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posted by RoseOfRapunzel
So, I just felt like doing this because I really don't have much progress and I wanted to regain it all. It doesn't have reprises.
This took me forever to do by memory and I'm pretty sure I won't get any recognition for this, but hey....I'm contributing, right?

I'm Wishing/One Song
Want to hear a secret?
Promise to never tell?
We are standing by a wishing well.
Make a wish into the well
That's all Ты have to do
And when Ты hear it echoing
You're wish will soon come true.
I'm wishing
For the one I love, To find me
I'm wishing, And I'm dreaming of
The nice things, He'll say.

One Song, I have but...
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Do the princesses care about their people?

Snow White well even though I never played Kingdom of Hearts its implied either Snow's kingdom is called the Dwarfs' kingdom или something. Well we know that Snow at least cares about dwarves and the wild animals.

Cinderella-well if Золушка II counts-she does care about the 'non-notability или royalty' aka townspeople being invited to her first big event. She also cares about her step-sister Anasista's Любовь life from the same movie

Sleeping Beauty-she never real gets a change until after the movie is finished to meet her future subjects.

Ariel-don't really...
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The sky reflected the Baudelaires' moods for it was gray--just like them. They were sitting in the backseat of Mr. Poe's car, driving toward the most horrible place on earth.
After a fit of coughing, Mr. Poe cleared his throat. "Children, I hope Ты know why I'm doing this."
"You can't send us to Count Olaf!" Klaus cried.
"I'm sorry, children, but he is the only man in this city who would be willing to adopt a group of criminals," Mr. Poe said, with a tone of hatred visible.
"Those were Olaf's crimes! He framed us!" сказал(-а) Violet.
"Now, children, there's no use lying about it." He parked in front...
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posted by AdelitaI
Snow White - Princess Vera Wang

I chose this parfume for Snow White because it consists яблоко notes and яблоко is a symbol of this character. It also consists Шоколад and it's another why this parfume fits Snow White so much. I think that Фрукты and gourmand notes fit her the best because of her warm, sweet, nurturing personality and her culinary skills.
I think that Anna and Su from Мулан II( the princess in yellow) would have this parfume as their Избранное too. These three are quite similiar personality-wise.
Other parfumes...
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Thanks to the ones who have recently прокомментировал(-а) on my Статьи :D. So, despite I have a lot of interests, I never get bored on picking mine and my friend’s Zodiac sign traits. I’m Sagittarius because I was born on 8th December. So now, let’s get started!

Snow White – Cancer

Popular Opinion, duh! She is Def a Cancer girl! Cancer people are kind, sweet, plucky, loyal, emotional and motherly. Emotionally grounded and fair to all, Snow White inspires us to always make the best out of a bad situation. The way she cares for the dwarves represents Cancer’s kind, cute and compassionate...
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posted by BelleRose829
вверх 10! Because there are just so many wonderful songs, fortunately I've organized them to perfection. Any-who I Любовь my Список guys, just Любовь it.

10. Once Upon A Dream

It's so adorable, plus it's based on the ballet composition and I Любовь classical Музыка so it just makes sense I'd Любовь it. Unless I'm just speaking out of ignorance, its words which aren't very meaningful. Nonetheless it's beautiful and if I had to pick a song that embodied fairytales it would be this one. Why I may seem vague, I think it's a timeless classic to be adored by many generations.

9. Цвета Of...
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posted by deedragongirl
 Who will play Belle?
Who will play Belle?
So, I have been hearing from many people over their disagreements about Emma Watson's casting as Belle. So, I thought that I would write this Статья about it if she wasn't cast at all, first no hard feelings to any Emma Watson Фаны out there (including myself) или to the actress herself. So here are my Список of actresses.

1. Anne Hathaway

I first heard her sing in Les Miserables, she blew everybody away with her rendition of 'I Dreamed a Dream', she's a marvelous singer in her own rights and I'm glad she's a talented actress!

