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 Дисней Princess with Giselle in wedding платье, бальное платье
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I found a great image with Giselle in her wedding платье, бальное платье so I asked mize-meow for permission (she сказал(-а) yes) and put her Giselle image with the Official Дисней Princesses (I put Giselle on the left side due to the lack of ball-gowns)
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giselle wedding dress
snow white Золушка aurora ariel belle жасмин pocahontas Мулан giselle tiana rapunzel
11 Дисней princesses
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This Диснеевские принцессы фото might contain платье, бальное платье, ужин платье, формальный, вечернее платье, бальное платье ужин, формальное, невесты, фрейлина, and подружка невесты.

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THE Princess and the Frog” does not open nationwide until December, but the buzz is already breathless: For the first time in Walt Дисней Анимация history, the fairest of them all is black.

Princess Tiana, a hand-drawn throwback to classic Дисней characters like Золушка and Snow White, has a dazzling green gown, a classy upsweep hairdo and a diamond tiara. Like her predecessors, she is a strong-willed songbird (courtesy of the Tony-winning actress Anika Noni Rose) who finds her muscle-bound boyfriend against all odds.

“Finally, here is something that all little girls, especially young...
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 Winter and summer (credit to tumblr)
Winter and summer (credit to tumblr)
Yes, yes, Elsa is technically a queen, yadda yadda. Well, one, she was a princess in the movie, and second, if Mulan, who is not a princess in any way, can be called one, I am calling Elsa a princess too.

I'll do a proper Холодное сердце review soon when I can (although plenty of Ты beat me to it- I was only able to see it Tuesday and am just now Главная with the Internet accessible), but for now, I want to just talk about my two Избранное things about the movie (well, besides all that snow): Elsa and Anna. I'd Любовь to do this the way RhythmicMagic does, with positive/negative/border/neutral traits, but...
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 11 Beautiful Ladies
11 Beautiful Ladies
After my very long hiatus I decided make a list of everything for my official return and especially since this my first Статья since Merida joined I figured it was perfect timing plus I'm too lazy to do certain lists over. I was going to Загрузить collages to decorate this Статья but like I сказал(-а) I'm too lazy to do that. So let's get started.
 11 princesses, 11 personalities, 11 stories
11 princesses, 11 personalities, 11 stories

I'm sorry but Rapunzel will never rank any higher for me. She's just so annoying, there's nothing unique about her and her appearance doesn't well with me either. I like that she's artistic and outgoing...
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Disclaimer: I know the Дисней Princesses' have Модели who perform actions so that the animators can define how to draw that particular movement. However, I also believe that the animators draw inspiration from their voice actors. Also this Статья is just focused on the character's non-singing voice actor in the case that they have a separate one for when they sing.

1. Snow White: Adrianna Caselotti

Her features all in all are nearly identical to Snow White's. She has dark hair, pale skin, and hazel eyes. She has a simple nose, and is always smiling, which is also similar to Snow White. In fact,...
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I still continuously see people remarking on Pocahontas "lack of personality." It has been a little еще uncommon, but just for the other nonbelievers, I decided to write this. I know many will beg to differ, but it's just the way I see it. If Ты have any reason to disagree, go ahead and leave a comment. I'm up to defend her. XD Okay, I'll quit rambling on and actually start the article.

The Start

We first begin to see Pocahontas' personality in the very beginning. She leaves us with a lasting first impression. We can see how she is connected to nature from the very start. Seeing her jump off...
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