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Originally, this Статья was supposed to be a full countdown. However I couldn't decide any of the placings. Instead, I give Ты a вверх three smartest princesses article.

Side note: When I mean smart, I'm talking about how much knowledge they have and how logical their thinking is.

3. Elsa

I guess this might surprise people, but it seems perfectly logical to me. Elsa has a lot of knowledge (as revealed in "A Sister еще Like Me"). She spent hours a день studying while she was inside her bedroom. Also, she's 21. That means she must have at least a университет level understanding of pretty much all...
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So, I finally decided to write down an Статья about my prettiest princesses list. Before continuing with the list, I 'd like to inform Ты about something. I 've added two characters who are not official princesses. The reason why I did this is that I've not watched many non-princess Дисней Фильмы with beautiful females. Had I watched еще movies, I 'd propably make a full Дисней Female Список including Alice, Giselle, the Blue Fairy, Wendy e.t.c. But currently, I Любовь only two, so I thought I shouldn't leave them behind! Now, let's go on with the list.

13. Mulan
I really don't think there is...
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posted by snowsowhite
Snow White: 16th century (1500-1530) based on her dress. In Germany (based on the original fairytale).
Cinderella: In 1860, based on her dress, In France.
Aurora: 14th Century, based on the movie. Probably in Germany.
Ariel: 1836, based on that she met her Автор in one episode in her series. She lives in Denkmark.
Belle: the middle of the 17th century,,when baroque architectural style was in mode, или in 1770 based on her dress. She lives in France.
Jasmine: in middle islamic time period, In Agrabah (based on her film).
Pocachondas: 1607, when the English settled in Jamestown Virginia to find gold....
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From Enchanted

Reasons For Liking:
Giselle always remained my Избранное Дисней princess. I just Любовь how she believes in herself and follows her own path without letting anyone stop her. I Любовь her for knowing that True Love and Happy Endings exist.


From Cinderella 1-2

Reasons For Liking:
Cinderella is one of the most prettiest Дисней princess I ever set eyes on. She is a princess who is really kind to others and does not have a сердце to deny good words. I liked her story she played on her movies.


From Tangled 1-2

Reasons For Liking:
This sweet princess can never stay...
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 Дисней Princess Award
Disney Princess Award
Author’s Note Here it is! Another part of this Фан fiction. I am sorry, it takes me some time. To some fans, I сказал(-а) it will be finish by Wednesday, but I forgot about that Wednesday was Fourth of July. I tried to make еще fun that last time. As Ты see the title, there is going to be problems in this ceremony. I hope that Ты enjoy it. Have suggestions? Please feel free to write in the comments. Enjoy it! -PrincessLD

Here it

Part 1 link

Part 2 link

Part 3 link

There is applause to The Aristocats. It was a blast of Jazz music. The Artistocats thank the audience with a bow, and now...
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Эй, Fanpop's Fans!
To start this article, I want to talk about myself a little bit. Hi, I am PrincessLD. I am living in the U.S, but I from Mexico. English is my секунда language, so that's why; Ты will see errors in grammar and spelling. I Любовь DISNEY, especially the Дисней Princesses. This Статья is about the order of my Избранное Дисней Princess. I Любовь all them. No one is bad, neither hate one of the princess.I watch all these Фильмы in Spanish, so maybe I will not know how the voices are in English.My Список has changed from what I сказал(-а) before in comments. I hope that Ты like it. My order...
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Even though it isn't the same big change as my prettiest DP Список (which just changed again) it still has made a change so I decided to make this new Список for you!

10. жасмин (9)

I can't stand this girl especially with that attitude that she has. Sure, she has some moments where she's happy, but most of the time she's so angry and I don't like that. What I still like about her though is her strong self confidence and that she only wants to marry for Любовь and that she's very relatable! Another thing that I don't like about her is that she decides to leave the palace even though she's a princess!...
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Sooner или later it would happen, so why wait more? Here I am to my first (and theme-predictable) Статья about my fav DPs. It doesn't have a lot of surprises, but I hope Ты find my text interesting. However, even if Ты dislike it, there are some Обои that might distract Ты =D . And I'm brazilian, so forgive me if my english isn't always perfect.

