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You'll notice that characters created around the same time as each other tend to share traits that are Популярное at the time или big with the artist/director/etc who works with them.

However, I'm not here to talk about personalities. Those have already been covered by many interesting authors who explore the topics far еще effectively than I could. What I want to talk about is common overarching themes I have noticed in each generation of princesses.

Classic Princesses

A common theme with the first three Дисней princesses (Snow White, Cinderella, and Aurora) I think is maintaining hope and optimism...
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I used to post these on the Дисней Prince club but that spot looks dead :( I already did The Дисней Princes I would settle down with but I don't really like it now, when I re-read some of my old articles, I sometimes cringe. Personality is еще important than looks but I can't really marry someone I'm not attracted to. I'm going to make this short because it can get offensive. I saw JNTA1234 doing this with the Princesses and I laughed a lot so here we go...

 One song my сердце keeps Пение for one Любовь only for you.
One song my сердце keeps Пение for one Любовь only for you.

The Prince - Kill
I Любовь The Prince and I would Любовь him to serenade me...
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Most of Ты who have just read the Название of this Статья are probably thinking in your heads, "Yes," или "oh hell yeah!" или something like that. Well before Ты jump to that answer, hear me out. Last night, I had a dream that was related to the scene in Рапунцель - Запутанная история where Rapunzel confronts Gothel and while I was sleeping in, it got me thinking. Yes, what Gothel did to Rapunzel was wrong, but I'm not sure if she completely qualifies as a villain.....per say. Let me explain.
First of all, unlike the other Дисней Villains (with the exception of Frollo) Gothel isn't really interested in world domination...
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People say that Ariel never learned a lesson in The Little Mermaid and that she never really was sorry for what she did. I kind of agreed with this until I watched The Little Mermaid last night, and I realized that she does actually learn a lesson.

When people like to defend Ariel, they tend to point to this line:
Daddy, I'm sorry! I - I - I didn't mean to. I didn't know –
However, those who say Ariel doesn’t learn anything say it is only one moment, and that she was really just sorry she got caught.
 The weaker scene everyone remembers
The weaker scene everyone remembers

However, no one pays attention to the scene after...
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 What, someone's actually going to defend me?
What, someone's actually going to defend me?
People have been doing these kinds of Статьи for their Избранное princesses lately, so I thought I’d do this for one of my Избранное characters from a DP movie. She is a character I feel is really underappreciated and gets a lot of unfair hate. Ты can read some of the negative things people have to say about her on milky-way’s link. I really Любовь Nakoma and feel a desire to defend her.

First of all, I want to defend her against something I’ve seen сказал(-а) about her (it wasn’t in that article, I’m not sure where it was, but I know I’ve seen it) that is just blatantly unfair and untrue....
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 Who will be the most beautiful?
Who will be the most beautiful?
Here are the results of the polls.

36) Old hag (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)
The character was supposed to be the fairest of her kingdome until Snow White became еще beautiful, and jealousy drove her to desperate measures. She ended her days looking like this. Instead of the fairest, the least beautiful among all.

Some Комментарии from Fanpop users:

-Mongoose09: old + hag = this thing

-princecatcher93: The face that made me scared of Snow White until I was 15.

-maryksand: Well, this one needs to go because old hag's unattractiveness in terms of looks/outside appearance was the entire point of...
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Facts About Snow White
1.Snow White is the first Дисней Princess, being the main character of Disney's first animated feature film.

2.Snow White is one of the five Дисней Princesses to be of royal blood.

3.Snow White is the only Caucasian Дисней Princess to have brown eyes.

4.She is the first Дисней Princess to communicate with wildlife who can understand humans, the секунда being Золушка and the third being Aurora.

5.Snow White is the youngest Princess, being 14 years old.

