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 Moana First Look
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Source: http://www.hitfix.com/in-contention/walt-disney-animation-announces-south-pacific-set-moana-for-2016
Moana (2016)
first look
john musker
ron clements
animated film
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This Диснеевские принцессы фото might contain фонтан.

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Hello, I am planning to create Line-Up Princesses in 2D, first thing I need to do:

Mystery Дисней Princess:

Jackee Valere (princesslullaby) DONE
Noemi (lilittu) DONE
Maariyah (Mine) DONE
Cleopatra (disneyfan500) DONE
Alicia (iwoveturtles) DONE
Eva (TigerRanma) DONE
Kalini (Anjali1986) DONE
Maria Makiling (Elemental-Aura)DONE
Sofia (firegirl1515)
Miguela (kenzieiscool)
Nadia (PrincessAyeka12)DONE
Myeong-Yi (MeiCheng)DONE

Those Список will be finish soon as I get еще information about those Princesses(and girls).

Disney Princess in 2D

Jasmine DONE
Pocahontas DONE
Snow White

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Saw an old Вопрос Опубликовано from a год назад that inspired me to write this. The Вопрос was about which Дисней Princesses might make best friends, in pairs, based on commonalities. As I started to think about it, I found all of the commonalities to be quite interesting. So I decided to post my findings of commonalities (not go for the BFF route) just because I found it interesting what the princesses had so much in common. Hope Ты guys do too:

Snow & Aurora:
Both were royal but fled to the forest to escape their villains. Both were put under a sleeping spell. Both like to dance and initiate...
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posted by Silverrose1991
Overdone? Maybe. Needed? Strongly so.

So, maybe some of Ты don't know, but I'm strongly annoyed when users criticize the Clasic Princesses for reasons I think are invalid. These reasons are:

1. Weakness
2. Anti-Feminists
3. Passiveness
4. They're Mary-Sues (have no flaws)

 These are the lovely ladies I'm going to defend - Cinderella, Snow White and Aurora. Art not by me.
These are the lovely ladies I'm going to defend - Cinderella, Snow White and Aurora. Art not by me.

In this article, I'll explain why these arguments are invalid. Now, I'll warn you, you'll probably disagree (or agree, depending of what is your view in the classics) a lot with this article. If Ты don't respect opinions that...
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This Статья was written collectively by: JonnaSe & Princesslullaby [Vera was too busy having a life]

I must admit this was one of the hardest to write, because Aurora is somewhat hard to understand. I think our вверх 2 and bottom 3 are certainly correct, it's the middle four we're unsure about.

Mulan doesn't have grace, a sense of Мечты или even a slight flirtatiousness about her, или the kind of slyness Aurora has. Aurora would find her actions reckless and еще risky than brave. Мулан is not a romantic, isn't particularly classy или sophisticated, and Aurora wouldn't relate...
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 Banner made by Straggy
Banner made by Straggy
Team Мулан (Straggy, pretty_angel92, BKG201 and me) is representing to Ты our Избранное princesses. So, Статья is written only by me, I used BKG201's article, Straggy's Статья and pretty_angel92's Комментарии but I couldn't ask them about every detail, so I wrote Статья alone. I hope Ты guys won't mind and that I included your opinion well.

On our Форум page I did some calculations and this is the Список we got. In the corner of the pictures Ты can see our names and our rank about every princess. We all pretty much agree about our вверх 3 and really like them all, maybe 4 too, and we have different...
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 *~DreamyGal Productions~*
*~DreamyGal Productions~*
I hope no one sees through my disguise.
I know what I’ve done is not very wise.
But I stand behind my choice.
When this is all сказал(-а) and done hopefully my family will rejoice.
My Father is just too old and weak,
And won’t take any of our critique.
So I decided to go in his place.
I left in the middle of the night without a trace.
I have to act Храбрая сердцем and strong,
And hopefully nothing will go wrong.
But something has messed up my plan.
I think I’m falling in Любовь with a man.
No, not a soldier, my Captain!
I don’t really know how it happened или when.
I do know that he doesn’t feel the same.
I am, after...
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I haven't seen anyone doing this kind of Список so I decided to give it a try. Coming up with a Список would be annoying because I don't really have one (I have a Список of my вверх 3 saddest Дисней moments though, but only one of them is from a DP Movie). Most of these are very heartbreaking so anyway here we go!

Snow White's Death/Funeral
This was an obvious choice, I didn't even have to think over my choice. Anyway whenever I watch this scene I want to cry, first of all the Музыка in this scene is incredibly sad, секунда all the dwarfs are crying, the candles are weeping wax, the rain is pouring down...
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Source: The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea: Blu-Ray Edition