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SweetPea2007 posted on Aug 23, 2012 at 12:31AM
I am bored and decided to start a new fun game....it is similar to my Ask a character why, but instead of asking the characters questions directly you just ask what a random DP character would like and why.....
First person asks:
What is Jasmines favorite restaurant and why?

Second Person:
Jasmines favorite restaurant is a quaint little stall in the Market Place called Paul's, because it serves the Best Spicy Chicken and it was the first Aladdin took her to after Jafar was defeated.

What is Rapunzel's favorite book and why?

Have fun and be creative!

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Больше года SweetPea2007 said…
Let us Begin:

What is Belle's favorite Book and why?
Больше года rigo1315 said…
Romeo and Juliet. A romantic tradgedy filled with adventure.

I'm trying xp if it was bad nevermind HA!

What did Tiana get on her 13th birthday?
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Больше года hajirah4 said…
Tiana got a lovely pstel green dress with dots, and hearts, and music numbers. It was knee-length.

How did Pocahontas and Nakoma become friends (make is a little funny like ...
Poca- Wooooow....look at that dress...I WANT IT!!!
Nakoma- But I want it too.
Poca- Then I guess we have to fight over it.
Nakoma- No, why don't we be good? I hear you get special treatment...
Poca- Then what do we do?
Nakoma- I KNOW!! Let's take the dress apart and say to my mom to make another one for that, and for this (make one more side of the dress for Nakoma, and another side sewn for Poca.)
-10 minutes later of ripping the dress...-
Parents: Girls! What did you do?! That dress was meant for your cousin!
Poca- So...do we get our speshull tweet-ment now?
Больше года rigo1315 said…
Pocahontas and Nakoma met officially at the waterfall. Nakoma was sitting on the edge of the cliff looking at the sky when Pocahontas ran by and noticed her (She was previously heading to Grandmother WIllow). They chatted and that's when Pocahontas made a bold move.

Pocahontas: Nakoma?
N: yes..
P; Do you know how to swim?
N: Nooo... Wh-aaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!

INSTANT BEST FRIENDS after she pushed Nakoma off the cliff. Later their friendship grew when they found this new dress for their cousin. After being grounded they managed to share something very dear to their hearts. A baby raccoon they named Meeko.... xp

Why didn't Mulan have any siblings?
Больше года SweetPea2007 said…
Well Mulans Parents tried for years to have children, but after having two miscarriages they had Mulan in their late 30s...unfortunately Mulans mother had a very hard pregnancy and found out after having Mulan she could not have any more children. They were very sad because having boys is important in their culture but they got over their sadness and disappointment and love Mulan with all their hearts and hope for many grandchildren!

What is Tiana's favorite movie and why?
Больше года hajirah4 said…
Tiana's favorite movie is......... RATATOUILLE!!!
Why? Because Ratatouille pursued his own dream of cooking even though it seemed so impossible.
This has a relation to Tiana's interest -cooking- and her dream -opening a fantastic restaurant, although it seemed impossible-

What is Rapunzel's favorite hobby? (from the song "When Will My Life Begin")
Больше года 2kn111 said…
Besides painting, it's pottery. Because she loves to make pots so she can paint them and plant flowers in them :)

What's Ariel's favorite color?
Больше года rigo1315 said…
Blue. Blue ocean, blue eyes, blue fish, and most obvious Eric has blue eyes.

Why does Maleficent hate Aurora so much?
Больше года hajirah4 said…
She told me she used to be a purple fairy, and her name was "Mall-eff" until she gave a baby the power of shape shifting, everyone got mad and the court of fairies voted Maleficent off, and then...it happened. Maleficent made potions to make her have green skin, horns, and make her taller. She hates Aurora because it was her mother she gave the power, and she hates Aurora because she's the sole definition of her mother, one who she thinks "hates fun powers"

Does Cinderella think that her Fairy Godmother was too late?
Больше года rigo1315 said…
Yes for the longest time she cleaned cooked and managed the house she lived in by being a slave to those horrible when and now when she wants to go somewhere she appears. But Fairy Godmother says that it takes time for magic to realize just how kind and sweet a person is even if their lives are miserable it just not done to appear to anyone out of the blue.

What does Drizella do now that Anastasia is married to the baker and Cinderella married to the prince?
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Больше года hajirah4 said…
I've visited Drizella and she told me that she is married, but long distance. I doubt it.

