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 Giselle and Elsa similarities
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Elsa and Giselle
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Холодное сердце
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This Диснеевские принцессы фото might contain ужин платье, формальный, вечернее платье, бальное платье ужин, формальное, платье, and бальное платье.

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I have put together the wedding themes for our renaissance girls in this part of the article. Here we go

Ariel: The Treasure Trove
I didn't want to give her a пляж, пляжный wedding, as she was hardly in Любовь with the waters. She was however totally mesmerized with all unique things on land. She loved collecting numerous little trinkets from land and made an eclectic collection in her grotto, a treasure trove. I think she'd Любовь to have a mix and match wedding theme with beautiful decor pieces coming together to mesmerize her, clock by the seating, candle stands of various shapes and make, forks and...
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I didn't know Elsa meets Kaa, I hate Ты Kaa!!!
Well,it's been a while since a wrote an article,huh?
It's not entirely my fault,it's just I that my life has its ups and downs and I had to deal with both of them in the past days.Plus,considering how long my Назад Статья was that I had to трещина, сплит it into two parts,I needed some break from that.
But enough talk,let's get into the Статья itself.
Ты may not have known this,but I'm also a big Steven Universe fan.Most of that has to do with the fact of,you guessed it,how much it resembles Frozen.
Now technically,Steven Universe aired about one week before Холодное сердце came out,but the similarities...
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I haven't done a ranking in a while, so here ya go. This Статья is dedicated to the amazing animators of Дисней who gave us wonderful character designs and, sadly, unrealistic hair expectations! (*cries because my hair will never be as cool as DP hair*)

That being said, although every princess has beautiful hair, some manes are better than others. This is my opinion of their hairstyles, ranked worst to best.

12. Tiana

I find Tiana's hairstyles quite disappointing. As the first black princess, and being absolutely gorgeous at that, the animators could have done lots of cool things with letting...
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My 2nd Valentine's день themed Статья and this time it's about my вверх 10 most romantic DP Movie Moments, hope you'll like this article

10. Pocahontas & John Smith shares their first kiss

This was a risky Переместить considering what happened afterwards and considering that they didn't get as much privacy as they wanted, but wow, this scene is so beautiful and romantic, the Музыка is amazing here and the Kiss is quite passionate

9. Eric shows Ariel his kingdom

I feel like one of few who doesn't find the лодка ride scene to be romantic, it's еще of a silly scene and the song isn't even romantic...
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