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 Хэллоуин Drinking Game
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Halloween's coming up, and with it: trick-or-treaters. дана how Популярное Elsa is now, Ты might as well make a game of all the Хэллоуин costumes Ты know you'll see of her.
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 *~DreamyGal Productions~*
*~DreamyGal Productions~*
I fell in Любовь tonight.
He took me on a magical flight.
We flew around under the stars,
We could do anything; the night was ours.
I fell for him right there on that magic carpet.
I know this is a feeling I will never forget.
I finally found a handsome Prince.
Now everything in my life makes sense.
With him is where I belong.
I know what I’m feeling isn’t wrong.
I want to be with him for always.
When I’m with him I’m in a daze.
My future is beginning to unfurl,
All because he introduced me to a whole new world.
animated film
In the last part Alexandra met her секунда princess Tiana who worked as a waitress. In this part we're going to experience the Kiss that transformed the frog into a prince, but does it do it here too?

The Маскарад ball was fantastic, there where many people there that where dressed as many things like sheep, horse and much more. The horse happened to contain of two men, they сказал(-а) that Tiana could lose her resturant if she didn't paied until Wednesday. She tried to tell them that they couldn't do it, but instead she feel into the таблица with beignets. Thankfully шарлотка, шарлотта helped her!

Erica and...
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 Tale as Old as Time
Tale as Old as Time
Hi guys, I managed to see the 2017 reboot of Beauty and the Beast despite the initial boycott over the alleged gay moment for the Malaysian release, as I promise here is my review on the awesome classic!

The Story-Line

While the majority of the film is the same, I was very happy with a number of changes. Like we get to know еще about Belle's and the Beast/ Prince Adam's backstory. To which I will write еще about in another Статья soon. Speaking of the Enchantress, I always thought that it is the Fairy Godmother from Cinderella!
The Prologue gives еще details than the 1991 version, which...
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What do Ты guys think of it?
Красавица и Чудовище
Музыка video
john legend
Ариана Гранде
Рапунцель - Запутанная история
before ever after
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Thank Ты to everyone who participated in this countdown! I had lots of fun organizing this, and I hope Ты had fun voting and commenting. :)

11. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Walt's first full length animated film was a technological masterpiece during its time, but unfortunately it doesn't hold up so well 80 years later. Фаны didn't like how stiff the characters look или how inconsistent the Анимация is.

The Анимация looks odd and stiff, the Цвета are dull, and not much attractive as others have. ~Sparklefairy375
I agree with MaidofOrleans & Sparklefairy375. For the time it was made in,...
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Эй, everyone! This is my секунда countdown in the series, and it was a short one since there are only three yellow dresses and one оранжевый dress among the DPs. Despite that, I thought it was a good countdown.

Previous Articles

4. Tiana's оранжевый dress

I don't think this dress is ugly, but most users agreed that it was very plain, and some didn't like the color on Tiana very much.

It's not as cute as the others and it's not iconic like Belle and Snow White's dress. ~SarahCorine
It is also nice, but others are just better. ~hirohamada
Orange is not a flattering color on Tiana. ~wavesurf
Not interesting....
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I know this is a touchy topic, so I've tried to tread it in the best way I could! It is not my intention to offend anyone или misrepresent this topic, so if I did I'd Любовь to improve on it and fix my mistakes. I hope Ты enjoy reading!

For a group of people that claim to be supporting of all women and their ventures, the mistreatment that the classic princesses very often get from them is rather surprising. To a majority of feminists, the women they are catering to is the new-age, I can do it all superwoman. They believe that all women should fit into that box and if they don't, they're deprived,...
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Sounds so interesting in Arabic!
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