6.In The Muppets at Walt Дисней World, Snow White was the Дисней character who had the biggest part in the story, besides...
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I'm on a heroine kick, the female, not the drug. After doing that Статья about Jane and Kida, I decided to make my own official line-up of Дисней Heriones and rank them while I'm at it. So this is sort of a Список and sort of a plain article. Anyway, I kinda set afew rules for myself.
1.She has to be human, but even then the only big losses are Lady and Nala.
2.She can be any age.
3.She has to have some similarities to at least one of the official princesses.
4.Two can be from the same film.So let's get started.

Counterpart: Aurora-long blonde hair, actually a princess
I watched her...
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There's been a slight change to Aurora's list. Basically I just copied and paste all the words and made a simple switch. There's a new #1.

5.Blake Lively
This choice is purely based on appearance because personally I think this girl is a terrible actress. But I also think she's beautiful enough to play Aurora. Besides, it's not like she has to do much.

4.Amber Heard
Now this actress actually is talented but keeps doing borderline awful projects. Amber has definitely has the sex appeal to play this role. She's one of my Избранное Актрисы right now and I think she could do a great job....
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Well this idea just came to me. Everyone has different opinions on who should play the princesses. This is my opinion on the вверх five Актрисы who could play Snow White. I'll be doing this with the other princesses when I have the time. And what better way to do it than chronologically.

5.Ellen Page
The ironic thing about Snow White is that most of the Актрисы today that look like her usually play roles that are еще или less the opposite of her personality. Ellen Page may look like Snow White but she plays roles of girls who are cynical, sarcastic and sometimes have low self esteem,...
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I figured I'd make my Список of my Избранное Дисней princess sequels since most people who make these just hate on them while I like them all. First of all I wanna say Зачарованная Tales isn't a sequel. It's just a special for little girls the ages of 4-8. It's just something to teach girls lessons and is too short to be an actual movie. It's cute but nothing to be compared to the sequels. Please Комментарий but keep in mind this is just my opinion, enjoy.

10.Pocahontas 2: Journey To A New World

Use to I hated this movie with a passhion but now I like it. It has some good songs, especially where...
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It took a long time to finally decide the full lineup of my Избранное Фильмы because I just Любовь them so much! Well, here's the countdown of my Избранное Princess movies.

10. Pocahontas
I didn't see this movie as a child, so it never really connected to me. I saw it a few months назад and thought that it was quite boring and dull. It was a great movie of course, but could not compare to the other princess movies. The plot is not very exciting, and the climax of the movie when they were about to fight, really didn't get me emotional или excited. The ending was one of my избранное though. That was...
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Hello People! I was thinking for a while that I should make a Избранное Дисней Princess Статья and then i thought that i should also make a Prettiest Princess Статья and then i got confused so will put both of my lists in that Article! Anyway i hope Ты will enjoy it and excuse if had make a lot english grammar errors :/

10th Place

Prettiest: Rapunzel
Well do i need to say something? Just look at her she's cute at best. Her features are extremely child-ish, she's 18 and she looks like 16 (she and Aurora need to switch ages!). Her eyes are HUGE I know, know other Дисней Princesses have...
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I have to say, I’m tired of all this talk that the Дисней Princesses are not feminist enough. Hearing some of the arguments against them, I come to the conclusion that the only female protagonist the complainers would accept has to be single, career oriented, perfect in every situation and being able to defeat every villain with a hand wave. This idea that the perfect female role model has to be Виктория-победительница in every situation and being able to handle everything herself terrifies me much еще than beauty standards the Дисней Princesses represents. Because, when it comes down to it, we all know...
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 "Love her dress. Hate her" -A Золушка Story
"Love her dress. Hate her" -A Cinderella Story
I´ve already written an Статья for my favoirte DP Wardrobes, Ты can read it here if Ты want to: link :D, so now I decided to write an Статья for my Избранное outfits. I have to say this one was еще difficult because I couldn´t decide between so many outfits (no sequels included).

I also couldn´t decide whether или not to include Ariel as a mermaid. Ты see, since I am judging outfits and technically her tail is part of her I couldn´t really count that as an outfit, and a pair of purple seashells is not much of an outfit either so as much as I Любовь how she looks I decided not to include...
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