2. Keira Knightley

I remember doing a Опрос regarding this 6 years ago...
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 Oh my Elsa! We know that Ты are excited!
Oh my Elsa! We know that you are excited!
Hi everyone, this Статья is focus on my personal favourite of the Asian Elsa. I'll also put the ratings from 1 to 10 and what I think about their voices, now their Пение is base on their performances on Elsa's signature song, Let it Go.

Cantonese (Voice Actress: Jobelle Ubalde)

This has gotta to be the worse dub of any Дисней movie ever! I hope that there will be no еще Cantonese dub for future Дисней movies, the choice for this actress is ridiculous.
She sounds like she's having a nasal while Пение and most of the time it's like out of tune! So sorry to all of my Друзья from Hong Kong,...
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I have always been intrigued with crossovers among Дисней princess couples. Although, honestly, most of these couples are for imagination and fictional enjoyment only as I tend to find еще and еще similarities between them than the original couples. I prefer original couple but sometimes i imagine different pairings as well.
Hope people won't find it awkward или weird to see these pairings and would enjoy it as interesting read. Having сказал(-а) that, I'd Любовь to hear your opinions of why any of these pairing is completely off and who would Ты rather pair them with?

1. Snow – Charming

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posted by laylastepford
 Honorary Mention: Cinderella's Father
Honorary Mention: Cinderella's Father
Okay so I basically grew up without parents in a large sense. That being said, I always yearned for a loving, stable and consistent mother and father to teach morals, values, effective and constructive communication, consequences for actions, real love, respect, trust, honor, etc. Since Walt Дисней founded the company under those family and character-based values, I have always been very attached to the Дисней brand. That being said, I was thinking about the Дисней Princesses' parents and if I could have traded my childhood situation with one of them, which would it be? Since I also Любовь lists...
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 Credit: Check part 1 of Jasmine's Story
Credit: Check part 1 of Jasmine's Story
Jasmine's Story Part 2:
When they came back to the замок the Феи decided to leave жасмин alone for a while, but before that they gave her a crown to match with her dress. At this point жасмин could no longer keep away the fact that she had met a stranger in the forest
"I know it was wrong of me to do it, but for some reason it feels as if we met when I was a baby, we where supposed to meet at the cottage this night, now I might not be able to see him again", жасмин told the fairies
"Then it must've been Prince Phillip that Ты met in the forest, Ты are suppose to marry him, it was decided...
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posted by PrincessVT
Эй, guys I'm PrincessVT and my real name is Vanessa Wesline Toussaint. That's a hatian last name so gasp! I'm hatian. Just kidding, I know hatian and fluent french both because that's my language.

I'm 13 years old and new and no good with writing. I like Письмо as a sport but I'm not too creative with it.

I didn't see Холодное сердце but in a few years, (Disney usually do this with Дисней Princesses) I'll watch it.

I like Дисней but I don't think my Друзья could relate... People think I'm annoying and childish. Eat Cat h8ters! (No I don't eat cat)

I like orcra, vegetables (cooked), meat... (Like birds...
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Ok so ariel was my 3rd Избранное but then I re watched her movie and I have to admit she dropped way low I realized I loved her movie not really her as a person then Merida was my 13th but I moved her up because her actions were understandable anyway I'd thought I'd rant about it to get it out of my system and for someone to maybe change my mind *sorry for my grammar and/or spelling that might go wrong in this article*

Ariel has a lovely life under the sea however she likes the human world and discovers there stuff in shipwrecks and collects their junk. Now her father doesn't like that because...
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Lately, I've been getting really into astrology. I matched each princess by their zodiac sign, mainly based on my intuition and personal experience. Just made this for fun and hope Ты enjoy!

Fire Signs
Here I have Ariel (the go-getter), Tiana (the workaholic) and Rapunzel (the playful). These signs are the doers and these princesses do a lot.