What is Mulan's opinion on Bruce Lee
Больше года rigo1315 said…
She doesn't have one... yet. She's going to find him and see who is greater. Then Chuck Norris since he lives too far she said first Lee then Norris. She'll have to get back to us on that opinion. :)

Does Belle compete in Equestrian during the Olympics?
Больше года CalmlyCrashing said…
No, Belle prefers to stay in rodeos, instead of going all the way to the Olympics. She says the Olympics are too far away from home.

Does Ariel ever get sea sick on the boat?
Больше года hajirah4 said…
When I was in a ship somewhere around south america I found Prince Eric and I asked him
"OMG...Are you Prince Eric? Can you tell me where Ariel is?"
"...they always come for her...anyways if you want to see her, go ahead, but i'm warning you...she ate too much...and if you wanna see what she ate...you can see it in the color green...again."
So I suppose by that, she was sea sick....in the worst way imaginable.

How did Charlotte and Tiana become friends?
Больше года rigo1315 said…
When Eudora went to Lottie's house to make the dresses Tiana would come along seeing that Eudora didn't have anyone or money to watch over her. Luckily they became friends at a good moment when Lottie knew nothing about differences in color or racism so it turned out great when they were 19.

Can Snow White fight.... at all?
Больше года hajirah4 said…
When I actually saw a cottage at some bright and sunny woods, I knocked an Snow White welcomed me! We chatted for a while, sipping tea, and at the moment she told me that the only way she "fights" is by stepping on people's toes while she dances.

What's Jasmine's favorite city in a carpet ride?
Больше года PociandSmith said…
Ancient Greece.
Had Ariel a child after Melondy?
Больше года honey-chan02 said…
no. from the fact that she is the only princess to have a child, she only have Melody. what's the name of the chameleon that Rapunzel have as a pet?
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Больше года rigo1315 said…
honey-chan02: Pascal. Original name is unknown because Rapunzel named him.

hajirah4: She likes it, but wishes it was longer. She told me that Mickey Mouse used a magic spell. As we speak her brown hair is slowly growing under the blonde 70ft wig she wears at Disneyland. She wants it to at least her sholders.

What are the princess chinese zodiac signs and western zodiac signs?
Больше года SweetPea2007 said…
Snow White-Sheep/Libra
Cinderella Dog/Virgo
Aurora Dragon/Pisces
Ariel Rooster/Gemini
Belle Snake/Cancer
Jasmine Tiger/Aries
Mulan Monkey/Scorpio
Pocahontas Pig/Sagittarius
Tiana Ox/Taurus
Rapunzel Horse/Leo

What is Pocahontas's favorite native American dish and what is her favorite American dish?
Больше года mhs1025 said…
Pocahontas' favorite Native American dish is deer meat, and her favorite American/English dish is the pastry.

Why do Flora and Merrywhether fight over the colors Aurora should wear? I mean, what's the point?
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Больше года rigo1315 said…
Flora was never put as the leader she just kinda placed herself as one. Mainly because she has the most good ideas. Merryweather is a tough girl and rarely has good ideas, but when she has an idea she is full force. She knew blue fit Rose better because she has blue eyes and with each clear day of sunshine is like Rose playing outside the cottage. When Flora sensed this threat of power overthorow she freaked and so did Merryweather.

They have great ideas Pink and Blue, but Flora doesn't want to lose her power (which she won't) and Merryweather wants to contribute to baby Rose's birthday. Nobody wins and Aurora tells me she thinks it pointless to fight over, but doesn't care what dress she wears she feels like she wears a new gift with each change.

Why doesn't Fauna get involved? Does she not have the nerve to tell them to shut up and compromise?
Больше года hajirah4 said…
Fauna is "a woman of peace" and since she is, so is the color green. (it means peace and nature) Fauna also gets amused by there little bickering so she's fine with that. But of course she has the nerve.

Does Jasmine like the outfit Jafar gave her or the Hair?
Больше года mhs1025 said…
Jafar actualy USED Jasmine's beauty because because he wanted to seduce her ever since she turned 13!!!!!!!

Was Mulan always a loner or did she have some friends while growing up?
Больше года SweetPea2007 said…
ummm... I am going to give the awnser I think hajirah4 wanted:

Jasmine did not really like it, but Aladdin finds it extremly sexy...so she wears it for him...in private (wink wink nudge nudge)....The hair they both found stupid...Aladdin prefers it down and surrounding her body like a cloud....

Mulan comes from a well off family and so did not very many friends based on her rank and she was a bit "odd" .....but she did have one good friend named Ming who alas moved away when they were 10...since then Mulan has been very lonely....

