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posted by sweetie-94
I started to think of some kind of quote I had read somewhere when I thought of it:
"All of my memories keep Ты near, in silent moments imagined you'd be here"
But where was that from? I tried seraching around until I found it, it was a lyric from a song called Memories so I listned to it, i realised how much I could relate to the song right now. I imagined my prince was here and my memories kept him near since he appeared in many of the past events I'd been through.

The days passed by quickly, but I did enjoy the life here, I listned to Музыка and sang a lot so that I would forget my longing...
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posted by JNTA1234
For a family friendly company. Дисней really knows how to make a decent villain, so much to the point where they're most interesting character in the movie. This countdown was hard because, with one obvious exception, all the Дисней villains are good at what they do.

10.Governor Ratcliffe
Needless to say, he's the obvious exception. He is so pathetic and stupid, I can't stand him. He can never do anything right. His most memorable moment involves being covered in glitter, oh that's very menacing. He's just a racist ambigiously gay dumbass. He's less of a villain and еще like a cheap laugh....
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posted by JNTA1234
 The voices of our childhood Иконки
The voices of our childhood icons
First of all, I think all the princesses are amazing singers. I Любовь and respect all the voice Актрисы and I'm truly grateful for all they've done for Disney.
10.Snow White
I know you're not surprised. I Любовь her voice, I think it's very unique. But at the same time it can be extremely annoying. Have Ты seen the official Дисней Princess website? Snow White's voice is ten times еще annoying than it was in the movie. I like her voice but It's something I have to be in the mood for. Her best song is a Smile and a Song, I just Любовь it.
 Unique but annoying
Unique but annoying

Yeah, I never found Belle's...
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Snow White-Christina Ricci

Cinderella-Katherine Heigl

Aurora-Kate Hudson

Ariel-Rachel McAdams

Belle-Natalie Portman

Jasmine-Kim Kardashian

Pocahontas-Nicole Scherzinger

Mulan-Zhang Ziyi


Rapunzel-Kristen Bell
At this point, Fairy Godmother and the 3 good Феи arrive to break the chains that have tying the princesses. Soon, they follow the Феи to where Dee Dee is.
However they are being stop by the Spirit's henchmen and fought off successfully! Finally making their way to Dee Dee's cell and release her. "Thank goodness that Ты guys came! The spirit is going to kill me soon, come on, let's get out of here!"
But before they could escape, the Spirit arrives and is blocking the main entrance. "So Ты think Ты all could escape me? Well, try me first. Then, I will Ты all pass!"
She starts to attack Dee Dee with her impressive martial arts Переместить while both of them attack as the other princesses look on. They are all impress by Dee Dee's martial arts and cheering for her.

To be continued........
Hello, and welcome to the Worst Дисней Princess Villian fates countdown results article! This countdown shall begin with ten, and work our way down to the worst Villain fate as voted by our public, the Дисней Princess fans. Enjoy.


10: Lady Tremaine of Cinderella: Our dear Cinderellas' mean, and wicked stepmother, raised Золушка as a child when her father died and made her the slave of her own house. But luckily, in the end our lovely and kind Золушка managed to fall in Любовь with the prince, become a princess,...
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Okay I got the inspiration from watching The Muppets, but this one is about how it all started and well here's a short summary of the story: The Дисней Princesses meet one день and decides to start a tv-programme where they each week do something like talking about a special subject или Пение a song или basically anything, well the rest Ты have to wait with hearing. About my other two fan-fictions I'll finish them someday in the future.

We have seen the Дисней Princesses in their Фильмы and on photos, but we've never seen them together outside the фото world and Ты maybe always have...
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I'm a big Фан of Britney Spears, her songs are fantastic and she's very well known and has been a singer since 1998, isn't that amazing? Now this time I'm not going to post a link to an Статья about her since I think most of us knows who she is. Again it was hard to choose which song I would use for each princess, but anyways enjoy!

Snow White: Oops!...I Did It Again

This song Форс-мажоры her very well in my opinion because well it Форс-мажоры the relationship between her and Grumpy, it's not a very well suited song, but it still Форс-мажоры her in my opinion.
Here's a link to the song: link

Cinderella: Lucky...
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With one dress per princess, this is not in any perticular order of which i like best

Snow White: Yellow dress
With only two dresses in the film my fav has got to be the yellow one. it fits her well and matches her skin tone nicely.

Cinderella: Wedding dress
White looks so good on her so my fav dress is the original wedding dress. the way it complaments the frame of her body makes her verry pretty.

Aurora: Blue dress
Her blue dress has got to be hands down my fav dress on her. blue is definetly her color, the розовый doesn't quite work as well with her purple eyes and Золото hair.

Ariel: Blue town dress...
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The холм, хилл was so wonderful that Rose Red felt sad over leaving them, but she was ready to see the castle.

The замок was so big and beautiful and was located close to the sea and was high up the mountains.

They went inside and after a while Rose Red discoverd a mirror and asked her mother about the mirror because she thought that she saw a face in it.
"It's a magic mirror, Ты can ask anything and it will Ты the answer, but when I lived here there I lived with my stepmother and she used the mirror to ask who the fairest one of all was and usually it сказал(-а) that she was, but one день it сказал(-а) that...
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I recently got to sit down with the characters of Disney’s Snow White and interviewed them using Вопросы from their fans. The Evil Queen and the Huntsman ghosts were even allowed to leave Purgatory for this grand event. Doc came as the spokesman of the Dwarfs so that the others could stay in the mines and work. Please enjoy this raw and in-depth look into their interesting lives.