Ariel - Aries
Ariel is definitely the go-getter and extremely energetic. She's very bold and some people may criticize her for her risky decisions, but in the end, the Aries always get exactly what they want.

Moana - Aries
The ocean girls are go-getters,...
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The only thing I still come on this club to do. Let's begin.

This can get kind of hard to read sometimes and we're sorry, but we're also lazy. And lots of language. Oops. We're pretty immature, sorry about that! I hope Ты enjoy!

11. Snow White

LanaQueen: I knew Snow would place here. But she's a precious little snowflake so I feel bad..
LanaQueen: ....Except I also placed her last. Heh, heh...
darby: wow bringing out the italics someones mad
Hajirah: Oh, is that how we're doing it?
BelleOlive: I loved it that...
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posted by deedragongirl
 Ella and Kit's Wedding!
Ella and Kit's Wedding!
Hi guys, I will write down 4 of my favourite reboot songs played at the ending credits.

Strong (Cinderella)

I absolutely Любовь this song, like Let It Go from Frozen. I also played this on the car, it has a message in to be positive!

Once Upon A Dream (Maleficent)

Despite that I was not very happy with the arrangements and the tempo, I grew up with this song.

How Does A Moment Last Forever? (Beauty and the Beast)

I absolutely adored Celine Dion, she sang beautifully and emotionally. I'm glad that she's chosen to sing this and be a part of the film once again!

Evermore (Beauty and the Beast)

Another singer that I adored is Josh Groban, he sang beautifully and equally to Dan Steven.

Which Do Ты Chose?

Which of these 4 is your favourite? Do Ты agree with my reasons?
 Once Upon A Dream
Once Upon A Dream
 2 Songs!
2 Songs!
posted by deedragongirl
 Princesses with their voice actress!
Princesses with their voice actress!
Hi guys, I would like to write down my favourite Дисней Princess Signature Songs and the reason why I Любовь them!

1) How Far Shall I'll Go

Since watching Moana on the big screen, I could not get this song out of my head despite that I don't have the soundtrack yet.

2) Let It Go

Same reason as How Far Shall I'll Go, I also could not let it go! For the past few days, my brother have been listening it on his iPod and it is his favourite movie and song!

3) Beauty and the Beast

Another Дисней Princess that I grew up with, it is one of the most Популярное songs in Дисней history.

4) Part of Your World

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After seeing MaidofOrleans Список in the Форум link, I thought it was a cool idea to Список down Дисней Princesses on the basis of which how I relate to them или not relate to them. So here goes:


Snow White:

I don't really relate to her much. I cannot go from being scared for my life to cleaning the stranger's house in the same day. I'm optimistic but not like her, I'd be еще like practical and cautious in her situation. I am also not as organized as her and neither as much persistent with my ways of living.

 I'm sorry, I didn't mean to frighten Ты
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to frighten you

I wish I was as graceful...
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Here's my quick ranking on original DP films in part 1 of this Статья series. Part 2 will follow with all the sequels, prequels and shorts. Hope you'll enjoy it!

12. Princess and the frog:
I found the script to be very lazily written, with no wow moments to remember and no surprising twists. The movie crawled at deathly slow pace, making me skip scenes in between. The Анимация was pretty average with nothing memorable except a few scenes in bayou and death of Dr. Facilier. I found the sett ups to be unflattering and lacked the Дисней magic feel to it. The best set-up from the entire movie was...
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My Список hasn't changed all that much but I thought after rewatching Аладдин I would write an updated list.

13. Merida- Not a fan, I'm all for female empowerment but I don't like her attitude. She is just so rude & I do not find her likeable.

12. Elsa- She just really bugs me. I can't think of any other reasons but she just aggravates me.

11. Anna- Not keen on her either. She is not as bad as the other two but I'm not a fan, moving on.

10. Tiana- She is too much of a workaholic. I get that she has dreams to run her own restaurant but she can have fun once in awhile.

9. Jasmine- жасмин has really...
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