Has Rapunzel made a best Friend since she left the tower? (besides Flynn)
Больше года mhs1025 said…
She has befriended the little girls in the village. And the towns-people.

Did Pocahontas ever suffer from a long depression after hearing about John Smith's "death"?

And, my bad SweetPea2007 I didn't read that other post clearly...
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Больше года hajirah4 said…
Actually she is friends with a new member from the snuggly duckling.

Did Flynn get his own island yet?
Больше года rigo1315 said…
mhs1025: No really she was sad and upset, but didn't lead to suicidal depression. Pocahontas is very down to Earth and understands the nature of death. For example her mother, she blocked out Johns death as him being one with nature guiding her to her destine path.

hajirah4: Yes, surpisingly enough the kingdom is on an island so he just inherited the kingdom from Rapunzel so both dreams of falling in love and an island came true

Why are Flint and Meeko fighting sometimes in Pocahontas?
Больше года mhs1025 said…
Flit and Meeko only fight when they're mad at each other. They're still really good friends with each other to this day.

Why doesn't Tiana have any siblings?
Больше года rigo1315 said…
Economically having another child was a bad idea for Tiana's parents so they decided not to. They really wanted another child, but they couldn't depend on the neighbors to watch them. Previously they planned to concieve one when Tiana was older and could be alone, but her dad died when she was 12 so she never had any siblings. Sad, but Tiana is happy to an only child, she never really wanted a little brother or sister. Wasn't her top priorities.

How did Jasmine get Rajah?
Больше года 2kn111 said…
She was so lonely inside the palace so her dad decided to let her have a pet.

What are Ariel's sister up to now that she lives on land?
Больше года SweetPea2007 said…
Attina is a special ambassador for her father and goes to all parts of the Ocean (with bodyguards) to make peace talks and sign special contracts.
Alana teaches the kindergarten merchildren classes.
Andrina has started a special Mer Soccer team called the Flashy Fishes!
Aquata helps her father around the castle with all kinds of matters!
Adella and Arista are currently up top being and hanging out with Ariel (they are mostly flirting and getting into trouble).

How did Rapunzel become so Artistic?
Больше года rigo1315 said…
Rapunzel was full of energy when she was small. Nearly jumped out of the tower like 5 times. As mother Gothel was being a "mother figure" she had thoughts of keeping a child to be too much work for her. Eventually a peasant in the kingdom told her about teaching her to draw. Supposedly if you over work kids and then add an art project they relax. Which is why Rapunzel had so much chores and paint supplies. She later found books and studied artists works in their books and copied their designs.

What did the kingdom do for Aurora's 17th birthday?

Больше года mhs1025 said…
They planned a surprise party for her. Phillip was in charge of the whole thing because he wanted the party to be the best one ever. The 3 good fairies did the decorating again,and this time,the kingdom's cooks baked the cake. Finally,when Aurora got there,she had a blast.

How did Pocahontas' mother die?
Больше года SweetPea2007 said…
Some early explorers were hunting in the woods and left some traps out, unfortuantly Pocahontas's mother was out gathering berries and got caught in one of the steel traps. By the time her people found her infection had set in to her leg and they were not able to save her. Her last words were to tell Pocahontas she loved her and to listen to her heart always.

How did Rapunzel get Pascal?
Больше года rigo1315 said…
Pascal hid in Mother Gothel's basket he was going to sneak some little treats, but was accidentally taken. When he got to the Tower he was going to book it! But Rapunzel found him and took him in as her pet. Mother Gothel never found out until the end of the movie she even had a reptile in the house.

How did Ferdinand (Snow White's) Find out that his girl was dead?
Больше года mhs1025 said…
He was riding through the forrest when he saw something suspicious. When he saw the dwarfs gathered around Snow White's coffin,he prayed it wasn't her. But when he saw her,he couldn't help but give her that kiss and gather around the dwarfs and pay his respects.

Why wasn't Belle's mother present?
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Больше года SweetPea2007 said…
She left her child and husband when Belle was very young. She married Maurice when she was a young girl and was never truly happy with him. She always thought he was crazy and she never wanted to be a mother. She ended up falling in love with the town Blacksmith and they ran off together. That is why Belle and her father moved to a different town, to get away from bad memorys and the pity of the people.

What happened to Beast's family?
Больше года rigo1315 said…
Mom died of illness and father...suicide couldn't bare the lost of his beloved. Adam was about 10 and since, then he was given everything and anything he wanted making him spoiled and never believed in love since both parents left him alone.