(We all settled down in our chairs….the Queen and huntsman were on one side in chains with a purgatory guard behind them….the Prince and Snow were on the other side with Doc in the middle….I noticed right...
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posted by JaimeRay
I'm reworking my origional "Top 5" Статья to incorporate my changes of сердце and new found Любовь for a couple of characters, as well as include ALL of the Princes, not just those I found really attractive.

10. Prince Charming

I'm not even going to waste my time giving him a summary - he looks like a plastic Ken doll. Period.

 Con: Misleading Name...
Con: Misleading Name...

9. The Prince

Hmm…nice pearly whites, thick brown locks… I guess Ты could call him good-looking, but personally, I don’t see it.

 Con: Too much chin for one man.
Con: Too much chin for one man.

8. John Smith
I know alot of people tend to like John Smith, but I am...
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This is a continuation of my DP Movie Mistakes articles, but this time I came back with BaTb. Enjoy!

Gaston: when the townspeople sing the song "Gaston" in one scene, we see a wide shot of a медведь rug under the chair. And during the time where they are singing, they Переместить Gaston's chair to just in front of his медведь rug. And it magically moves back and forth from under his chair. Observe;
 Gaston's chair is moved in front of the rug, and he's not above it.
Gaston's chair is moved in front of the rug, and he's not above it.
 And I messily highlighted Gaston's foot so Ты can tell it from the rug, but how'd it get there?
And I messily highlighted Gaston's foot so Ты can...
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"This is your lunch okay?" сказал(-а) King Triton as he looked at his youngest daughter.
"I put some money in there so Ты can buy some milk, Ты can ask the older kids where it is." he сказал(-а) again.
"Do Ты have your phone number? I wrote it down for you, just in case! Okay, Ты ready?" King Triton asked, again.
"I think so." сказал(-а) Ariel.
"It's Ariel's big day!" Attina сказал(-а) (who was the eldest of her sisters). Then, all Ariel's sisters hugged her, including her daddy; they all started to cry.
"Guys, I think it's natural for dad to cry but for Ты guys? My older sisters? This only happens when the child's...
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I've seen other peoples' Статьи and thought I should do one! BTW This is my first article!Yay!! Enjoy :D

10. Snow White and the Prince
Their kiss, for me, was a bit dull, boring and quick. It lacked emotion and passion but it is still a classic kiss.

9. Золушка and Prince Charming
The end Kiss was CLASSIC but it was boring and lacked emotion but it was still a beautiful ending to a beautiful story!

8. Sorry if I'm bashing out at the classic princesses! Aurora's Kiss had a drop of intensity in it and I Любовь how she brightens up after the kiss! It is truly a CLASSIC kiss!

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Thank Ты so much to everybody who voted & прокомментировал(-а) on each countdown pick. Credit to princesslullaby, for the idea of putting Комментарии in articles. I hope Ты enjoy reading!

10.Snow White
This sweet, refined, adorable little girl might be a joy to watch on-screen, but might've been lacking a bit in the smart department. First of all, she goes into some little house that she doesn't even know who's it is, and sleeps on their bed! Really? What if they all had malaria или something? Then, even though the dwarves warned her PLENTY of times, she lets in an old, creepy lady into her house....
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Finally it's time to Список my Избранное DP speaking voices. This was thougher to do because I Любовь all of their speaking voices. Image credit goes to disneyscreencaps.com.

10. Pocahontas (voiced by Irene Bedard)
 "Look around you, this is where the path of hating has brought us"
"Look around you, this is where the path of hating has brought us"

I like her speaking voice better than her Пение voice, but it's still not good enough to make it higher on my list. I think Irene should have done the Пение voice of Pocahontas because she is еще suiting for the character.

9. Belle (voiced by Paige O Hara)
 "Well, some people uses their imatinations"
"Well, some people uses their imatinations"...
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WOO-HOO STILL STANDING! Honestly, thank Ты all for the feedback I Любовь hearing what others think and thank Ты for respecting my Список and tolerating my weirdness- it's not easy to do. So now I present part 2 which takes a еще shallow approach to the Дисней Princesses if Ты ask me.

Prettiest Princess

10. Mulan

Give the girl credit, she dressed like a guy throughout her movie. I think Мулан has some beauty to her, don't get me wrong, but in her culture they consider her beautiful when they splash a bunch of makeup on her face to make her look like a doll. If I recall something her father said...
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Disclaimer: This was the hardest Список to write so far, so please feel free to point out things we might not have noticed.

Collectively written by: JonnaSe, Cromulanfav, CuteDiana, PpgBelle4, and Princesslullaby.

Tiana is too grounded and doesn't believe in wishing upon stars, whereas Rapunzel's very nature is about believing in destiny and fate. She would admire Tiana for her independence, really, but there would be a lack of connection and she wouldn't care too much about Tiana's work ethic.

While they would connect over the 'hidden princess' similarity, Rapunzel would...
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Hi there! I did a Countdown about шарлотка, шарлотта laBouff's Outfits! Here are the results! Pictures are at the bottom.

6. Childhood Dress
Nobody прокомментировал(-а) on this dress, but I presume that it was eliminated because people did not like the style and thought it was ugly and unflattering. I am not a big Фан of it.

5. Wedding Dress

"Noooo I Любовь her wedding dress!" ~Sumerjoy11
"I prefer the traditional white wedding dress." ~Mongoose09

This dress was probably eliminated because of the shape of the юбка and the sleeves, the two reasons I dislike it.

4. Mardi Gras Party Dress

"Too poufy and weird. I like...
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