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 Хэллоуин Drinking Game
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Halloween's coming up, and with it: trick-or-treaters. дана how Популярное Elsa is now, Ты might as well make a game of all the Хэллоуин costumes Ты know you'll see of her.
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 Me after I had ranned a 5K race, I did it in 26 minutes!
Me after I had ranned a 5K race, I did it in 26 minutes!
So today I decided to redo my getting to know Статья since I've gotten better at making Статьи and I missed out a few things and some things has changed.

Name: My name is Teresa and I kinda like the name :)

Age: *Kinda quoting The Sound of Music* I am 17 going on 18 which means that I'm 17, but I'll be 18 on September 16th so that makes me a Virgo and I'm borned in the год of the dog.

Education: Right now I have summer vacation, but on the 22nd August I'll be back in school again and I'll start my last год in high school.

 This is actually very close from where I live, it's a place where Ты can watch Животные and enjoy nature :)
This is actually very close from where I live, it's a place where...
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 one of Disney's most realistic leading ladies
one of Disney's most realistic leading ladies
So yeah, there's gonna be spoilers, so if Ты haven't watched it I recommend leaving now. BYE! Anyway, in this review I'll go over the characters, soundtrack, animation, and story line. This review is probably gonna be really positive since I absolutely loved the movie, but I'll try and keep a level head and give some of the bad points in this review as well. So lets get started!

The Characters

Let's start off with the most important thing to me, the characters. A movie's plot can be terrible, but if I'm with a great character during that time, I can endure it, and Frozen's characters definitely...
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Since I have been here for a couple months now and have gotten to know everyone better, I thought I would write an Статья dedicated to my Друзья here on fanpop.

Sunnyson wanted to write this Статья with me because she has been wanting to write this Статья for a while now too and just wants to say thanks to these people.

Please don't be offended if your not named, we didn't intend to hurt peoples feelings we just wanted to acknowledge them for everything they do. If your not mentioned it's mainly because we don't know Ты that much yet, it's nothing personal.

Alright here they are:

* Mongoose09...
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Холодное сердце
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I've been wanting to do this Список ever since I started writning Статьи so now I decided to write it. I don't like the princes as much as the princesses, but oh well here we go!

10. Aladdin

I honestly hate him, okay he's alright in the beginning of the movie, but after that I really start to lose interest and he's the main character of the movie so he's one of the reasons to why I don't like this movie so much. My main problem with him is that he's a liar and it bugs me especially after he meets жасмин and after that his personality isn't even interesting to me even though he has an okay...
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Here's my quick top10 избранное of Дисней Princess movie songs. I get stuck to a new tune или lyrics far easily, if its hummable and peppy especially. I like listening to songs and don't have particular fixed tastes in genres. Though i find, i tend to gravitate towards pop, rock and Indian music. Very rarely I enjoy classical music, although some that I Любовь become my all time избранное and they don't die-out. I guess that's how classic Музыка is. Anyways, this is my current Список of вверх 10 favrorites songs from DP movies, it keeps changing for sure as I Переместить onto newer songs.

10. I see the light:...
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