Besides the Princess with actual grandparentes (ie. Pocahontas and Grandmother Willow) Where are the Disney Princess grandparents?
Больше года SweetPea2007 said…
Snow Whites: Mother Parents-Died when their daughter was young /Fathers Parents: Queen Killed them
Aurora: Mothers Parents-Live in a Kingdom far,far away/ Fathers Parents died of natural causes
Cinderella: Mothers Parents-disowned them beacuse they did not like their daughters husband/Fathers Parents-illness took them
Ariel: Mothers Parents-DIed of natural causes/Fathers Parents;Died of natural causes
Belle; Mothers Parents-don't know who they are(she was an orphan)/Fathers Parents-killed by bandits
Jasmine: Mothers Parents-hate their kingdom and are their enemys/Fathers Parents-assasinated
Pocahontas: Fathers Parents-killed by another tribe/Mothers Parents-illness killed them (grandmother turned into tree)
Mulan: Fathers Dad-stroke killed him (mom still alive)/Mothers Parents(natural causes)
Tiana: Fathers Parents: died of natural causes/Mothers parents-live to far away
Rapunzel: Mothers parents-died natural causes/fathers Parents-died natural causes

Where is Shangs mother?
Больше года mhs1025 said…
Shang's mother was VERY young when she had him. When he was 10,she came down with a rare but fatal illness and nearly died. She barely survived,but got better every day. Shang cared for her and LOVED her dearly! When he was 16,she was killed in a bad horse carrige accident. This tore up him UP! His dad was tore up too,but over time,the 2 only got closer than ever!

Why did Naveen's parents cut him off?
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Больше года rigo1315 said…
Supposedly, he was spending too much of it. Mainly in friends, and thier freinds, and their friends friends. He spent about $85,000,000 in U.S money and there was also, too many girls hanging around and most with broken hearts. So they had to cut him off to save their money and get these waco girls away from them.

If there was a Mexican/Hispanic Princess. What characteristics should she have from each princess?
Больше года mhs1025 said…
Kindness from Snow White, Maturity from Cinderella, Friendliness from Aurora, Curiosity from Ariel, Beauty from Belle, Royalty from Jasmine, Rebeliousness from Pocahontas, Stealth from Mulan, Skill from Tiana, Keaness from Rapunzel, and Toughness from Merida.

Whatever happened to Jasmine's mother?
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Больше года SweetPea2007 said…
She died in an accident while riding her favorite Horse. Jasmine was very young and does not really rember her. The sultan was so sad that he got rid of anything of hers and all the pictures too.

Do you think Mulan still dresses like a man sometimes?
Больше года rigo1315 said…
I don't think so, the entire kingdom knows her name and that she is a woman there really is no need for her to dress up again. From what I know she only had to dress up one last time in the Kingdom Hearts 2 games, but that was under Disney and Square Enix contract blah blah blah... So know that it's been taken care of she can wear whatever she wants.

Did Rapunzel ever go back to the tower to pick up her stuff before moving to the castle?
Больше года mhs1025 said…
Actualy,she had servants go. Because her hair wasn't long anymore,they had to build an 18-foot ladder just to get up there!!!!!!! I say that because there was no door. But in the end,it was a peice of cake!!!!!!!

Were Tridon and Athena (Ariel's parents) planning on having anymore children before SHE got killed?
Больше года rigo1315 said…
Actually yes. Mainly to full fill annoying parent wishes. Both In-laws wanted a grandson. Sadly, both pair of parents died of natural causes and Ariel was the last. They were going to try the night Athena died for a son. But never happened. Triton though he want to full fill his mother's want for a son he forgot all about it in the lost of his wife. Luckily the girls cheered him up and was glad to have them all and some were pretty boyish and rebelious enough for him :)

Does Mulan still keep contact with Mei, Ting Ting, Su, Yao, Ling, and Po?
Больше года mhs1025 said…
She sure does!!!!!!!! She visits them every chance she gets,but she knows they're newlyweds and doesn't want to invade their privacy. They also like to visit HER and Shang.

Do Naveen's parents have a 2nd home in New Orleans?
Больше года SweetPea2007 said…
They do have a home there, it is their 5th summer home. They also have 4 winter homes. They have places scattered all over the world and they let Naveen and Tiana use them too.

Do you think the other Disney Princesses will want children in the future like Ariel?
Больше года mhs1025 said…
Yes. In fact,Pocahontas now has a little boy,Kockum,named in memory of her fiance. The father is Rolfe. She's hoping for a girl in the future and HER name will be Hazel,after Rolfe's mother.

How did Mulan's dad get hurt in the previous war? And how did it leave him paralized?
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