, as it's going to lose anyway.

"ANd I hate Snow White's Пение voice! Horrible!" (skypirate)

"I only like Heigh Ho...
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posted by rhythmicmagic
People say that Ariel never learned a lesson in The Little Mermaid and that she never really was sorry for what she did. I kind of agreed with this until I watched The Little Mermaid last night, and I realized that she does actually learn a lesson.

When people like to defend Ariel, they tend to point to this line:
Daddy, I'm sorry! I - I - I didn't mean to. I didn't know –
However, those who say Ariel doesn’t learn anything say it is only one moment, and that she was really just sorry she got caught.
 The weaker scene everyone remembers
The weaker scene everyone remembers

However, no one pays attention to the scene after...
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10. Aurora
I have nothing against her, but she is not that Храбрая сердцем in my opinion. The only thing Храбрая сердцем that comes to my mind of her is to talk with a boy that Ты don't know, and then flirt with him. To me, that is something that takes an outgoing person to do, and I'm not that outgoing.

Again, I have nothing against her, but she is still not that brave. Sure she is brave, but not as Храбрая сердцем as the other people on this list.She worked as a servant girl almost all her life. And that my friends, is something I would despise doing. But she didn't just run away. So that is why it got her...
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I figured I'd make my Список of my Избранное Дисней princess sequels since most people who make these just hate on them while I like them all. First of all I wanna say Зачарованная Tales isn't a sequel. It's just a special for little girls the ages of 4-8. It's just something to teach girls lessons and is too short to be an actual movie. It's cute but nothing to be compared to the sequels. Please Комментарий but keep in mind this is just my opinion, enjoy.

10.Pocahontas 2: Journey To A New World

Use to I hated this movie with a passhion but now I like it. It has some good songs, especially where...
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Alright, confession time: I set out to do this role model countdown with a certain level of zeal that I'm sure surprised some of you, but truth be told: it's part of some deeper research I've been working on for a while.
As many of you, I'm a student of both film and feminism, and I'm particularly fascinated by how women are portrayed and have evolved in Дисней animation. I've been researching and Письмо about my findings with Дисней and feminism for a while, but I wanted to see what Ты GUYS, the devoted fans, see in your Избранное (or least favorite) heroines. Are they truly good role models?...
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 *~DreamyGal Productions~*
*~DreamyGal Productions~*
I’ve wrote lots of Статьи about the Princesses; my Избранное Princess, Избранное song, Избранное movie, Избранное scene, etc. I wanted to write an Статья on my Избранное things about each Princess; my Избранное things about her personality, my Избранное scene of her, my Избранное dress she wears…so on and so forth. So here we go!

 Snow White
Snow White

She used to irritate me, but I now I find her completely lovable and endearing. I Любовь that she is always positive, even when she finds out her Stepmother wants her dead and she has no where to live, what does she do? She sings a song! I wish I could...
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Mulan is a lot of people's favorites. It's claim to fame is it's the first truly kick ass, heroic-equivalent-of-a-prince female character. But other than that, Мулан isn't anything special. It has the first chinese princess, but Мулан wasn't the first minority princess. It didn't help Дисней in anyway, it's Анимация wasn't spectacular, and it only has four songs.

"No significant milestone was hit with this film." (princesslullaby)

Not much еще impressive than Mulan. It's part of Disney's "fearsome foursome", it made a lot of money, and it helped continue the Renaissance....
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Hi, so this is my секунда Статья which DP I think some fanpoppers look like as so many seemd to like the link. Again, everything here is just my opinion, not a fact so don't be mad if Ты think I'm completely wrong.
Thank Ты to everyone who dared to share their picture(again there wasn't any ugly one), without Ты this would be really boring article. I'm really sorry if Ты feel offented of something I wrote about you, again it's then just my stupidity for not looking your picture right.

link Belle/Cinderella/Pocahontas

Hair is like Belle's and Cinderella's without bangs или if it wa slonger...
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Sorry it's long. I have a lot of beliefs about these three to respond to! May get preachy!

I really hate all the hate the old princesses get, especially Snow White. She has a lot еще personality than she is дана credit for (more than many of the Последнее heroines have, too). she’s got a sassy sense of humor, she’s unbelievably emotionally strong despite the horrible abuse and near murder she went through twice (the victim blaming she and Золушка get is rather disgusting and hypocritical), she never gave up hope about meeting her Любовь again, she didn’t need to run around chasing boys...
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This is a Список of the ranking of the most girly and feminime Дисней princesses. Clothing, hair, accessories, personality affects

11. Merida
Obviously, she is the less girly princess in the line. That curly hair, she doesn't care about her looks either. She isn't the typical "damsel in distress" who only cry waiting for her prince to come. Playing with weapons all day, how can she be the first place in this countdown?

10. Mulan
Even though a warrior, she still has some girl points. She stays graceful, but still hold the tough girl trait. She can't be the last in this rank

9. Rapunzel
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 Read this first
Read this first
10. Snow White
Sorry to offend anybody but I think is she is the least attractive of all DPs.
-like: I Любовь her ebony dark hair and a red bow looks even еще fantastic in her hair, it looks so well together. Also Любовь her rosy red lips, they are so cute. Her pale skin looks very well with her red lips and black hair. And she has a cute smile.
-dislike: I hate her hair style. What up with that hair? It's the weirdest looking short hair style on animated characters I've seen! Also, as I was looking at her I realized something I never seen before: She has a huge forehead but tiny eyes! Look at her...
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Okay, I've seen some people do friendship pairs before but I decided take it to the Далее level. This is my opinion on how the princess would get along, in вверх 20 format. It took me ages to put together and I honest to God have no idea what I'm doing. I tried my best to take in account the princesses' personalities, their hobbies and their talents. And I think I did a pretty good job.

Honorable Mentions
Snow White and Belle
Cinderella and Rapunzel
Aurora and Ariel
Aurora and Belle
Ariel and Mulan
Belle and Jasmine
Belle and Mulan
Jasmine and Pocahontas
Pocahontas and Tiana
Pocahontas and Rapunzel
 The Royals
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