#10 - Aurora
I don't even dislike her and I think that's impossible, she's kind, graceful and responsible. Ты can't just hate someone for having little screen time! However, I still wish she had ran away from the Феи after they told her she...
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 Who really is the best?
Who really is the best?
Here is my first article! I'm sorry if there are any spelling and grammar mistakes, english isn't my first language, but I'm very good at it. This is all in my opinion. I decided to combine these two because I wanted to try something new.

Prettiest: Pocahontas
I have never found her pretty! The only thing that I like about her is her body, it's realistic and athletic, but I don't like her face at all. Her hair looks like paper, her mouth looks like the mouth of a fish, her eyes are too small. If they made her looking like the other princesses she would be higher.

Favorite: Pocahontas
I love...
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Эй, guys! I know I have kind of established myself as the one with the feminist-y standpoint on things, but for today's article, I'm taking that vantage point completely out. Today, I want to talk about relatability. The truly establishing factor of how far a princess will go as far as popularity is her personality, and the еще people can relate to you, the better. This Статья will attempt to examine each princess for her ability to reach an audience. (Note: These are not ranked in the order of the Princesses I personally relate to; it's еще the general public.) This is strictly an opinion;...
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posted by bookprincess
Here are my favourite songs from each DP movie, enjoy!

10- Once Upon a Dream, Sleeping Beauty

This is the role model of the romantic song isn't it? I Любовь Aurora's voice.

9-Heigh-Ho, Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs

Hands up, people who had never sang this song *Hands down*. It reminds me holidays with my little cousins, coming back from our games and Пение loudly:"Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho, On rentre du boulot!!!"

8-So This is Love, Cinderella

Wich girl has never dreamt of finding her Prince Charming when she hears this song? Wich one has never danced with her подушка singing" C'est ça l'amour mmmmh, le grand...
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Here they are! My вверх Избранное Дисней Princess Couples!!

10) Мулан and Shang
I know I seem like I'm sipping Mulan-Flavored Haterade, but I genuinely don't dislike the movie. It's entertaining and hearing the Музыка puts me in ninja-mode, but the romance is not only unnecessary, it's also unconvincing. Мулан and Shang both seem infinitely lovable (after all, lots of guys like women who can kick their asses,) but I just don't buy it. Is it funny? Sort of. Is it convincing? Definitely not.

9) Snow White and the Prince
Ты can't get some things right immediately, I suppose. The prince's song is...
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Here's another one of my articles... I hope Ты won't get tired of these :)

9. Belle and Adam
I do like Belle, I do like Adam and I do like
them as a couple. I just think their Любовь is not true Любовь because Adam makes himself Любовь Belle. Belle – on the other hand – has no human being around her and Adam is the closest thing to a human (physically) so it’s kinda obvious that Belle falls for him. I would have liked it better, though, if she had fallen for Lumiére X) Anyways, I admit that if Ты ignore the fact that Adam forces himself to Любовь Belle (yes, that’s what I think) this...
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Everyone stood, gaping at Mulan. Tiana's eyes flickered back and forth from Cinderella, Мулан and the spear. Finally, after a short period of Холодное сердце shock, Aurora rushed вперед and knelt Далее to Cinderella's body. A single tear ran down her face. It hit the ground, then she looked up. "How could you? What did Золушка ever do to you?"
"Nothing! I-"
"Exactly. Nothing. I'd banish Ты and let the knights hunt Ты down, but I can't risk the lives of my people."
"You wouldn't! I didn't-"
"Just shut it, Mulan. Ты killed Ariel, and now Cinderella." She turned to a guard that happened to be walking...
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Ariana woke up. She was lying in her bed, under the covers. For a moment she wondered if her slip off the dock had just been yet another dream. She felt her hair...it was damp. So she really had fallen into the sea. But how did she end up in her room after blacking out from hitting her head? She got up and brushed her hair, questioning what had happened. She looked outside, it was still sunny out. She went into the hallway and heard her parents talking downstairs.
    "She has a right to know the truth," Ariana's mother was insisting.
    "Absolutely not,...
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A few months назад it seemed these were popping up pretty often, and I really wanted to make one, but I had a tough time choosing which scene was my Избранное from each movie. I didn't include Холодное сердце though, because I'm still unsure what my Избранное is. Well, I've finally narrowed it down for the others and came up with something that made me pretty happy, so let's go! I hope Ты enjoy :)

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

It was extremely tough choosing between With a Smile and a Song and the ending, but With a Smile and a Song wins out for me. The song isn't exactly the reason it places here, but...
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